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December 02, 2007



He's also a personable populist; only Fred resembles.

Appalled Moderate

I know Huckabee has raised taxes at times (the one area where he is not Bush's heir). What's the problem on immigration? His website offers the usual stuff on enforcing the borders and being against the "amnesty" supported by Bush and McCain.

(Question isn't rhetorical, by the way. I am wondering.)



Huckabee was on THis Week (ABC Sunday Show). I didn't watch it but here's a link.



Exactly, kim - I was being sarcastic, sorry if I wasn't clear. Here in Austin the bumpers sporting both Ron Paul and Alex Jones stickers are legion.

AM, Huckabee supported tuition breaks for illegals in AR. See factcheck.org's CNN/YouTube debate analysis for more info (scroll down). It also comes up in the Stephanopoulos interview that Ann linked - George did a creditable job of trying to pin him down on it.


Actually I thought Hillary got boo-ed in Iowa on immigration for not agreeing to let all the illegals in - not keeping them out. I could be wrong.

AM - Huckabee proposed scholarships for illegals in Arkansas. That's a BIG problem I think.


First he proposed scholarships for well-performing illegal aliens.
Then he proposed instate tuition for children of illegal immigrants that had been in AR schools for as little as 3 years.
Then he OPPOSED checking for US Citizenship when people in AR registered to vote.

FWIW, Arkansas brings in a lot of labor for its chicken and agriculture businesses.


Yup, PL, these libertarian progressives are a new breed and peculiarly conflicted.


It's because of Bush. & the fact that Americans ruin things for themselves (and others).

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