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November 04, 2007


Michael van der Galiën

What about best European blog? ;)

No seriously: congrats on being nominated Tom.


7.7%? Come on people, we can do better than that!


Best commenter? cathyf.

A regular horde of runners-up.

Darth Odie

Know the power of the dark side. Join me and together we will destroy Redstate and Gateway Pundit in one swift stroke!

hit and run

Hey at least JOM is ahead of Wonkette.

Though in fairness to Wonkette, I don't think they've misspelled Weblog...


The blogs that win this usually have to have people register before they comment. This is the actual conspiracy.

Star wars is about knights in space. The dark side is the same as the farce; they both use lucifer. So, who's smarter? Probaby Luke's dad.

Darth at the beginning uses the farce to choke a soldier. This is using the farce and is wrong and he used it on another human also. So, we know he is going to loose, although he has chosen correctly and his son needs to learn this. Problems with Satan generally occur right around human's using the farce on other humans. This is why Satan exists. He has alot to offer: time, teleportation, all things in existence known by the device and control over the earth. The problem with the farce is that it exists and Luke chose this - it is what Satan exists to destroy. The losers in Star Wars are the humans because they have ceased to be what they were and use the farce, which is why they are destroyed by Satan, the dark side.

Commenter competitors: I knew these when they deleted commenters' comments.

Tom really should have won and it's upsetting. No, we're not sure if Tom's still Tom, but that's okay because we did some gene checking.......


Did I mention I like the Patriots to beat the Colts today?

Finally! A man coming to his senses!


Yeah, Obsidian Wings is a really good blog. But


(ARGH! HTML is hard!)

What I meant to say is...Yeah, Obsidian Wings is a really good blog. But The Sundries Shack, who is competing not very well in the same category is small and not at all above begging for a few votes. And grateful for the help.

Did I mention grateful? Very grateful.

hit and run

Jimmie, I'll vote for Sundries Shack if you vote for Jmax.

(click on my name below, then vote for Jessica Maxwell)

OK, I admit, I already voted for you in the Weblog awards. I simply cannot refuse someone who is willing to beg for a vote.

And beg in return.

Vote trading. Hmmmmm, I might have to start working my way through the Weblog lists.


Okay, Sundries, I like begging. You aren't doing bad.

In best blog category, I think there is some kind of Chicago style voting going on. I have never even heard of the blog that has over 11,000 votes.

hit and run

From the leader of the best blog category:
PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.

The PostSecret website is the largest advertisement-free Blog on the web.

That last number being a site counter...if they have 100+million vists, 11,000 votes may not be out of the question.

Now, to think up my submission to that site...


Go Pats


I'd have to go with Ezra Klein's blog for best Liberal blog...so far.

He actually took over a month to ban me from posting the truth to the truth starved lefty blogosphere.

Firedoglake and a few others banned me within hours or at most a day.


Dirty pool--redstate's bribing voters with booze, Jawa Report with boobie shots.

hit and run

E a r m u f f s


You're surprised the confessional is high traffic?


Dirty pool--redstate's bribing voters with booze, Jawa Report with boobie shots.

We have mudwrestling. No contest!


Vote trading? By all means lets!

Sue - Thank you!

Inducements...inducements. How about some really fun timewasters? I also have a post about a guy who's recreated MC Escher works in lego blocks! That's better than boobies and booze, right?



Look at the history of this award gig.

Most blog readers are young and liberal so there is a natural edge.

Also if they smell and upset they hit like PaulBots.

Look how Kos went from also ran yesterday to gerbil charge today.



If that's all it took Swedish Meatball Confidential would have a lock on first place.


Holy cow - what a game!


A new day brings another opportunity to Vote JMAX!

I hope the AFC Championship game will be as well contested as Sunday's tilt, but with more drama in the closing seconds. A four point deficit with 85 yards to go and either Peyton Manning trying to win a big one on the road or Tom Brady attempting to lead the Patriots into the Super Bowl undefeated would be the most compelling, scintillating two minutes in television. Sorry, Brit (and Jane—I know you don't want it to be that exciting).


I'm a wimp when it comes to exciting. I'm a bad sports fan for sure.

You know we who live in the internets need to think about doing something for the troops. By nearly all reports the war is won. There is no celebration, no hoisting of flags, no ticker tape parades - thank you MSM.

WE need to plan a celebration and a declaration for our heroes. Anyone have any ideas?


My you take a day off and someone takes your job! Thanks Elliott.

We are in the stretch drive now, so voting every day is important. She has a slight lead. We just need to keep her there.

For any soccer fans, Heather O'Reilly of the US National Team was on hand Friday night.


OT: Okay this is funny:

Hillary Clinton seems to be trying to paint herself as a girl power feminist role model, someone that other women should vote for because she represents them as women. What do you think about that?

It hasn't helped John Edwards.

That's from Right Wing News interview of Ann Coulter.


At NewsBusters Noel Sheppard links to a great Global Warming Tutorial.


Stanley Kurtz at NRO on Paki.


We're cooling, folks. And the war in Iraq is over. The jihad has moved to NoMansLandistan.

Rick Ballard

Please don't forget to vote for Climate Audit. Think of it as a thumb in Gore's eye...


Dang, that should have been NomadsLandistan. Which helps explain their kindness to strangers, even criminally mischeivous ones.

I thought there had been a schism between al-Qaeda and the Taliban, at least in some areas over there?

Patrick R. Sullivan

Also from the Coulter interview:

How about posting 2-3 pieces of your hate mail, with the email address blotted out, of course, so people can see what it's like?

1) I can't because then I'd have to take six showers after doing such a wimp-ass, girly-girl thing as complain about my hate mail like Paul Krugman....

Rick Ballard

Thanks for the link, Boris. I'm listening to Prof. Carter in the background right now - he's very good.

In a just world Al Gore would be eaten by a polar as an appetizer. Michael Moore would be the main course.


Heh heh he.
Joe Wilson posted a defense of Hillary Clinton on Huffpo today, and the Huffers in the comments are not accepting his words.


http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joe-wilson/a-reality-check-on-iran-p_b_70973.html>Here is the Wilson HuffPo piece.


It is highly amusing to hear Joe derided from the left. And there is too much ego in his cosmos, and not enough insight into his own situation. I've considered that he is Richardson's gift horse to the Clintrojanistas. If you don't look very carefully into that mouth, you might be very surprised by the legged lies that come out of it.



I tried to read some of the comments, but I just can't. I got through enough to know they see through Joe but the crap they spew over there makes me want to rip heads off. They really are a stupid bunch of people. Bush is worse than Iran. Good. Freakin'. Grief.


IIRC the Huffsters aren't fond of Hillary--in largest part because of her support for the war so the response is understandable.


kim- yes, I like the trojan horse idea.

Sue- they are spewers there, and I can't go there often. It amuses me, though, to see the propaganda Joe started (Bush is a lying warmonger!) now come back to bite him. He created such a monster of Bush that anyone that wants to do something about Iran is a also lying warmonger. Including his candidate.
Will Joe Wilson last as long on Clinton's campaign as he did on Kerry's?


Will Joe Wilson last as long on Clinton's campaign as he did on Kerry's?

I don't know. I could have sworn Joe, and Scary too, claimed to be republicans. They just had to oppose Bush because he lied. So, why is he again backing a democrat instead of a republican who didn't get us into Iraq with lies? Could it be he, and Scary, weren't all that republican to begin with? Could it be they are the liars?


plus, look at his picture.


Maybee -- the profile picture is hillarious...

now take a look at Talkleft and comments;

I checked the Congressional Record. (none / 0) (#3) by Geekesque on Mon Nov 05, 2007 at 09:04:17 AM EST Wilson's claim is flat-out false and misleading.

[ Parent ]
Really? (none / 0) (#6)
by Big Tent Democrat on Mon Nov 05, 2007 at 09:21:39 AM EST
I suggest that Obama ask Durbin to call Wilson out then.
Let's ask Durbin. He can clarify all of this.

[ Parent ]

Durbin has nothing to do with this. (none / 0) (#8)
by Geekesque on Mon Nov 05, 2007 at 09:31:11 AM EST
I know Wilson is making a false statement because it's easily fact-checked:
http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/R?r110:FLD001:S12093 (NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2008)


My point is not to defend Obama missing that vote--the point is that Joe Wilson is stating a blatant falsehood about Kyl-Lieberman.

It's hilarious to see liberals noticing Wilson's undeniable qualities of being flat out false and misleading.

Rich that is.




Just my observation. I have not seen more than a couple Ron Paul signs all over the Dallas Ft Worth area. Given he is from Texas, I think that is rather telling.

When in Chapel Hill and Durham, two college towns, I saw a lot of Ron Paul signs out on the road.

Now maybe its just the political active students, but somehow it plays back to my suspicions that Paul is getting a lot of lefty support.

Two very liberal college towns, and more Ron Paul signs out than in anywhere I have seen. Actually, Paul had the only political signs out for the upcoming primary. There were some municipal election signs out, but no one else was planting signs.


Gmax, I'm in Austin and I haven't seen that many Paul signs either, surprisingly enough as this is a hot spot for him. There's a hardcore libertarian down the street from us who always has signs up for whatever libertarian candidate is running, and I've seen a few homemade "Ron Paul rEVOLution" ones, but on the whole it's been sparse.

I do agree that Paul's support is coming mostly from the left. And the kids. In liberal college towns, there will be some older fans (slacker types who never grew up) but other than that his support skews young. Could it be that the mythical "youth vote" will actually show up this time around?


Dems' Voter Miseducation and Exclusion Act:
http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2007/11/dems_voter_miseducation_and_ex.html> How ya gonna keep em down on the farm?


"Dirty pool--redstate's bribing voters with booze, Jawa Report with boobie shots."

Were we not promised the JOM Babes Christmas Calendar? We've got brains and beauty here,it isn't all just mud and earmuffs.

Rick Ballard

"Could it be that the mythical "youth vote" will actually show up this time around?"

No. I believe that what we're seeing is a fairly sophisticated multifront offensive by the socialists. "Sophisticated" in the sense that sophistry is the key tool being used.

The Paul weenies are a very small part of the equation with AGW, health care, immigration and the "housing bubble" being the main foci.

I believe that there are more lefties assigned to fora on the housing bubble than there are assigned to Paul duty - the Paul/immigration conflation is a broken arrow.

I find it best use the progressive hallmarks in any analysis of a purported issue - figure out the ratio of envy, fear, lust for power and greed involved prior to preparing a rebuttal.

Always remember the Progressive Scripture - "Finally, comrades, whatever is false, whatever is vile, whatever is contemptible, whatever is corrupt, whatever is ugly, whatever is dishonorable — if anything is base or worthy of condemnation — think about such things." 1 Lenin 2:2-3


IGNORE Voters' Article:It is a satire though I am positive it was not so listed when originally posted


How you gonna keep them down on the farm after they've seen Brit Hume?

Harummphh! Such shameless pandering to my man!!!


And who ran over to Hit's house with her magic remedy before I even got to read his post saying he was ill, Miss Jane?
Suit up.


The Paul weenies are a very small part of the equation

Yeah. They remind me of the Deaniacs, who were more numerous at this point in 2003 than the Paulbots are right now.

Re: the progressive multifront offensive, all I ever see evidence of are the useful idiots who "care" about AGW, health care and the like. So unfortunately, that part of the strategy appears to be working.


And who ran over to Hit's house with her magic remedy before I even got to read his post saying he was ill, Miss Jane?

WEll I would have, but as I said at the time, I have no idea what you are referring to. And I'm not being coy. Of course it could just be because I'm old.

But pray tell, what is my magic remedy. I might need it at some point!


More http://noquarterusa.net/blog/2007/11/05/urgent-letter-from-intelligence-military-diplomatic-and-law-enforcement-professionals/#more-1025>dumpster diving:

Larry "I know the guys that killed Pablo Escobar" Johnson and his VIPS** friends write a letter against water boarding.

**Now with added Colleen Rowley, Mary McCarthy, and the Plame Wilsons.


I'm teasing you, Jane.If I really thought you had a magic remedy for colds, I'd send my man PUK over to steal the recipe.


Phew - for a while I thought I was a goner...

Bill in AZ

Scary Larry is sensitive to torture - he prolly spent most of high school stuffed in some locker.


Scary Larry is sensitive to torture - he prolly spent most of high school stuffed in some locker.



Scary Larry is sensitive to torture - he prolly spent most of high school stuffed in some locker.

Nah I figure he was subjected to the more crude than waterboarding but equally as effective technique known to the world as a "swirlie". (Sound of toilet flushing in background ).


Sean Hannity just pulled a sneaky. He isn't going to fall into the trap of repeating gossip. "Hey Hannity" he says "it's all over the net Hillary has a secret lover" he says, but he isn't going to go down that path. Uh, Hannity, you sly dog, you just did. Everyone will be scowering the internet to check out the story that Hannity refuses to mention.

Rick Ballard


"A lesser man might mention the number of bastards sired by my opponent, but I never shall."

Sean is peeking in the "oldies but goodies" file.


How delusional is Kerry?Very!
From the Patriot Ledger today:
"John Kerry said Monday there might be a next time for his presidential aspirations, and if there is, the 63-year-old U.S. senator from Massachusetts says he’ll be ready for the political torpedoes that helped sink his 2004 White House bid. Kerry, whose service as a U.S. Navy Swift boat skipper during the Vietnam War came under attack in his race against President Bush, said he has compiled a dossier on his war record critics that he wishes he had as the Democratic presidential nominee. "


He did it with a straight face voice too.


Do these people even have a clue what they are saying?

Brandon Friedman / Daily Kos: The Real Story Behind the Falling Casualty Rate in Iraq — As U.S. casualties have continued to drop, many people on the anti-Bush side of the aisle have begun to quietly panic in recent days over this question: "Could George W. Bush and Frederick Kagan have possibly been right about the surge?"...

Liberals, quietly panicking that progress is happing in Iraq, that people aren't being killed? They prefer bad things in Iraq because they hate Bush...these are some sick puppies.


these are some sick puppies.

We knew that all along, it is just kind of startling to see it in writing, no?


Right Sue. It's startling. I don't know why I am startled, but I am.


The only way John F.Kerry will get in the White House is if he is still wearing his medals when he throws them over the wall.




"I'd send my man PUK over to steal the recipe."

"Miss Jane's Secret Remedy" is a registered trade name owned by the SCAM Corporation.
As is any combination containing the words,Old Fashioned,Private,natural,Family,cure, linctus,embrocation,balm,cold or flu.


Miers, Bolten given 48 hours to get their personal matters in order.

Bill in AZ

Is that 48 business hours?


48 business hours after Congress finds an AG who will prosecute noncompliance with the subpoenas.

Next to civil rights for terrorists, drivers licenses for illegal aliens voters , the notion of a nonstop-Waxman auto de fe is the Dems' best bet to win in 2008.



Next to civil rights for terrorists, drivers licenses for illegal aliens voters , the notion of a nonstop-Waxman auto de fe is the Dems' best bet to win in 2008.

Bill in AZ

no need for Miers and Bolten to rush then... Karl Rove's 24 business hours to get his affairs in order before indictment is still running.


"We was taken it to 'em", will sink him again.


Check out the comments at http://blogs.tnr.com/tnr/blogs/open_university/archive/2007/11/01/tim-russert-a-fox-in-nipper-s-clothing.aspx>The New Republic. It would seem Hillary is not untouchable. At least to part of their base.


Wow, Sue. That TNR post looks like a joke.


OK Clarice -- You Get the "Larwyn" Blog Award this year.

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