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December 12, 2007




She answers that she loves being in nature, long walks with her husband and her dog (Buddy is dead. Does she have a new dog?), she walks back and forth to the Capitol and she loves to hike!!!!

I remember back to 1995 when the story came out that the Clinton's polled where they should go for their summer vacation-Martha's Vineyard out, Jackson Hole in. It was then that I realized had vacuous the Clinton's were.


The Red Witch is brittle, shallow, vindictive and obsessively controlling.

You're on fire tonight. I just don't see where Democrats go if not Hillary! Oprah might be able to sell alot of books, but convincing a large swath of the independent vote that Obama is Commander-in-Chief material-not so much. We are voting for President of the United States, not President of the Senate Book Club.


Wouldn't you love to see this headline;

Odious Slattern Loves To Save Her Soul By Walking With Dead Dog And Sexually Promiscuoous Husband!


And to go OT for a minute:

I was watching BBC America and they had a positive report on US forces in Iraq. Well as positive as they could make it in that swarmy, British kind-of-way [the piece was "Promise and Peril"]. I'm sure it will go down the memory hole soon.


Odious slattern and Rick Ballard's version of "Double bubble Toil and trouble of the Red Witch in a basement drinking a vile potion to make herself presentable as a presidential candidate... It doesn't get much better than this!



First, thanks for posting my link above.

Second, as a woman, I know how many stupid women follow Oprah and The View. Oprah is a bigger deal than the media is telling you. When Joy Behar (The View) tells her audience that Al Gore will save the day... they believe it. And that moderator today, made sane voters and men scared of a woman in charge.


Hillary! and staff may do well to review Teddy's inevitable annointing in 1980.

Carter was set up for the kill, but Teddy couldn't pull it off.


Result: The Reagan Revolution.

Rick Ballard


I think that they wind up with the Red Witch in the end, so to speak - I'm just hoping that the end doesn't come before June and that the American people get a full understanding that the warts and cackle comprise the sum total of her "gifts".

I don't believe that her abilities or talents (pathetic as they are) surpass those of Hussein by an extraordinary margin. In fact, I would be hard pressed to imagine a situation where I could believe her action or reaction would be equal to or better than someone picked at random from a phonebook.

Unless we're talking about covering up the trail for a miscreant, of course. Codependency is an area where she has a demonstrable record of success.


I kinda like the reference to her as the Red Witch myself.

I'm a woman, too, but I don't watch Oprah. In fact never have. Not once. Can you believe. I did watch part of The View a couple weeks ago but that was only because I was curious to see Whoopi (whom I DO like and respect, even though I disagree on a few things.)

I heard today that Gore had a meeting with bloomberg. Don't know what's up since Obama had lunch with him a couple weeks ago.

It's fun to speculate but I think the bottom line is that both Gore and Obama were trying to convince bloomberg not to run.


Huckabee Busted In Bald-Faced Lie


That moderator had all of the charm of a wizened schoolmarm.

With apologies to Miss Frances at Ding Dong School, of course.


Somehow, a Baptist preacher who is an ex-governor does not inspire my confidence that he would be a strong commander in chief in a time of peril.

Even Jimmuh was a veteran and graduated from the Naval Academy, and look how far that got him.

Rick Ballard

I can think of no reason why the Red Witch could not also be an Odious Slattern. There is the distinct probability of her having a private persona distinct from her public persona.

BTW - the dog is obviously her familiar. Proof that cats possess higher standards than do dogs.


Most of all, they seem resentful that the monster they created and exploited for so long -- the infusion of evangelical dogmatism into their party -- is now a monster they can't control.

What you and the Glenns are really seeing is that the Republicans you tried to paint with one brush aren't the cartoonish lock-stepping theocrats you thought they were.

You said you wouldn't vote for Hillary. Is she emblematic of some monster that can't be controlled by the Dems? Oh! Maybe it's the women's groups the Dems created and exploited for so long. Now you can't keep the women from voting for her.


The basement of the house in Chappaqua is built as a perfect pentagram. That's where I mix the eye of newt, three leeches, the liver of a toad and the toenail of a bat. I boil them until thick and then I drink the potion under a full moon at midnight. What does your coven do, my dear?

Was it an early mistranslation..Did the Odious Slattern once really say, "I could have stayed home and boiled potions"[but decided instead to slander women my husband had absued] ?



Oprah is a bigger deal than the media is telling you. When Joy Behar (The View) tells her audience that Al Gore will save the day... they believe it.

I would believe it if the political environment was similiar to 1997-2000, not today. How many of the Dems top tier would goof up a similiar pop quiz that Bush was sandbagged with before the 2000 election? Obama said he would defuse Iran's 28 year war with the United States by talking to them. One only needs to remember the talk approach was Clinton's only approach with Iran, and this was well after we knew the Iranians were behind the 92 and 94 Argentina bombings [and probably the 94 Panama bombing] and the 1996 al-Khobar bombing and their cheating on weapons proliferation [if the outlines of Operation Merlin are generally true]


I can't figure out why she is attractive to the woman voter.

Not a role model as a traditional mother.

Not a role model as a wife.

Not a role model for the businesswoman.

Not a role model for the average everyday woman.

Who drives her female poll numbers?
I can see only 1 positive constituency in the lesbian community and 1 somewhat positive in the Washington-New York-Hollywood metrosexual & feminist community of politicos, consultants, and lawyers.

Oh, and maybe the women of the Communist/Socialist party.


Clarice - I remember you saying many months ago that you wanted an SOB in the White House and I thought "YES - exactly". I think either Rudy or Fred could be that SOB we all want so badly. Oohhh.....maybe both of them in a one/two punch. Delicious!


Dan Riehl says:

Sorry Ace, But Huckabee Did Not Lie

referring to the link I posted earlier. Unfortunately it may be worse:

You see, the conference Huckabee spoke at wasn't just a conference, as per the New York Times, the Baptists went to Salt Lake to keep the Mormons from entering hell.

A Baptist battalion of 3,000 front-door missionaries will trawl the streets, trying to convert Mormons to their brand of Christianity -- in the stronghold of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The campaign is called Crossover Salt Lake City.

To support that effort the materials used to train Baptists made some things very clear - also see here. Here are a few less than savory bits. Huckabee wasn't lying. He was merely asking a question to confirm what he presumably was taught. Heavens, why I wouldn't be surprised if some of this might even apply to Jews. Ya think?

"Don't be puzzled by Mormons," reads the glossy poster. "Be prepared." Against a background of hundreds of jigsaw puzzle pieces, the poster announces a program entitled "The Mormon Puzzle: Understanding and Witnessing to Latter-day Saints.

"The Jesus of Mormonism is a brother to Lucifer," says John L. Smith, repeating a currently fashionable anti-Mormon mantra.

"Mormon people are lost people," says a videotaped "soulwinner," comparing them in their deception to similar categories of the lost, such as "drug addicts," "drunkards," and other sinners.

In speaking with a Latter-day Saint, "Be careful not to call his or her testimony Christian."33 After all, Mormons belong to a "cult."34 And, although they are smitten with "their own spiritual superiority,"35 they are, at bottom, typically evasive, illogical, and intellectually dishonest. You just can't trust 'em.

The declared purpose of this material, according to the video, is to prevent people from being "entangled in the Mormon net," ....

Why do I feel like I need a shower?


Read the articles of faith of the Latter Day Saints. What there is objectionable?

Fundamentalists despising Mormons is a figment of the media's imagination. What do you think of the Mormons you know?


What I object to is the practice of converting ancestors. All I can envision is a bunch of souls, perfectly happy in their Baptist, or Catholic, heaven with all their old friends and soulmates, well some of them anyway, when they get a tap on the shoulder and are moved to an unfamiliar neighborhood with a bunch of similarly confused strangers.

Kids these days.


Ha, that 'Mormon net' is a reflection of the fact that Mormons do 'community' as well as anyone.


Ann--What a great link for Gomer/Huckabee. Made me chuckle.

Romney sure looks and speaks presidential but I have to say the Book of Mormon is a bit of a hold up for me. Someone gave me that book years ago and I tried to read it--some.
It was beyond my comprehension and described things unverifiable--don't wanna get in a dogma debate here but........

There is the distinct probability of her having a private persona distinct from her public persona.

Rick, I'm certain that the White House cleaning staff who had to pick up all the broken lamps and ashtrays would agree heartily....

Rick Ballard

Article Six (in part)

"The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."


Candidate's beliefs are a fair subject of scrutiny by the electorate, although I've never been impressed by the level of discourse pertaining to theology found in comment threads. Huckabee has opened himself to questioning concerning his beliefs and adherence to Baptist doctrine which stipulates that Jews and Catholics (as well as Mormons) are standing on t'other side of that straight gate which the Baptists insist is theirs alone to guard.

He has imposed his own "religious test" and crossed the line as a candidate for the office charged with preserving and protecting the Constitution. His grasp of soteriology is precisely that which I would expect from a preacher who has completed a year of study at a Bible college.

The boy done hit the apogee a bit early. He won't be missed.


Rick--Thank you for your well stated comment @11:16 AM.
Huckabee's advanced apology to Romney regarding forthcoming statements in an article are disingenuous at best.
Always appreciate your perspective.



Back to the debate. Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel are being excluded for lack of having a paid staffer in Iowa since Oct. Can you believe Keyes achieved that standard? Perhaps there is a vast left wing conspiracy against Kucinich and Gravel. Reports are Kucinich is "irked". I hope he doesn't sic the aliens on us.


I'm here, Jane. See me waving in the front row?


I'm here, Jane. See me waving in the front row?

Posted by: clarice | December 13, 2007 at 02:00 PM

Teacher's pet.


Britt et. al. are concerned that this will be another stupid debate like yesterday. Hey I've live-blogged all of them, and they are all stupid.

Can Hillary prove she can survive "Swifboating?" Mort Kondrake asks. (Boy and people say Fox is biased.)

The moderator has replaced tawdry brown with black and blue, perhaps signifying the bruising she took yesterday.

1. Is balancing the budget every year a priority?

Obama: Bush is bad, Republican Congress is bad, we are out of balance. I want to get the long term fundamentals right, end the war in Iraq, have to overcome the special interests and fix tax loopholes. (He does not answer the question, asked again) If we can get on a path to sustained growth and do all those other things, maybe down the line.

Richardson: WE have to balance the budget, I want a constitutional amendment, take away earmarks (YEAH) taxes. It's an opportunity to have economic growth like we did under Clinton.

Biden: It's not a choice, we can have health care, education, environment AND a balanced budget. Eliminate war and tax cuts, and take out military projects. (oh great) Republicans are bad.

Dodd: Fed gvt is different from a state gvt. I supported pay as you go at some point. We need confidence and optimism which will by itself grow our economy. WE need to creat jobs which is the best social program, end the war in Iraq.

Edwards: WE have to get rid of structural deficiencies and help the struggling middle class because corp power and greed have taken over the govt. Corp are bad bad bad.

Hillary: Fiscal responsibility is a high priority, and Bill was disciplined and I'm going to do exactly what Bill did. WE will cut out private contrtactors and fix health care.

(No one but Richardson answered the question)

When do we raise taxes?

Richardson. The 2% for the wealthy has to go. We've spent too much money on the war and that should go domestically. We need to renew our national spirit. (How much does that cost?)

Edwards: I want to ad that "the truth of the matter is" Big corp have written the tax policy in America. We will screw the corporations. I will help the middle class save, (cause they are too dumb to do it on their own.)

Hillary: Everyone is on a trap door about to fall thru. Raise taxes on the rich., Save money on medicare.

You all campaigned on new expensive programs, and it will take time to get troops out, so how will you pay for new ideas in the short term?

Biden: I can get troops out in a few months. We should not buy into the republican paradigm. We can take 20 billion out of the budget by screwing the military on their programs. It's all about priorities.


Obama: I've already said how I would pay. We have loopholes and if we close them, I can do what I want. Fair tax code.

(waving to Clarice the non-smoker)

Richardson: 57 million in cuts in military spending, but we need more divisions in the army and need to be nice to veterans, we need to keep the voluntary army going.

Dodd: We need to do what is fair, responsible and pro-growth. Lots of poverty out there, and we need to extend the earned income tax credit. We need to grow the economy.

China is the US banker - how do we fix.

Richardson - China needs human rights. It needs to trade equitably. We have to ban toys and food, but we still should trade with them.

Dodd: Competitors operate under the same rules. This is an adversarial relationship.They use slave labor and manipulate their currency. We should not get belicose. It's not biz as usual. We need more thoughtfulness.

Do we have too many entitlements?

Hillary: It's a problem with medicare. Not so much with social security. We need to get back to fiscal responsibility, and attack the HMO's. My health plan will bring costs down. Re: Social security - rep and dems MUST agree to make the changes.

Biden: Lift the cap on social security. Medicare is costs not benefits. Fed govt needs to negotiate costs. That will save 100 billion dollars a year. This is all about action.

Obama: Prevention is important. Prevent obesity. (huh?) We must change how business is done in Washinton. Bad drug companies.

Richardson: Universal health care is a human right for all people. We need electronic records. (No wiretapping concerns?) Get rid of junk foods. Mandatory phys ed.


Richardson is touting a ban on junk foods and mandatory phys ed? Richardson? How high is that podium?


Trading partners have human rights violations. How should we alter our relationship with those bad traders?

Biden: We should alter our agreements with them. Trade agreements should include human rights.

Richardson: Human rights is a fundamental tenet of trade policy and foreign policy. We should have sanctions. (Except of course in Iran because they are the good guys. ed.)
We must transmit our democrat values.

Dodd: The Harkin amendment - we walked away from - human rights are the same interest as security (except in Iraq. ed)

Edwards: Human rights should be central to our trade policy. Big corporations are bad. China gave us bad toys. Maytag plant in Iowa closed. We have to stop Corporations from running our policy.

Should Nafta be scrapped?

Clinton: It should be changed. I want to focus on smart, pro-American trade - I will review EVERY trade agreement, and I will go to the international community and get exactly what we want. We want a balanced relationship.

Obama: Nafta needs to be amended. I'll talk to Mexico and Canada to make sure things are enforceable. We have to stand for human rights and that should be part of trade. Gitmo is the problem. (Oh pulease)

Dodd: I passed somethign unanimously last night that solved all the probloems>

Biden: This election is about action, not experience of change. Leadership is about knowing who you are blah blah - quotes the bible - this is his 30 second pitch.


Richardson preaches about the VA system and how cool everyone in IOwa is.

New Issue: Energy independence: This has costs attached. How do you make it a benefit and how long will it take.

Biden - not long at all. The bottom line - it has to be a fundamental priority. It has to be a "moral crusade".

Richardon: I made my state a clean energy state. It will take an energy resolution. The senate killed an energy bill this morning (Take the pork out moron. ed) I would make everything better really fast because I will ask the people to sacrifice. Turn off your AC! (fat chance. ed)

Dodd: Corporate carbon tax. It's killing the planet. Al Gore is God. blah blah blah.

Clinton: This is an imperative issue. It will affect the average American. I'd advocate a cap and trade system. But that's not enough. We have enlist the previous generation, like in Apollo. I was in the 5th grade. We need a new form of American patriotism, because it's all the republicans fault.

Obama: This is a moral imperative. I want the planet to be beautiful for my daughters. Technology will adapt. We have to be couragious enough. I told Detroit, thus showing my courage.

Edwards: WE need to see the obstacles - oil companies, power companies all those big bad corproations. We need a president who cares about more than war. It's a moral crisis.

Moral moral moral moral -

Hillary says: Ask us to raise our hands about global warming.

On Tuesday senate rejected a proposal to replace subsidies with another program I don't understand.

Dodd: I would have voted for it (but of course I was absent)

Obama: The centerpiece of my farm agenda is that we lower the subsidies. I would cap subsidies. Invest in conservation, organic crops, and I will save the land as a result, and improve the economic engines in those places. There were elements of the proposal that was bad so I would have voted against.

Biden - I would have voted for. Not very many farmers in Iowa. We don't have many family farmers. It's all out of whack. He refers to Tom Harkin fore the 800,000 time.

Clinton: clarifies the bill. She would have voted against the bill and voted for the limit on subsidies. She has a dozen NY family farmers talking to Iowa family farmers. As president we will make the changes no one else can makes.

(waves to Sue)



Cool. I posted and nothing showed up. ::grin::

(waves back at Jane) (giggles) (hopes moderator doesn't *thwack* her for imitating her)


Jane, you are a living saint to listen to this blathering baloney so we don't have to.


Education: Key features of the best education in the world

Edwards: Get the children young, pre- k universal but make them have mandatory nutrition even younger. US teacher academy. Bonuses to teachers. Fix no child left behind, second chance schools - because in schools we have 2 americas.

Richardson: Education is top priority - pre-school by age 4, full day kindergarter, #1 in science and math. Scinece and math acadamys. Get rid of No child left behind.
The key is a good teacher - they need higher pay, starting salary of 40k, need art in schools. Education keeps families together.

Follow up to Richardons's poor education in NM. WEll teacher pay went up, 11% native american and 41% spanish (is he saying those people are dumb?)

Obama: Early child hood education particularly for minorieites. More money for teachers. Get rid of No child left behind. Get parents re-engaged in getting excellence for their children.

Dodd: Education is the key to everything. An accident of birth determines education. Poverty is bad. Leadership must talk ab out every day.

Clinton: I've worked for education reform for a very long time. And the president has a bully pulpit, we did a great job for Chelsea. More money for special ed. Holistic view of education.

Edwards: I already talked about it. Look at the period,post hs. We pay for every kid's college who will work. Over the long term create an infrastructure to do something.

Biden: My wife isn't here because she is teaching. 4 things: School starts earlier, pay teachers more, access to college and I missed the 4th.

What realistically can you accomplish in your first year as president:

Obama: end the war, bring the troops home, and stabalize thru diplomacy; I will review everything Bush did for constitutionality;
I missed the 3rd.

Biden: Implement the Biden plan which everyone on earth supports. End the Bush policy on torture. Health insruance in the 1st year. Implement pre-school.

Richardson: end the war, all troops out; universal health care, energy revolution; follow the constitution, bring back habeas corpus, stop eavesdropping, stop torture.

Dodd: "It's gonna be a long year". I'd change the discourse. WE are divided by the political leadership. We need leadership that will appeal to unity. I'd give you back the constitution; robust diplomacy. I'd start before innaugeration.

Edwards: I'll tell the truth. I'll end the war, close Gitmo, restore civil liberties, health care, and I'll unite the country, call on people to take it back from the big bad corporations, starting in Iowa/

Hillary: I'll be busy. End the war, send emissaries around the world, cowboy diplomacy is over, rescind all the executive orders, and end Bush's war on science. (I missed that war)

Character matters:

Clinton you were too secretive, as president how would you insure that you are not secretive.

Hillary: I learned from Healthcare, and I have now learned how to have a strong communication policy. I'd have an open and transparent government. Put it all on the internet (except those pesky papers in the Clinton library I guess. ed)

Biden: You have to keep correcting those things you say about race - reviews the comments. Indians at 7-11 etc. Are you uncomfortable talking about race.

Biden: Civil rights define me. I had bad phrasing. But I meant well. All the minorities vote for me. Minoritites start off at a disadvantage. people misunderstand me because I am blunt. My committment to civil liberties is clear.

Obama - want to reassure us that Biden has a good heart and isn't a racist (and not competitive).

Edwards: You talk about the wealthy, but these are the people who get things done. What will you do.

Corporations are bad, and we can't negotiate with them. Everything depends on defeating them, and I will keep fighting them and I can beat them.

Dodd: You struggle with memories of when your father was censured for misusing campaign funds. Does that motivate you?

I'm motivated by my family. My father was a good guy. Public service is where it's at (and it make you rich too ed) Applause

Richardson: You were energy secretary and there were lots of security breaches -

(My cable just went out. Now it is back. Blizzard here.)

I've made gaffes, but I stand behind my record.



How can you break from the past when you have Clinton advisors? Clinton roars

Obama: I'll look forward to advising me as well Hillary. (good line)

I want to change the mindset. Politics of fear is bad. He refers to good people in the Carter years - (sheesh that is gonna hurt)

We need to restore respect in the world. He wants to hang out with Muslim leaders. (well maybe not hang out)

Would you use signing statements.

Hillary - yes but not like big bad Bush.

Edwards: Bush has expanded executive power. I will use them, in the "historic" way, and I'll make sure the 3 branches are co-equal, because Bush is not king.

New Years resolution:

Clinton: Mine is multi-part: spend time with my family, exercise, do the best job in this campaign, blah blah blah.

Edwards: remember that somewhere in America a child will go hungry, c family will have to beg for help for a sick child, and someone will lose their job.

Dodd: Country to regain optimism, and moral authority, compares Abu Grahaib and Gitmo to Nuremburg.

Richardson: Lose weight again. I wish the congress and president end their disfunctional relationship. War, torture, energy. Stay positive.

Biden: Remember where I came from. Remember what it is like when things were really bad.

Obama: Be a better father, husband, remind myself that this is not about me.

What are the lessons from Iowa?

Hillary: I ate my way across the state. Relationship building has been extraordinary.

Edwards: Caucuses are crucial so they IOwans are better judges.

Dodd: I love the independence of Iowans.

Richardson: I study the history of Iowa caucuses and you like underdogs. I've been enriched personally by Iowans. (no pander there)

Biden: Iowa deserves to be first because they take it so seriously. And without you democracy is in trouble.

Obama: Core decency of the American people. Instincts are good.

The end.


The Frank Luntz people are calling the debate for Edwards. Just amazing.


No one was impressed with Hillary. Someone is saying that Obama's lack of resume is a good thing. (Holy cow - who are these people)

No one who supported Hillary thought she won. She was too tired and too scripted. Too much reliance on her husband. WOW

Rick Ballard


Thank you. You must have a cast iron stomach.


Good, if true. Edwards is eminently beatable in the general and it'll keep Obambi and the Odious Slattern slugging it out longer.


Per the news accts--Hillary's people are already clawing at eachother--this will make them even unhappier--Yeah! She's probably screaming so much her voice is fading.


You know it's not hard to live-blog a debate, because you don't listen that hard. You need to hear the words well enough to type them. My problem is I never learned to type.

I will say that I got angry a couple of times in this debate because each one of these characters ignore the war on terror. It's as if it doesn't exist. I don't recall having that strong a reaction in any other debate.

I am flabberghasted that edwards polls the highest. He is so angry. He is so anti-corporation. He is absolutely a socialist. And after this debate I'd say if Luntz is correct, Hillary is toast.


Fred Thompson spike

Via Ace

“Nobody has any real confidence in the [U.S. intelligence] results they’re getting, Sen. Fred Thompson said yesterday while recommending that the U.S use more reliable British and Israeli intelligence instead. “We have a real problem with our intelligence community” and it needs to be rebuilt from “the bottom up,” Thompson said.

"I think that in the meantime we have to rely on other people. The British are helpful to us. The Israelis sometimes are helpful to us. In many respects, they have advancements that we don't have in terms of our intelligence capabilities," Thompson said.



Short version of the reactions of Iowa Democrats (as assembled by Luntz) to Hillary! after the debate:

The more you get to know her, the less you like her.

I am afraid she is not going to wear well with middle america.


...not really "afraid", of course.



Thank you so much for another great debate liveblog. I saw the clip of the highly amusing Clinton-Obama back and forth on Special Report and I am astounded by the desperate nature of the tactics Clinton and her campaign have been employing recently.


We missed you Elliott. I have a hard time taking the moonbats seriously.


Publishing hits and misses in 2007

Check #2 in Misses at the bottom...Jenna Bush out sold it even!


Elliot, did you like the cackle? And the "I'd like to hear that"?

She almost acts as if she has been crowned already. I don't think that is lost on the Iowans, do you?


Whatever happens in Iowa, her smears of Obama are creating bad feelings in Black community.


Jane and Elliot, I finally had a chance to catch up tonite and want to thank both of you for doing "that thing you do" so well.

You both are my first read, and then comes Frank Luntz for the "swing" voters instant analysis.

The more of these "debates" I see, the more convinced I am that conservative Republicans can take this election. I still have massive reservations about some of our candidates -- so I am not really that happy of a camper yet.

Huckabee has to go. The sooner the better.


From tsk9's link:

"Fair Game," Valerie Plame. The long-awaited memoir by the former CIA official whose outing by columnist Robert Novak became a political scandal and led to a long federal investigation. Published in October with an announced first printing of 400,000, "Fair Game" had BookScan sales of 42,000.
"Energy independence" -- is that when we get to use the 358,000 copies that didn't sell in the old wood stove?


Top & Cathy,

Your comments made me think about the Emptywheel's book that the head swamp mistress was going to publish. Did it actually get published?


"Fair Game" is fourteen dollars on Amazon in the used section.



The "I'd like to hear that" was a monumental blunder. Obama was fumbling the question, but, instead of leaving him to his mumbling, she tried to twist the knife. Not that I'm complaining...

Right now Drudge is reporting the CNN poll will show Huckabee leading in South Carolina at 24% with Thompson, Romney and Giuliani all bunched at 16-17%. (Yeah, I buried the lead: Ron Paul 11%.) It looks like winning the expectations game in Iowa would put Fred in a reasonably good position.


Cathy - Duh! prescience link of the day

Publishing insiders are scratching their heads over the size of the $2.5 million advance that CIA analyst Valerie Plame-Wilson will be collecting for penning her story about being "outed" by the Bush administration.

"Can a book by an untested writer earn back such a substantial advance?" asks the New York Sun. "And will Mrs. Wilson run into any of the problems that other former CIA employees have experienced in getting their books cleared by the agency's Publications Review Board?"

To cover Mrs. Wilson's whopping payday, publisher Crown will have to sell 500,000 copies, the Sun said, noting that's "half again as many as Jon Stewart's 'America,' a big best seller last year."...

To Crown's credit they gotta clue - Simon & Schuster, not so much.

The mother of 7-year-old twins, a boy and girl, is putting final touches on a book about her life and the leak of her name, tentatively titled Fair Game, for which publisher Simon & Schuster paid her an advance of over $1 million.

Sue - Yes, Empty did. Empty never did comment on Plames book though (at least not that I could find) - I think she got her nose bent they asked Ryan Lizza to write the Plame backWARD.


Where were the the Islamist Plants in the Dem debate?

Rick Ballard

"It looks like winning the expectations game in Iowa would put Fred in a reasonably good position."

Reasonably good is right where I would put him too. The SBC isn't big in Iowa, not tiny but not big. The attack on Romney and the LDS isn't going to have the impact that it would have in Arkansas or Alabama, in fact, I believe that ole Huck threw a boomerang with his eyes closed. What happens to the Huckbuzz if he finishes third? He's got less than no chance in NH and SC is going to cost money that he doesn't have in the bank.

I don't think it's going to be all over on Feb. 5. Not with the Red Witch showing such disdain for blacks. I thought she only hated Jews?


$14 for a copy of a used edition of Fair Game is $14 too much for me.


Do you know if Empty sold any?



I'm sure she did. My guess is less than half of Plames or maybe 2ce as many! HEH! When Empty's ideas didn't all pan out, I am sure it took a chunck out of Plame's.

But IIRC there is not much way of knowing as I think she was published by a Nutroot start-up independent publisher ala Glenn Greenwald.

Anatomy of Deceit: How the Bush Administration Used the Media to Sell the Iraq War and Out a Spy (Paperback)

Product Details
•Paperback: 176 pages
•Publisher: Vaster Books (January 25, 2007)

•Amazon.com Sales Rank: #84,653 in Books


Am late getting to Luntz's focus groups but find the dem primary voters observations fascinating. Just wonder how valid this type of "poll" is. It seems the focus group folks want health care taken care of for them. Plus education.
It just seems to me they want these issues taken out of their hands.
What in the world is this country coming to?


Sue - there is NO way of EVER knowing

FDL Books On September 6, 2006, Firedoglake announced a book imprint called FDL Books (later to spawn Vaster Books, in collaboration with Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, founder of Daily Kos). The first release by Vaster Books is a volume by Daily Kos contributor Marcy Wheeler, entitled Anatomy of Deceit: How the Bush Administration Used the Media to Sell the Iraq War and Out a Spy.[5][6]

They won't reveal they only sold like 2,000 copies - although iI believe Hamsher and KOS both would like greater transparency among Republicans and Government!


What happens to the Huckbuzz if he finishes third?

He becomes a Huckabeen.


Posted by: glasater

Do you feel like there is a healthcare crisis beyond high costs?

Spank lawyers and it all goes away and allow competition and things are about on par as they should. Remember when Lasic Eye surgery came on the scene? Competition tempered the price because it wasn't covered under insurance. Also, this would make things more competitively attractive for small business owners to be able to HIRE PEOPLE!!!

I am convinced the healthcare "crisis" is a cross between dwindling Union members, aka dues to donate and leverage, because companies ARE taking care of their employees and offering healthcare, even Walmart, Target, Best Buy, McDonalds and the Hyatt etc.

-- and boomers who bought their homes for for nothing in the 70's - took out crap loads of re-finance equity to buy luxury items with no savings in the bank and are now crybabing because they can't afford their co-pay and young people who have Ipods and Tivo and buy homes 6 times the size they need - BUT it was Congress who impressed upon lenders not be so stingy and lend to these people in the late 90's! and Liberla interst frauds like Acorn to lobby for this?

Who is punished? The lenders.

Dems speak "poor me" language, and see their only other hope is to up the poverty level to 80 grand a year in order to lure more "poor me" voters - reverse immigrant pandering.

I see Dems as no different than the sub-prime predatory lenders they once encouraged but now decry. At least the sub-primes have to answer in a court to their predatory practices.


With two apologies in two days, the voice in my head is running wild:

Hillary and Huckabee sittin' in a tree, "S-O-R-R-Y are we."

Now that Clinton has disavowed negative campaigning, are we going to get "Well, it can't be us" from her campaign when damaging and anonymously sourced allegations are made against Edwards and/or Obama?


If Obama gets the nomination, the soundbite of the debate will be where he said he wanted to consult with Carter people on foreign policy.

That was the dumbest thing I've ever heard him say, and over-looked due to the red witch slap down in the same sound bite. But mark my words...


I thought the http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/chi-dems_tuesdec04,0,1423617.story?coll=chi_tab01_layout>fun was about to start?

"Well, now the fun part starts," Clinton said in kicking off the week with a new round of attacks on Obama, including using an event Monday to question whether he has had a history of putting politics ahead of personal conviction from his days in the Illinois Senate to his time in the U.S. Senate.

What happened? I was starting to have fun and then she goes and apologizes. And no one reminds her of the "fun" quote.


Obama's latest video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXPnMflGkvI



Thanks. I stopped slumming there after the trial was over.


"What happens to the Huckbuzz if he finishes third? He's got less than no chance in NH and SC is going to cost money that he doesn't have in the bank."
I guess he'll be sad if he finishes third in Iowa. Funny thing, though, is that he's polling on top in both Iowa and South Carolina. News alert: People like him.


My recollection from times past is that pollsters who are honest, will tell you that its really really difficult to poll for a caucus. Voting gives you the ability to stop by anytime during the entire day and vote. Caucuses meet at night. In Iowa that means maybe missing supper and showing up in the cold and maybe snow to a meeting with folks you may or may not know well, and therefore may or may not like well.

Because of that, its all about who shows up to the caucuses. Usually, the well funded campaigns due everything they can to get their people out. Sometimes that is vans and bus rides of supporters.

Not well funded candidates cant due that and have to rely on the enthusiasm of their supporters for them. A hot meal and a warm fire or freezing your *** off and listening to a bunch of folks talk politics too long before holding the caucus vote?

I would not give a whole lot of confidence in any Iowa poll right now.


due = do

WTF why did I type that?


Pollster.com just did an excellent analysis of the difficulty of polling caucus voters and shows the different (wildly different) standards used to ascertain "likely caucus goers" by the different polling operations.

If Obama's rise depends on college voters, he's in trouble--they never show and it's break time there when the caucus is held.


I would not give a whole lot of confidence in any Iowa poll right now.


It would be great to get historical data on the contrast between pre-Christmas polling in Iowa and the actual results. And this year there's a new twist because the caucus is so early - many people will be barely getting back to work after the holiday break and it'll be time to head out to the caucus.

Who babysits for the people with small kids, I wonder? Can parents take kids to the caucus? (This is always my first question since I never get to go anywhere at night thanks to small kids and traveling husband.)

Rick Ballard

"News alert: People like him."

New news alert: The DeMSM love him as a wedge but the "people" don't think he's worth a dime.

When is the "peoples choice" going to hold a fund raising day as successful as Ron Paul's? When a loon has raised four times as much money as the "peoples choice" then, just maybe, "flash in the pan" is a better descriptor.

When the NYT pimps the wedge it proves that Huckabee has utility.

For the Democrats.


BTW the Huck campaign is now denying that their candidate has a theology degree to Jim Geraghty of NRO. After a post that Geraghty had up about the discussion about Satan, Jesus and Mormon beliefs with the NYT, they send Jim a note denying he has a theology degree. Basically, "where in the world did you get that?"

JIm responds well in the next to last debate Huck says " I am the only one on the stage with a theology degree" so I guess I am confused.

No, his campaign assures us, Huck only has a BA in Biblical Studies. ( From Oachita Baptist University ).

What is it with people from Arkansas and talking out of both sides of your mouth? Is it just in the water or did evil old WalMart warp all of them in some manner?


Oh--and there's the likelihood of fixing the caucuses by having out of staters register to participate--easy under the Dem rules there. Edwards BTW has more staffers and more of them have registered to vote in the caucus.
http://apnews.myway.com/article/20071214/D8TH4QTO0.html.Buying the Iowa vote


What is it with people from Arkansas and talking out of both sides of your mouth?

What is it about mealy-mouthed presidential candidates from Hope Arkansas?


You ever been to Hope? Not much to do there but learn how to be mealy-mouthed.


Apparently Ron Paul is spending money to bring in Ark lawmakers to explain to Iowans their disdain for the Huck. What does that tell you? Well to me its pretty interesting. Paul attracts a very strange group, and I have had my suspicions about astroturf Dems, acting like Rep supporters of Paul for awhile. So Paul thinks Huck is appealing to the same folks he is. HMMMM



I think your theory sounds about right. I was just thinking Husk's hype had a sort of Ron Paul feel to it.


When the NYT pimps the wedge it proves that Huckabee has utility.

For the Democrats.

In the same vein, Jane Fleming Kleeb of the Young Voter PAC, a Democratic group, said last night on H&C that if she were a Republican Huckabee would be her choice not least because of the great job he had done in Arkansas.


Alienate libertarians, alienate the religious conservatives.

Come closer, I'll bite you.

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