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December 29, 2007



It's the UFO reference that's given them indigestion.

This isn’t about us, and it’s out of our control.

Krugman finally gets something right.

Other Tom

I'm surprised that Krugman failed to note the rather obvious fact that Global Warming has brought about the current crisis in Pakistan.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Rather than curse the JOM darkness, I choose to light a candle.


We were dark for 8 days after Isabel. They start where they can bring the most people online at once, and work down. There are only 50 houses here - we were last.

At least it was hot rather than freezing.

Soylent Red


Isn't it the other way around? I.e. global warming brought about Bhutto's assassination?

Perhaps it's a chicken and egg relationship.

Hard to say without millions of dollars in research grants.


Millions and millions, soylent. Our bursar, PUK, will be happy to explain it to the appropriatng committee.


Seems an ideal project for the Statistical Department,I'll forward it to Don Ricardo.


This is getting Ridiculous:

Hello Kitty For Men

Calling all JOM men!
Please tell me that you would not be caught dead in a Hello Kitty T-shirt.


No, No, This is Getting Really Ridiculous:

" Clinton's rally was preceded by a performance by an accordion-led trio playing the U.S. Marine Corps hymn."


"She lauded the accomplishments of the Clinton administration including the 1996 abolition of the federal welfare safety net saying, "you know, the best way to help somebody is prepare them to get a job."

Read it all: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tag/huffpolitics/

Yeah, I know it's the Huffington, but still can you even imagine an accordion-led trio playing the U.S. Marine Corps hymn?

Nick Kasoff - The Thug Report

I wouldn't be caught dead in Hello Kitty ... but then, I'm not that kind of guy. Not that there's anything wrong with that ...

Hey Tom, think of all the carbon emissions you're saving!

Nick Kasoff
The Thug Report


Calling all JOM men!

NEVERmind, I forgot The Game is On. :)


I believe if you check the record Hil was against the Welfare reform Act because she thought it would hurt women and children. Then Dick Morris told Clinton to sign it and Bill has taken the credit ever since even though Republicans were behind it from the get-go. Hil keeps counting on us all being amnesiacs like :", the new sitcom Samantha Who?".


I'm probably the only person watching the game, and I'm definitely not one of the men.


""The definition of a gentleman is,someone who can play the accordion,but doesn't"
George Shearing.


It's the Iowa version of the Southern accent she used in Selma, PUK.


Oh, Clarice you always write what I think. I am surprised there are no " Golly lee" moments in her campaign stops in Iowa.



I do know Hillary's record and that is why I posted under "This is Getting Ridiculous".

As ridiculous, as the U.S. Marine Corps hymn playing at any event Hillary is pandering,too. My God, she must be defeated.


An item that is Not Ridiculous:

Petraeus Letter to the Troops "Hope has been rekindled."


Jane--what a heck of a game. The Pat's better hurry up.


Denver, Wisconsin, Boston are recording the heaviest snow seasons ever--I do wish Gore would throw his hat in the ring.

JM Hanes

Jane --

I'm watchin' too. How about them Patriots, eh?


JOM favorite Michael Kranish reports from the trail (via Ruffini and Halperin):

[McCain] smirked as he heard the former Massachusetts governor's assertion that McCain wanted to allow illegal immigrants to remain permanently in the United States.

Asked how he intended to respond, the Arizona Republican said: "Never get into a wrestling match with a pig. You both get dirty -- and the pig likes it."

The back-of-the-bus compartment in which McCain was holding forth went silent for several seconds. Finally, a reporter asked: was McCain comparing Romney to a pig? McCain laughed and paused as he formulated his response: "That was a general philosophical approach to American politics."


Well, I'm watching the game. I don't think I'm rooting for the same team Jane is though. I should be, since I have no reason to be rooting for the Giants. Brady is too damn good. And Moss.

JM Hanes


Well, somebody's got to root for TM's team....



You go ahead. ::grin:: I just want to prove to my brother they can be beaten. So far, he is winning the bet.


I think the problems for all the other teams is that Tom Brady has simply gotten better looking this year. He grew his hair out or something. Anyway, until some other quarterback gets a makeover, nobody stands a chance.

Ralph L

Tom Brady has simply gotten better looking this year
So that's how they win games! No wonder I was a dud in sports.


What a game! WOw! Ya gotta give the Giants credit, at least until the 3rd quarter, they certainly didn't make it a cakewalk.

It's really fun to be a Boston fan this year.


Congratulations on your city's winning teams! Celtics are still in the catbird seat as well!

Other Tom

I believe the Celts meet Kobe and the Lakers tonight.


Celts are doing great - I'm such a fair weather fan, last time I watched the Celts was the Larry Bird era. (Before this year, last time I watched football was the Doug Flutie era -while he was at BC, not the Pats - same era as Larry Bird). And for hockey it was Bobby Orr. The Red Sox are so much fun they are hard to ignore, even when they are losing. I will say it's been great fun becoming a sports fan again.


Oh yeah, big Magic Bird hullaballoo.


So that's how they win games! No wonder I was a dud in sports.

In my mind, RalphL, you are beautiful.

Ralph L

You've got a sick and twisted mind, MayBee.


CIA Tape ---> My speculation about Dem Congress support the CIA destruction

NYT's yesterday

Yet agency officials decided to float the idea of eliminating the tapes on Capitol Hill, hoping for political cover. In February 2003, Mr. Muller told members of the House and Senate oversight committees about the C.I.A’s interest in destroying the tapes for security reasons.


Yes, you pegged it ts. Frankly, having found nothing to complain about the process, the admonition not to destroy the tapes seems a weak cya move, doesn't it?


""The definition of a gentleman is,someone who can play the accordion,but doesn't"
George Shearing. Posted by: PeterUK | December 29, 2007 at 08:40 PM I wonder where George saw that?

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