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December 07, 2007


hit and run

The politico article ends with:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) did not comment on the remark but said in a Politico interview that “someone I was with said that” the comment sounded sexist.

Of course, Harry knows dignity (from the Corner):

Specter Slams Reid [David Freddoso]

Earlier this afternoon, Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) struck back at Harry Reid (D-Nev.), questioning whether the Senate Majority Leader is "up to the job." Reid had yesterday called the 49 Republican senators "puppets," which Specter said was a violation of Senate Rule 19:

No Senator in debate shall, directly or indirectly, by any form of words impute to another Senator or to other Senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Senator.

Specter finished his comments and invited Reid to respond, saying he'll be nearby when it happens. Reid still has not responded.


Senator Reid would have commented on the remark by calling Cheney a loser, but no http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/05/07/politics/main693713.shtml>High School auditorium was available at the time.


I thought they were practicing their cartwheels. Infra Dig is it? What can possibly be beneath Congressional dignity these days?


Does this mean Pelosi is admitting there is nothing that is below the dignity of her office?


Dick can go Cheney himself...


"What can possibly be beneath Congressional dignity these days?"

Coprophilia ?


What can possibly be beneath the White House dignity these days? Do they need to start another war on faulty intelligence? But, that's been the entire tenor of this administration.


So it took Nancy Pelosi to defend the guys without big sticks. Kinda of proves Cheney's point.


Gee, are there any rules about charging a private citizen with
conduct or motive unworthy.

RUSH would like a response too.

What a bunch of children.


The whitehouse is doing pretty damn well in the dignity department - also in the war department, the public opinion department, actually in every department when compared to the democrat congress.

On a different note, is anyone more moronic on TV than Shephard Smith?


Dignity isn't a term most people associate with the Bush White House. Incompetence, arrogance, and idiot are though. If you don't believe me read the Pew Poll


I can't watch Shep. I can't watch Greta.

Rick Ballard

"On a different note, is anyone more moronic on TV than Shephard Smith?"

Sponge Bob has a definite edge wrt intelligence but I think Shep might be smarter than Patrick. Being smarter than a starfish isn't really something one would brag about though.


Is anyone having typepad problems today?

Trolls have posted all day and I get this:

We're sorry, your comment has not been published because TypePad's antispam filter has flagged it as potential comment spam.

I think my feelings are hurt! :) :)


Ann I got that same message earlier. Had to finally give up on the post.


Trolls, trolls, trolls..I haven't posted in some time, but it's easy to circumvent Typepad's anti-troll filters. Thanks for the warm welcome...

hit and run

Ann, I get the spam message from time to time -- and for me it seems to be when I am trying to put in multiple links...or get especially long-winded.


I think this goes under the dignity thread.

Has anyone seen this:

No Playboy for Plame


Should put a warning on the comment section!!

(To funny though)


I also can't stand Shep!. He's such a twerp.
Surely Fox News can do better than this. after his Katrina hysteria performance I can't watch him anymore. I do like greta but she gets stuck with all the sensational stories.
Pelosi and her do nothing congress deserve all the scorn that can be heaped upon them. cheney has it right on this one.


Specter(spy, spook, boo, boo man) and the phone company(GTE). The raise from .25 to.35 cents. Plame(game gambling). Plame is spying on domestic politcial groups where dad worked, NSA. Plame finds pals with orgs like retired CIA agents being spied on by NSA. Plame sells it off to the intelligence committee. Intelligence committee and NSA. This has always been done. Plame violated IIPA. Plame. This has always been done. Prouty. Prouty's IIPAs cleared by CIA or DoJ? Maybe they should be used under IIPA in the US when they get home. We can send in another Prouty to finish them off when we're done. Prouty CIA or DoJ?

Cheney had to Chalabi himself?

Plame gets Hustler.

The IG at the State Department resigned. Other IGs get new jobs. Maybe we should use Prouty's IIPAs? These are famous, powerful, rich people. Plame is too. The trick is to use the IIPAs when they get back from overseas. They really are nobodies anyway.


Oh my, all the little trolls are having accidents. Maybe it's.........Lucifer!


Since it's an antique sho......... the secret code number for the above comment was............wmd37t.


"s anyone more moronic on TV than Shephard Smith?"



"is anyone more moronic on TV than Shephard Smith?"

"For sure! OLBERMANN"
- - - - - -
Shepard Smith gets my vote as the most "moronic".

I would classify Olbermann more as combination of demented and bizarre.

hit and run

Olbermann may be a moonbat -- he's surely a moonbat -- but he's also an actor, playing to his audience.

Shep? He's "keepin' it real".

Really moronic.

[VIMH: When's the last time you watched cable news?]
Nov 2006. Election night. Why, has anything changed since then?


Lowes gave their award to Stephanie Lopez of Portland. Apparently the votes of the coaches and sportswriters went against the votes of the fans. She is a very deserving candidate and I want to thank all my friends who worked so hard to make sure Jess won the fan vote. You are the best.

JM Hanes

As I recall, Cheney is the go-to guy, stick-wise


Gmax- You must be so proud of JMax. It was fun to participate in the vote, and here's to a bright future for your girl.

hit and run

Gmax, what a disappointment...

More than anything your ability to be gracious toward S-Lo at the news speaks volumes.

I know that this won't phase JMax at all...and her future isn't dimished by this one bit.

Give her our JOM love...

By the way, if you didn't see it in a previous thread -- I took mrs hit and run to the airport in Raleigh yesterday...with princess hit and run in the car. When she saw a sign for Chapel Hill, she immediately mentioned "e-voting" for JMax and the game we attended. And not 10 minutes ago, upon seeing me on the laptop, princess asked, "are you e-voting?". I am very, very pleased that this has left a lasting impression on her.

And I just told princess that Jessica didn't win. Her countenance sank. She loves Jmax.

[VIMH: You just told her? It's nearly 10pm!]
Yeah, we're "partying" tonight....in mrs hit and run's absence, the kids are all about the "party".

OK, she's here she's gonna hit the "post" button.

[post was delayed, princess got tripped up on the CAPTCHA check!]



I am so sorry about the Lowes award. Please tell your daughter that she won our hearts here at JOM. By the way,so did you. It's great to see a proud father. Having you is the bigger prize.


GMAX--I know how proud we all are of you daughter and her considerable accomplishments. Lowe's award or not.
And you are a class guy.


You can be proud your daughter was one of so few.


Gmax, you are a terrific sport. Jess's talent and hard work shone through regardless of the outcome - it was a pleasure voting for her.

hit and run

"Lowe’s is extremely pleased to honor student-athletes who work hard to achieve goals in every aspect of life,” said Bob Gfeller, SVP of Marketing and Advertising at Lowe’s."

I take FULL responsibility. I never made it to Bob's office, though I promised I would.

Though it is to my shame, I promise, if I could find it via Google, I would post the link to my promise...

hit and run

From that same link, Jmax did make the FIRST TEAM:

The Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award also names an All-Senior All-America Team based on voting results of the finalists. Joining Lopez on the 2007 First Team are: Rachel Buehler of Stanford University, Jessica Maxwell of the University of North Carolina, Lindsey Ozimek of Charlotte and Ella Masar of the University of Illinois. The Second Team consists of: Valerie Henderson of UCLA, Angie Woznuk of the University of Portland, Joanna Haig of the University of Louisville, Kelsey Carpenter of the University of Texas and Courtney Hooker of the University of California, Berkeley.



It's too bad that Jessica did not receive the award. I'm sure this is a difficult time given the disappointment of not winning the title and all the work that comes at the end of the school term, but I hope that she, you, and the rest of your family are holding up well.



Well I'm bummed. But I'll be as gracious as you about it.


Gmx - I too am disappointed! But JMax is still a winner in every way that counts and look at what a fan club she now has here!


Hillary is calling her mom, Dipo Note is all female rights, federal unions negotiations are pretty much over as Gates goes to the big Persian meeting thing that everyone thinks is British wanting money when they did nothing for the fed unions and the females and they won't pay out to the fed unions, but that's okay cause the war budget is coming out and the Saudis and arabs own all our bonds and the women's right's thing is kinda confusing because of the murders(deaths)and no one is sure who, but we are sure Hillary isn't a lesbian and Oprah doesn't like women, she likes foreign little girls and she has all those problems and those guys in prison weren't enjoying the torture as they had a huge pile of naked men and organs(Persian Gulf Partners).

California wants free housing and religion instead of a limit on years of service for FSOs, so anybody can go to the free Hillary school and serve overseas. Anybody.

To prove it, his suppliers had concocted a dollop of the fuel for Earthrace from human fat, including some liposuctioned from the intrepid skipper's own backside. Given the global obesity epidemic, that probably seemed like a sustainable resource. You could almost imagine NASCAR fans lining up for a chance to personally power Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Chevy Monte Carlo into the tunnel turn at Pocono.

It's not all that funny, but read the whole thing.


The A.P or as Rush calls it, Al AP cant'be counted on to get simple details right: They misrepresent Howard Krongard,Buzzy's brother as being an attorney; with Deloite & Touche (an accounting firm) I know I know; 'fake but accurate'. Interestingly even the Herald has finally figured the
NIE is all wet. It's Sunday editorial page has contributions from Jeffrey Fleishman, L.A Timesman in Cairo, indicating how concerned the Sunni states are about the impact of the NIE. There are caveats about
the supposed openings it gives the US in deescalating the confrontation. There's the OpEd by John Bolton (Temperature in hell today: 58 degrees).Only the 'reality based' correspondent Joseph Galloway mutters
ominously about Cheney wanting to nuke Iran
from day one:and Bush ingnoring the new developments in the NIE; funny so did Thomas
Fingar about four monthes ago. The putative
news page has concerns of the Iraqi exiles in Syria about returning; this from the Cairo correspondent, who never reports on event in Cairo.

In other news, State's Latin American policy
is just as blinkered as usual. Concerning Chavez's rise to power. The Herald reveals
that they discouraged Caldera's son in law
from a coup, General Gomez to prevent
Chavez's rise to power. And were chummy with him at least in late 2001, warning him of other coup attempts into 2002. State was impressed with Chavez's attention to tackling povert in Latin America, as their
counterparts did about Fidel and the Sandinistas in the last two generations.


I believe Cheney said "Go Pelosi yourself." He would have told her to Reid herself, but that wouldn't actually do anything.


please visit

you will see PHOTOS of WHO and WHERE Bin Laden and his NETWORKS ARE….


[email protected]


Off-topic, C, but maybe not for long. First, the contrarian play against the warmers is as huge as anything ever seen. Second, wait until Islam figures out that encumbered carbon perpetuates the servitude of the half of the world's people who still depend upon physical labor for their living, many of whom are Muslim.


The fever chart used to be prominently displayed at the foot of the patient's bed, now it is so concealed by HIPPA that the doctor can't even find it.

We are cooling, folks. Probably until we are all dead. I mean we on this board, not all of humanity. But everytime the Gorebellied Fool opens his mouth, somewhere something sentient freezes; not good karma, me boy.


Ooh, I like 'Earth in the Balince'.


One guy named Ulric thinks that 2060-2120 is going to be especially, I mean Little Ice Age special, cold. His idea, without fully explicated causal mechanisms, depends on gravity, the alignment of planets around the solar system's barycenter, effecting internal solar tides, and solar output, to link the sun and climate change.


Osama bin Laden, first martyr in the Carbon Liberation Wars.




dang, lower case 'p' on press-release, or it won't go.


kim's link


Libby drops appeal!

Clarice, I thought you were supposed to be getting advance notice of these things.


I'm not surprised and it's the prudent thing to do. I just hope Bush follows with a full pardon before he retires.


Libby dropped his appeal? Damn. And here I thought Richard Armitage would offer to pay some of Scooter's defense fund. Just goes to show what a real asshole is.

On a lighter note, and still speaking of assholes, and connected to Pelosi in a round-a-bout way - the one and only Cindy Sheehan was sitting right next to me at the bar at Tahoe Joe's in Vacaville, CA last night. I missed my chance for a Atlas Shrugs/Cindy Sheehan photo op! Before the fog of Vodka Tonic cleared I forgot I have a camera phone. Argghhh.


This is Constitutionally unfortunate.


I'm glad I haven't had to make that kind of decision.

I suppose that the thought of his reputation played little role; it seems doubtful anyone will change their opinion of him at this point. The economic choice boils down to cost of appeal weighed against likelihood of success compared with differential between earning potential with a law license or not.

I suspect he's learned a lot more over the last couple years about the careers open to him outside of the law.

I wish him well.


Enlightened - what was she drinking?


"Constitutionally unfortunate" is right.

I suspected this was the plan when Scooter paid his fine instantly. I'm assuming he didn't have to do that, pending appeal?


hemlock, one hopes


hemlock, one hopes


hemlock, one hopes


This is disastrous. What's to prevent the next Fitz, or the next Peacock Fix?


Hemlock - good one!

It looked like a Corona with lime. Borrring.

They sat her party in back of my hubby and I so I couldn't glare at her ugly mug through dinner. My hubby doesn't really know much about her, but he knows this - boy is she fugly! She was wearing a yellow lapel pin - it either said Cindy for Congress (hubby's shitty eyesight)or Cindy for President (my shitty eyesight). Seriously, she was less than 3 feet away from us and we could not read the damn thing.

I googled it today - hubby was right. Again.


Who needs waterboards when you can use Grand Juries?


Cindy said she is going to run for Congress in Pelosi's district. Might be interesting, in a car wreck on the side of the road sense.


Cindy said she is going to run for Congress in Pelosi's district. Might be interesting, in a car wreck on the side of the road sense.


GMax, if I had known that Lowe's would trump the fans in the contest, I would have made up some legal theory and included a count in a suit we filed against Lowe's last year for (essentially) screwing one of my clients:>)

On the Libby matter, I'm afraid the practicalities took over. The best the Scooter could have expected was a new trial. That would have taken him well past the next inauguration.

Who would want to bet that the next President, be he Republican or Democrat would be as sympathetic towards Scooter than W? I sure wouldn't.

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