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December 31, 2007



HNY 2U2.


And to you, TM, with gratitude for bringing us together everyday for so much fun.


Thanks Tom for an informative place to visit.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to TM and to all JOM people.
Thank you TM for another year of scintilating conversation and hours of enjoyment.


<">http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/l/lynyrd_skynyrd/free_bird_tab.htm"> For TM,


For TM


I suppose JOMers are still stuck in last year 2008 isn't much different.


Happy New Year to all.

Hmm, Guitar Hero II? Do they have one for ukuleles?

For something like this or maybe silly this.



Given the opportunity, when you get your next game, I'd suggest skipping GH3, and going straight to rock band. The parts aren't as difficult, but they're more fun to play.

Although if you must get GH3, watch this video of a 9 year old playing far better than you ever will, on the most difficult track in GH3.



PUK, are you the famous guitarist of the same name? Feel free to ignore this question if you choose to.


Happy New Year to you Tom and a big thank you for letting all of us highly opinionated Type As have the run of this place. With your well sourced and well written posts that have the perfect combination of wit, subtle humor, informed opinion, and fact, you have provided a place that is unbeatable in the blogosphere by anybody's measure.

I'm not sure how I feel about the visual you've left me with of you rockin' out to Cheap Trick. That may take some getting used to.

Happy New Year and all the Best for 2008.


Happy New Year everyone. I wouldn't go out on a bet, and I'm not quite ready for bed, so I may revisit before the year is done. And Thanks TM for creating such a fun place to hangout and learn stuff.


I couldn't possibly say,my liberal friends would never speak to me again.


Happey New Year JOM.

I have a house full of twelve and thirteen year olds rocking the 80's away on Ghost Hero III. I escape from them and find all of you talking about GH. LOL Anyways, it beats the thirty I had here for Halloween tracking leaves in.

Hope all of you have a great 2008.


Ha, I mean Guitar Hero. Still have Halloween Madness on the brain.


When I was tending bar years ago during college days--we always called New Years Eve amateur night--'cause that was the type of drinker we always seemed to get--amateurs.

A toast to TM and JOM commentators who are definitely not amateurs in drinking or thinking.


My best wishes to the incomparable TM, his merry band of guitar heroes, and all JOMers for 2008. I am quite glad to have had the pleasure of conversing with so many of you over the past months and I look forward to more of the same in the coming year.

Happy New Year!

Other Tom

Happy New Year to this whole community--I've come to think of the regulars here as my friends. And like all the others, I extremely grateful to TM for putting the whole thing together and keeping it going.

We're headed to my sister's house for a small dinner party, but she's making us wear black tie. (I suppose she means well.) I've warned that I may night make it to midnight, but I definitely want to see that dude try to jump the football field--end zone to end zone--at the stroke of midnight EST.

Other Tom

By the way, he's doing it on a motorcycle.


And I thought Evil Knieval died.


Lunar year go to nu village and get treasure. Follow tattoo to save world. They always think of food. So does he, the benefactor.

Crazy door crasher Jan 1st.

You don't have to tell me your learning.

Give me two pears. Two cents please. One is okay. Thank you.

He is not moving, like a stone.

Please help me. Of course I'll help you or how can I win?

Why do I have two spears? Because everyone knows who you are. The spear is long.

Will you teach in my house? I only have one pear.

You will teach in my house as my bodyguard. I can't bully others to teach.

Love and cherish each other forever.
Our ship is ready.


From Iraq:

“It was something not seen in Baghdad since before the 2003 invasion—people publicly welcoming a new year with singing, dancing and alcohol-fueled revelry. The ballrooms of two landmark hotels—the Palestine and the Sheraton—were full of people for the first New Year’s Eve celebrations after four years of violence that has bloodied Iraq.”

JM Hanes

I think your ship has sailed Vkj....

In other news, Happy New Year Dear Leader! Rock on!


This year we'll use the garrot. Difference?

Yes, Sopranos say it decapitates(its the whole family, except my bother)


"Gong She Fow Chai" TM, or something fairly close to that is what they say here in Taipei for Happy New Year greetings. Just for interest, the ads on your JOM blog over here, just below the 'cast your vote poll' on the top right, are both of a very pretty hot young Chinese gal in blue jeans, a tight sexy shirt, and with a tad bit of bra showing. The viewer is advised to click on the ad to engage in "ENGLISH CHAT!". Possibly a fun way to start the New Year. Thanks for years of fine blogging.


Have a happy, safe, New Year everyone! Y'all worked so very hard this past year, I can only imagine what's in store for each of you in 2008.

Take care, hold onto that faith and endless insight & energy, and keep plugging away against the evildoers.

Besh wishes to you all!!


Oops, I meant to spell "best" wishes...


Happy new year to my favorite online community. Thanks, TM, for hosting this long-running party.

I survived last night's party with independent sets of our two children's friends. A good time was had by all, even without alcohol. Quite different than the 1950s parties my parents had. Good music, good food, and good company seems to be sufficient.

Of course it does mean I postpone until tomorrow my reslolve to lose a few pounds.


Happy New Year, all!
TM, thanks for this lovely spot.

The guitar hero talk makes me think of one lovely November evening, when my husband and I walked the neighborhood and heard guitar hero wafting out the open windows of about 5 houses.


Mmmm, Cheap Trick, one of my all time faves. We were just listening to In Color at a NYE party last night. We had both alcohol and young children, but not too much of the former, and everyone slept over safe and sound.

Happy New Year, JOMers! Love this place.

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