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December 12, 2007



well done,TM!


Good Advice, TM.

The last debates before the Iowa caucuses are this week. Republican candidates debate on Wednesday, and Democratic candidates debate on Thursday.

Fox News will air the Republican debate at 2pm today.


Okay,okay, I'll try.

I'm sure my clients will understand.



Your clients will have to wait. We need you more.


Actually I've got to leave the office at 2:40 for an appointment, so it is going to be a short debate. Sorry guys.


There is always satellite radio and a blackberry, Jane.

Other Tom

I read a very interesting piece by Sally Bedell Smith yesterday. She pointed out that the Anti-Nepotism Act prohibits the president from appointing immediate family members to executive branch positions (it was passed in the wake of JFK making RFK the AG). So it goes without saying--probably would never have happened anyway--that Hillary cannot give Bill any official position such as ambassador to the UN or other spot he might have liked.

But consider being, say, the Secretary of State, or Defense, or Treasury, or White House Chief of Staff, or National Security Advisor in a Hillary administration. What kind of juice do you think you're going to have? And what kind of spineless worm would accept such a position, knowing that his every recommendation will be subject to private, secret veto by Bubba?


Bubba to the rescue!
You reap what you sow.

Rick Ballard

"And what kind of spineless worm would accept such a position...?"

Sandy Berger
Joe Wilson
Mike Espy
Henry Cisneros
Hazel O'Leary
Fedirico Pena
Donna Shalala
Robert Reich
Andrew Cuomo

That's just from the old 'Clinton Thieves and Liars' list. I'm sure that the Red Witch has a new Mephistopheles approved list chock full of names of proven worms of the same caliber.


OT, exactly. I'd rather have Bill appointed to an official position where he will have to answer for his performance, then relegate him to a private, behind-the-scenes power. Regardless, he would either be a shadow president or be perceived as one, so that would automatically focus a lot of attention on him - "is Bill the Karl Rove of the Hillary administration?" type of stuff. Blech.


Other Tom-

Can you provide a link, I was looking and couldn't find it. I was thinking along the same lines. I was also curious what they were going to do with the Clinton Global Initiative/Clinton Foundation. If they have to put their assests in a blind trust, wouldn't Bill Clinton have to give up his control on the foundation. Also, I think putting Hillary and Bill back in the White House will make the 1993-95 WH look like seasoned, well-run operation.

Other Tom

Smith's piece was in yesterday's WSJ online. Here's the URL: http://www.opinionjournal.com/editorial/feature.html?id=110010973


Relying on Bill to bail her out of an increasingly inept campaign in Iowa and a perhaps crumbling one in NH probably has more negatives than positives. Although Bill draws the crowds and offers sage advice, Hillary should be building an aura of competence and toughness. Having her husband run to her rescue every time her campaign numbers flag or someone says something mean to her creates the probably accurate impression that she's not up to the task. If she can't stand up to the guys on the campaign trail, how is she going to deal effectively with national and foreign leaders? Second, it makes people reflect on who really might be president, with all the attendant problems of having Bubba undermining the cabinet. Third, when Bill was president Hillary spent a lot of time fighting off bimbo attacks and then defending her husband. Is this a distraction that we want Madame President to have? And lastly, Bill's activities on her campaign have not been always productive. His miscues and slips indicate that he may be deeply divided as to whether he wants to be first husband.


I don't think Bill really wants Hil to be president. Otherwise these stories undercutting her would never see the light of day. Remember it was his GQ cover story which brought to everyone's attention that Hillaryland killed another story they wanted to print.

JM Hanes


"OT, exactly. I'd rather have Bill appointed to an official position where he will have to answer for his performance, then relegate him to a private, behind-the-scenes power."

Yeah, the idea of him wandering around the White House with time on his hand gives me the willies, so to speak.


maryrose..he can't help himself:He will sabotage her (Florence King agrees with me on that much.)


The emanations from Clinton and his cronies such as Young (She managed the Bimbo erruption campaign, he dated more black women than Obama)seem designed to bring Hillary down.


It makes me wonder if so many who suffered in silence for so long are now taking the opportunity to exact revenge.


Don't worry. I'll take care of it.


Three years ago when Charlie Weis took over as Notre Dame's head coach, he was asked about the level of talent on the team he inherited. He said something like 'You go to war with the guys you've got,' then quickly corrected himself, noting that there were real guys on the other side of the globe fighting a real war. It brought a sobering perspective to the moment.


MSM groupies often annoint Bill Clinton as 'the greatest political mind of his generation' or similar claptrap.

They never feel the need to support the claim with facts. It's not such a big deal to be elected governor of a small, one-party, educationally deprived state. In his presidential campaigns he never broke 50% of the vote - despite massive assistance from the media against mediocre opposition.

It makes barely more sense to label him a great political strategist than it does to put that label on Jimmy Carter.

Incidentally, about a half-dozen Clinton loyalists ran for office with the benefit of his advice. Only Rahm Emmanuel won. Anyone who thinks that Bill can save Hillary's stumbling campaign is living in fantasyland.

There's only one silver bullet. Her armies of private detectives have to find something fresher than kindergarten and dirtier than drugs.


"There's only one silver bullet. Her armies of private detectives have to find something fresher than kindergarten and dirtier than drugs."

If Hillary becomes Presidentess the Central Intelligence Agency will be replaced by the Clinton Investigative Agency.

The abbreviation will remain the same to protect the innocent.


In my sweep through the internet I find myself wanting to interpose two posts. First Charles Johnson at LGF has a post up which is a a quote from Groucho Marx: " I had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn't it.

Then I find Glenn Reynolds with a schadenfreud laden post up " Bad Press Day for the Democrats" which lists all the headlines blasting the Democrats for caving in (again) to Bush on the Budget bills.

Then I think, perhaps the quote should be adopted by the Nancy and Harry comedy duo?


She's great !!! She needs a new picture the one with Obama looks pulled and straianed - let the wrinkles show it will make her look softer. As far a the wage increase any business owner is not going to like the $ 9.50. That would hurt the economy because employers would cut staff.That amount is too much for a small business owner.
Let Bill be involved - he is her spouse. Obama his wife all over the place.

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