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December 18, 2007



I keep thinking he and Fitzgerald were twins separated at birth.




I am so glad he spells his name incorrectly, thus sparing me great shame.


Good..good..good. If only every overreaching prosecutor eventually got a taste of his own medicine!


People don't change for the good when elected to higher office. Spitzer was a bully as AG.

It took a long time for Pataki to become worthless as Governor. Spitzer beat that easily, unfortunately for those of us who live in what is (politics and taxes excepted) a pretty decent place.


And, of course, Giuliani was an out of control prosecutor from the SDNY. I hope he's Attorney General in the next administration. Who else to prosecute the Clintons?



Love it!


"the massive support for "innocent until proven guilty" no longer guarantees anyone accused of what we call a white-collar crime of a fair shake in terms of procedure, and an ability to resume a normal life if acquitted."

More 'poor me' whining from The Standard about the disrespect for white-collar criminals.

The primary difficulty with prosecuting WCC
is that many times the wagons are circled and secrecy is paramount within a conspiracy.

Al Capone insulated himself so well from his criminal acts, that it was necessary to settle for a conviction on tax evasion.
BTW, Capone was big on public relations. Turkey give-aways at Christmas made him quite popular with John Q.

Spitzer, as well as any other Prosecutor dealing with WCC bullied to get the poop on the perp. If he went over the line, well............I guess the ends DO justify the means. Isn't that what some say?


Oh, Elliott, that is brilliant.
Spitzgerald could be Man of the Year!


"I guess the ends DO justify the means. Isn't that what some say?"

Of course--Sematicleo--the above statement are the Clintons mantra.

Peter England

"I guess the ends DO justify the means. Isn't that what some say?"

Yes most of history's Marxist murderers.


Can't make an omelet...

Peter England

True,SunnyDay,but they never think to have a cheese sandwich instead.


The NY governor has weak powers; most of the power vests in the legislature which is run by two cunning, experienced snakes. Spitzer is also increasingly at the mercy of HIS AG, another politically adept weasel who has his eyes on the governor's seat. AG Andrew Cuomo's office authored a report condemning Spitzer's actions but said Spitzer's office did nothing illegal. Yet the Albany County prosecutor continues to pursue the case...probably egged on by Cuomo and the two legislative leaders. It's pretty amazing that the "bulldozer" has shown himself in less than a year to lack the political skills, ethics and ideas that he held out to the electorate. Spitzer is a self-absorbed, rich man's son who used daddy's money to get him into college, law school and then the AG's office. And now that daddy's can't protect him we see him for what he is.



A prickly Spitzer admitted for the first time yesterday that Soares, until now his close political ally, had issued a subpoena for the Dirty Tricks Scandal-related records, but he refused to disclose any details.

Soares, who claimed in a widely criticized September report that nothing illegal occurred when top aides to the governor used the State Police in a plot against Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R-Rensselaer), was forced to reopen his probe in October at the request of the state Public Integrity Commission.

The commission told Soares that Dopp, in sworn testimony to it, contended he had been pressured by aides to the governor to lie in a sworn statement released in late July as the scandal was unfolding.



Great idea. I was thinking once the first names are combined we can bestow an even higher honor:

Patriot Spitzgerald, Man of the Decade
Elroy Jetson

How about...Spitzgeraldfong!
Kind of rolls off the tongue, if you don't gag first.

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