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December 30, 2007



Happy New Year to you TM. Glad you cracked thru the darkness.

Rick Ballard

Strip out all the "peak"s and the MM's and it might display correctly - you do know that you can paste a simple spreadsheet table into a photo editor and make a jpg, right?

Happy New Year!!

Rick Ballard


Here's your table (in stealable JPEG). Feel free.


My guess for the decline of the left blogosphere is that neither Clinton nor Obama will engage with them.
Here they are, supposedly forming a movement, and yet the leading candidates seem to be doing just fine without them.
Even Elizabeth Edwards seems not to be posting at Kos anymore.


Interesting, the turn around in Iraq was in March 2007.

Rick Ballard

"Even Elizabeth Edwards seems not to be posting at Kos anymore."

The nursery remodel is taking up a lot of time...

I think you nailed it, MayBee - the run for the center has already begun. The Red Witch is going to try and hold the progs with a wink and a nod. They don't carry an ounce of weight in the swing states and just aren't worth the effort.


Thanks Rick Ballard for "clearing up" the "feeble" attempt at posting a grid by TM.


Happy New Year!


The funny thing for me is that MM's site redesign meant that, as a percentage of content, I read way less of what she writes, but probably have contributed to a higher hit rate. Because I do the vast majority of my blog reading from an RSS reader. And before the site redesign, I'd see new posts in the reader, but since her feed wasn't a full one, I'd open the main page up, and scan downwards reading about everything.

Now she'll have 10 new posts up, but I can't do that. So if 2 of them in particular look interesting I'll open each of those entries separately. So I read 20% of what I did before, but registered twice as much traffic. I don't _know_ that the site was designed so awfully to artificially boost the traffic numbers, but I do know that it has had that effect on me.

It's bad enough that if I hadn't been reading her site for quite awhile, I would likely have never added it to my feed list after the change. I have probably only 15 total feeds I read that are partial feeds, out of several hundred, and it's very rare for me to add any partial feeds now.

Lou Minatti

"My guess for the decline of the left blogosphere is that neither Clinton nor Obama will engage with them."

I think you are partially right. Atrios, Kos, etc. readers are the deranged, psychotic left, and Democrats (except for Krazy Kucinch) have figured out that the Nutroots are election poison.

I think the main reason is that Iraq seems to have turned around and most of the Bush administration team that was around in 2003 is gone. All the crazy Nutroot left have are some lame "Impeach" bleats.

Funny, how many Kos readers swore they were gonna move to Canada after the 2004 election? Yet they're still here. Go figure.


The nursery remodel is taking up a lot of time...
Ha, Rick!

The Red Witch is going to try and hold the progs with a wink and a nod.

Yes. Remember how swooney they were over Bill's lunch with them? That seems to have bought them off for a good long while. He does have those blue eyes......


Awhile back O'Reilly did a real number on Kos and the ugliness of those who comment there. He was really on a tear over it. Every dem/lefty who came on his show that had ever posted at Kos got grilled about associating with that anti-semitic, bigoted and often racist/sexist site. They would sputter out some limp rationale. Since then, I've heard him bring up again a few times.

Some of those O'Reilly grilled actually did seem clueless and I'm sure some heads were rolling behind the scenes when they got off the show. It doesn't take long for the word to spread that something is too hot to handle. Rule #1 for politicians and politicos, protect your own butt first. And don't let someone else's dirt bring you down.


Could you add the data for two other rather iconic sites, Little Green Footballs and Captain's Quarters?


When are we going to stop the presses by not buying them:

How The NY Times Reports Iraq [Michael Ledeen] NRO

"It's a pattern. And it stinks." Ditto


As for the righty peak in Oct--note it was the beginning of October.

what happened at the very very end of September?

Press your memory buttons!

The Red Witch was humiliated in a debate and her downward spiral began!! That would get a lot of righties back on line!!

(Got me back!)


Happy New Year JOM!

Jay Currie

Now that Plame is over, I spend way too much time at http://climateaudit.com and so I'm betting the June decline migt just be an excellent proxy for "summer".

More generally, opinion fatigue may have kicked in on the left. Righty blogs tend to look for facts which bolster their positions; lefty blogs tend to express varying degrees of hysteria about the acts which undermine theirs. At a certain point outrage gets boring and horribly predictable.

Try this:

Righty blog: Kristol appointed to the OP/Ed section of the NY Times...who would have thunk it?

Lefty blog: I am just so @#$#@$@% angry that a @#$%^ J#w traitor Crystal has a @#$@^$ job: it's all BushitlerCheney's @#$#@% fault. War crimes now. Peak oil, Algore, die @#$%@ humans die. Fitz!

With facts you want to find out what happens next, with opinion you pretty much know already.

Ralph L

The do-nothing Dem Congress may also be depressing their numbers. Or it may be sheer exhaustion. Spewing vitriol must be tiring.

which has now lapsed back into well-deserved obscurity
Must be the commenters frightening new readers away.

Major John

Mr. M,

I do try to read as much as I can, it is this darn active duty getting in the way.

P.S. Anyone know a good ISP from Baghdad or Talill?

Jim Christ

well george
you've only got a year left
and some of us
are on pins and needles
waiting to see what
you may do to go out
with a bang

your cohorts covered up your
mysterious Air National Guard
records nicely. when
reporters interviewed
commanders, fellow officers
and other peers in your group
not one person
remembered you attending weekend meetings
or annual summer encampments
or anything what-so-ever.
guess you found that
cloak of invisibility, eh?

you took us to war and killed
a half million iraqis and
a few thousand of our own
to revenge your daddy
and grab the oil
that ran through your fingers
all over that desert
while the iraq infastructure
is more feeble than ever.
you got saddam but somehow
family friend bin laden traipses free.

you spent and spent and spent
everything from this to that
from special funds to
monies earmarked for
social security and
who knows what else
as all the while your family
and friends made more money
on oil in the last eight years
than they had in the last eighty.

go george go - you're on a roll.
you've clipped our inalienable rights
and taken away what the forefathers
tried to insure for all time
with chimp smile and cabinet
rife with treason and worse.

two fraudulent elections.
photographs of you holding books
upside down while pretending to read them.
pictures of you waving the satan sign
which you said was a texas longhorn
thing - BUT GEORGE -
you had it freaking backwards!
and your buddies,
a vice president who shot a friend
while hunting and didn't report it
until 24 hours later when the blood
tests wouldn't reflect the alcohol level
and the cover up would be guaranteed.
oh yeah, and that other cabinet member
who exposed CIA operatives in the
middle of a top secret mission.
probably tips of a few icebergs.

now you want to pass a bad joke
that will let you remain president
and suspend elections
if another 911 or other tragedy
"just happens" our way.

george, you're the strongest link
in the uglification of america.
your mindless puppet doings
have fucked us all for decades
without a clue.


Aaaaaaah, another sore loser gets in one last whine.


A sore loser, right down to the ol' faked upside down book .jpg. It's got to be really frantic trying to avoid reality in that world...


FYI this "Jim Christ" (yet!) is spamming all over - just saw this same piece at sisu on of all things a Kipling post.

As I said there, I only wish the Bush Administration would scoop him up and dump him somewhere not-nice, but as I also said there, the Bush Administration aren't the tyrants that such as "Jim Chrissakes" would like to pretend to believe.


For at least the right-wing blog sites, I'm guessing most of it was driven by progress in the Iraq War. The graph of right-wing traffic is the inverse of the graph of civilian casualties in Iraq, which increased from the beginning of 2007, peaked in August and dramatically declined in September and October. Same basic trend for attacks on US troops (though it started earlier, it only got any MSM news starting in September/October)

Of course, this will spawn a theory from Kos that the right-wingers were all out killing Iraqi civilians and attacking US troops and were thus too busy to check their favorite blogs. (tongue firmly planted in cheek...I hope...)

As for the left-wing blogs, they were probably prolonging their drunken celebration of the Democrats' slim majority in the Senate and slightly larger one in the House. Then Pelosi and Reid didn't do what they wanted (end the war) and they got discouraged.


"FYI this "Jim Christ" (yet!) is spamming all over - just saw this same piece at sisu on of all things a Kipling post."

Maybe you're both following Instapundit. :P

Peg C.

I think I know about the spike in righty blog Oct. traffic (I don't care a whit about traffic spikes or dips in the fever swamps): Harry Reid's idiotic letter, Rush's fabulous exploitation of same into several million$ to the children of fallen Marines and LEOs, and much discussion of all of the above. Come on, folks! This was so obvious.


It's Iraq. The bad war news drove their traffic; leftists wanted somewhere to feel good about being against the war.

When the war wasn't going well, it was easy to be against the war; many mainstream leftists even said our troops were the problem. Now that it's clear that not only are our troops the best thing going for Iraq right now, but they may actually pull off Bush's crazy dream of turning Saddam's blood-soaked dictatorship of maiming and torture and rape rooms and nerve gas attacks into something resembling a functioning liberal democracy... well, it's just too much cognitive dissonance to wrap their heads around.

It's like when a football team starts losing; fewer fans show up.


Kos had a post of his month by month traffic since day one, but by his own figures he is down about 5 million a month compared to last year blaming the early parts of the year as being non election era.  But even after the campaigns started he mostly ends up a couple of million down from last year.


Kos had a post of his month by month traffic since day one, but by his own figures he is down about 5 million a month compared to last year blaming the early parts of the year as being non election era.  But even after the campaigns started he mostly ends up a couple of million down from last year.


Over all he lost about 1/4 of his traffic from a year ago down to around 15 million a month and as much as 10 million down from his 2005 numbers for some months.

Looks like Oct 2005 was where he peaked. With another blip for Oct/Nov 2006.


From what I am seeing Kos at least seems to take a hit during the summer months when people have other things to do and picks up when the users head back to college or school.


October surge....hmmm a lot of traffic was generated around the Gonzales issue and new AG hearings on politically oriented sites I follow.


SCHIP was hot traffic in the middle of October the AG stuff started later.


FISA was also an issue were hot on in that time frame from posts in my RSS reader from back then.

M. Simon

Jay Currie | December 30, 2007 at 11:49 PM,

Love your stuff at Climate Audit.

Happy New Year to all the folks at JOM and to our honored host.

M. Simon


I was doing a lot on the Summer War in Lebanon in '06 and my traffic peaked at 1,000 to 1,500 hits a day. Lots of comments. When the war was over I reverted to my usual 300 to 500 hits a day (Sitemeter stats) and way fewer comments.

The meme "if it bleeds it leads" is common wisdom for a reason. Bad news drives traffic.

Tom Maguire

Could you add the data for two other rather iconic sites, Little Green Footballs and Captain's Quarters?

Anyone can play, just get me the data - I couldn't find the sitemeter at LGF, and the Captain's seems not to be visible to the public.

But while you are running that down, I had no luck with Talking Points Memo or Raw Story, either - please let me know how that works out. Traffic stats for The Huffington Post and Drudge would also be useful, thanks.


A couple other handy HTML tools for getting text to line up, besides making a graphic file, e.g., a .jpg, are the <pre>, </pre> pair; and the <tt>, </tt> pair.

                    Peak        June      Dec
Atrios           Apr 3.5 MM    2.6 MM    2.2 MM
Firedoglake      Feb 2.9 MM    1.9 MM    1.9 MM
Crooks & Liars   Apr 6.2 MM    4.6 MM    4.0 MM
MY DD            Apr  .9 MM     .6 MM     .6 MM
Powerline        Mar 1.8 MM    1.6 MM    1.5 MM
InstaPundit      Oct 6.5 MM    5.5 MM    6.2 MM
Ms. Malkin       Oct 4.8 MM    3.6 MM    4.1 MM
JustOneMinute    Feb 600 K     150 K     110 K


Happy New Year, Tom!

And Kwanzaa!

Same to the rest of y'all.

On another topic, once again I'm not sure whether to be pleased or concerned. My pre-schooler had an eight-day unit on Hanukkah, six days on Christmas, and will cover Kwanzaa on the second. But, he corrected me when I discussed 'Christmas' break: "It's Winter break, Dad!"

Same school district, my first-grader gets none of it.

So, I'm generally pleased by the early coverage of comparative religion (I didn't get that until high school). I'm somewhat concerned about the official recognition of Christmas as a Northern European pagan holiday. (How long before kids make the connection with the astronomy unit covering when the 'tilt of the Earth's axis is oriented directly away from the Sun'?) And I'm a bit confused as to why a 40-year-old immigrant 'tradition' gets equal time with somewhat more respectable religions.

It's not like Sammy Davis, Jr. or Clarence Thomas are potted plants, y'know--the older religions are inclusive. Maybe some people (not me!) feel that descendents of (extremely reluctant) African immigrants feel excluded by all the pine trees, holly branches, and such that are necessarily part of the Solstice Celebration.


I've never even heard on anyone celebrating Kwanzaa. What exactly does it involve?



I don't really know--I'm roughly as old as the 'holiday', so I've never celebrated it myself. Wiki has an article on it, and if you'd like, I could ask my eager student to make a guest comment about the practice in practice.


Maybe it's just jealosy--We did Columbus day when I was a kid, but not once, even in high school, did we recreate Oktoberfest.

(At a school-sanctioned event, anyway.)


Has anyone been following the story at Blackfive about the lawyer who keyed the car of a marine the night before he was set to deploy?

(link is under my name)

Protein Wisdom and Patterico have picked up on it. I don't know if we have any Chicago lawyers here, but we have people with big contacts so I thought we should help in any way we can.



Does your student celebrate Kwanzaa? Does he also celebrate Christmas? I always thought Kwanzaa was a holiday we imported to appease Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I've never heard of any family that has it as it's tradition.


Details Wednesday afternoon...

I suspect, like Hannukah and Christmas, there will be decorations, readings, and crafts.

Hmmm. To be consistent must I also be concerned about pressing leaves and apple-harvesting field trips around the Autumnal Equinox? Or not worry, because Christianity has not tried to co-opt that ancient festival?


Jane: "I always thought Kwanzaa was a holiday we imported to appease Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton."

I don't think anything about it was "imported" from anywhere. A few years ago (my memory is hazy) I read a bio about a Gal (I think it was a she) that completely "invented" the whole celebration - taking some from this religion and that religion and throwing in some new mumbo jumbo to make it sound like it had an African origin.

It has no history beyond its creator/creation.


I don't know how to find it, but last year, http://lashawnbarber.com/>Lashawn Barber had a post on the origins of Kwanzaa and why it is a farce.


Back to the subject of this post -- I wonder if Kos's traffic is off due to his selling out to "the Man" by becoming a political pundit for Time?


oops! Or was it Newsweek? I don't read either one, cancelled my subscription to Time about 15 years ago.


Actually, I do know how to find it. http://christocentric.com/Kwanzaa/pagan.htm>Here



Kwanzaa is Ann Coulter's favorite "holiday".

Shorter Coulter: A Black Nationalist group, United Slaves and its leader, grafted the principles of the SLA onto the cult and the FBI encouraged the practice. Its fake, doesn't have its roots in Africa or African history, and is another vehicle to move multiculturalism and postmodernism to ever younger generations.

IIRC the "celebration" reached its high point in the mid-to-late 1990's, and like most bad ideas from the 1960's, is still lingering on, with a romantic aroma, supported by those in positions of power trying to relive their youth. Gramsci would weep at his success.


It has no history beyond its creator/creation.

Now that's funny. I may start celebrating it myself.

Andrew X

I would tend to agree with those who say Iraq is the huge overall reason for these trends. The fact is, for television journalism in particular, the overall purpose they are driven to achieve is to provoke an emotional reaction. Afflict the comfortable, Comfort the afflicted... etc. (Whether the comfortable deserve to be afflicted, or wether the best thing to do for the afflicted is comfort them, who may be afflicted because of their own decisions, is irrelevant). Dying soldiers and smoke rising over cities makes it very easy to provoke that emotional reaction, and anyone who does not think that Kossacks are acting out of emotion above all ain't bothering to look.

Secondly, and despite the yeomans work done by "certain righty blogs" on the Plame case, I guarantee you that after about five years, the primary realization about that case is how breathtakingly stupid and trivial it was, and how rancidly and blatantly hypocritcal those driving it forward were. How anyone trying to "protect poor patriot Valerie Plame's secret identity as a Virginia housewife" can now utter one word of dismay over the CIA destroying two year old tapes of SECRET agents IN THE FIELD.. how they can take both positions and still look themselves in the mirror in the morning will remain an eternal mystery to me.


Off topic--but don't miss this detailed op on why the Iowa caucuses are utterly stupid and the polls about it unreliable. http://www.opinionjournal.com/diary/?id=110011061


Snicker - you pegged me Jane! Poor choice of words!

I guess I shoulda used inventor/invention? Oh well, I blame the cold medicine for my slow mental processes.


Kwanzaa or the Feast Of Plame? Every year the uncovered effigy of the Virgin if Langley could be borne through the streets to be symbolically shrouded before the adoring multitudes.
No? Too fantastic? OK Kwanzaa it is,the African version of the northern hemisphere Feast of the Winter Solstice.The Roman Saturnalia co-opted as Christmas.


General Petraeus and Scooter Libby were the perfect storm. My bad.


From the Fund piece Clarice referenced:

"The candidate that provides the most babysitters or literally drives older people to the polls the most can have a real edge," Tom Tauke, a Republican former congressman, once told me."

Well, I hope Fred is supplying a lot of the teeny-bopper babysitters and chauffeurs for the elderly!

And, yes, Clarice the whole thing is utterly insane - especially on the Dem side. But, hey, they chose John F'ing Kerry and we all know how well that turned out.


Edwards has been there longer and has more feet on the ground. Just saying. OTOH Hill may threaten the party officials more. It'll be interesting to see what happens though I doubt we'll ever know the story on the ground.

Rick Ballard

Has anyone checked sales of Lithium, Thorazine, Chlopromazine or even Prozac?

The June drop can be explained by the move from dorm room back to mom's basement but the possibility that effective drug regimens were established while at home has to be eliminated prior to entering into speculation regarding the December numbers.

Aside from that - perhaps a chunk of the demented fringe has just movedon? Forever, one might hope.


The torture tapes had doctors on them. The doctors couldn't be seen. They work for universities and took an oath not to torture people and shit. As far as Plame, did she hire those nurses and the team or was it just one of those favors larry relies on?

Global Voices wants to make money like FDL and the others, so I'm skipping the Kenya thing and the dominoes things. Liberia they want, have it.


Speaking of drugs. I am now into my fourth week of smoking cessation and I am just now becoming able to focus again..Chantix works, but if you're thinking of starting it, I recommend you do so on vacation or sick leave.


Either that, or find injectable No Doz.


Did anyone pick up on this item the other day that was an excerpt on FNC... It was a clip of Hillary--eyes wide--saying something to the effect by implication that is she is elected pres the price of oil will drop to sixty dollars a barrel?

And a Happy New Year to TM and all wonderful JOM commenters.


Lots of bloggers picked it up, glasater.


Glad to see I am not the only one who has become obsessed with ClimateAudit.org. I also post a lot less around the holidays. Something about having family around that is less conducive to growling and snorting and letting out the occasional loud, sharp "HAH!" while furiously typing.


Yes, I'm sure other bloggers were commenting on the price of oil and Hillary but I don't go to many other sites just 'cause I can't bear the comments there. I found TM's site via Real Clear and then American Thinker just when the Libby trial was getting going. The travesty represneted by that trial reminded me of the Robert Bork hearings years ago and the unreasonable behavior of the left.
It is comforting that the traffic at the more liberal thinking web sites has diminished.



I smoked for years & years & years. I didn't think I could ever stop. It got so bad that I would buy the gum for long conferences & plane tips... My system was so screwed up, I finally tried the patch - for me it was great - one patch per day which I found easier than cutting down using the gum, etc.

Haven't had a smoke in about 4 years and what has really surprised me, I haven't had many urges after the first few months.

You can do it.


A friend of mine gave up smoking and began using "Nicorette".Once when needing to get extra supplies for a trip abroad,the pharmacist questioned the amount requested,"How long have you been on it"?
My friend said, "Fifteen years".He was mortified when the entire staff convulsed with laughter.

Keep it up Clarice you are doing great,won't have anything to give up for the New Year.


".Chantix works,"

It's not the nicotene, it's the oral fixation.

If you are accustomed to having a smoke with your morning coffee, that's the habit needing
your attention.

I quit in 2000 using a kind of aversion therapy. I bought the nastiest cheapest
generic cigarettes I could find then proceeded to chain smoke until I retched.

That carried me through the nicotine withdrawal, but then came the hand-to-mouth
behavior (BTW-STFU PUKe) which was the hardest phase. Lasted about a year with diminishing urges. Resist the tempatation
to have JUST ONE, at all costs.


I smoked close to 3 packs a day in addition to probably a dozen sticks of gum (nicorette). And it's amazing how smoking effects us so differently. There is a book called " Clear Body Clear Mind" which exlains how the urges can hang around forever - which seem to be why we stop but rarely quit.


I am so proud of you! You will have a happy healthy New Year and many more years to share with your grandchild{the wolverine}.
cleo: You just made my last day of the old year by saying something positive; will wonders never cease.
Happy New year to all at JOM and to all a good safe night!Kudos to TM for another wonderful year! Prayers are ongoing for sad/bad Larwyn, Barney Frank's wife, and a special one for Jessica's wonderful playing and for our concerted effort to daily support her. Shout out to all the hit and runs for being the most entertaining family of the year!


Congratulations Clarice. 4 weeks and counting.

And to all JOMers:

May you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.



Nicotine is a stimulant which is why you get so sleepy when you stop getting it.

But boy, you have something to celebrate this New years. Congrats!


Thank you. I am feeling fine--no nicotine urges--though people do stare at me thumb sucking on the street. *wink* Tac tacs are disappearing like magic around here.

But really--I am in my fourth week and for the first three I really could not concentrate--I was so used to that nicotine to get my brain in gear.


Jusat think clarice, the cilia that have been paralyzed by your frequent habit, are just now beginning to awake and perform their function and are hard at work turning your coal blacked lungs back to their original pink. Given a chance, your body will heal itself.

Congratulations! May you now live to see your great grandchildren attend college.

Happy New Years to all.


My MIL, a breast cancer survivor, finally quit smoking when she was about 70. She eventually made it to 90, and I am sure added about 10 years to her life by quitting.

Keep it up Clarice, and Happy New Year to you and all of the JOM gang.


Thank you all for your support.


I dont know if anyone's said it yet but...

I think they're massing and husbanding weapons. It's on.


It is hard to judge whether quitting adds years or not. I quit for 4 years. It was relatively easy to quit as I did it as part of a long hospital stay after serious surgery and could not smoke while in hospital but had the benefit of a morphine drip the entire time. The first thing I noticed on going home was how bad everything smelled. I went into a McDonalds and had to leave because the overpowering smell of grease made me gag. For weeks, I went around gagging and feeling nauseated all the time from the onslaught of smells, I had never noticed before. I threw up so often, my doctor had to give me medicine to combat dehydration.

However, my Mother lived until age 94 and was absolutely in perfect health until the age of 90 when she was felled by a hemorrhagic stroke. The day before she died, her blood pressure was 120/70. She smoked until the day she died.

I lost my own resolve the day my Mother went down and I was falling apart with nervousness and a friend offered me a cigarette and like an idiot I took it. By the end of that horrid day, I had bought my own pack and now I could kick myself for starting again after 4 years. Now that my own back pain is resolving to a dull ache, I'm ready to give a shot again at quitting. Please Clarice, keep us updated on the Chantix.


I've quit so many times that I am in a perpetual state of quitting. I've never stopped, though.


A friend of mine quit by having a funeral. For a pack of cigarettes. She said giving them up was like giving up a good friend. We all attended, buried it in her backyard. That was about 10 years ago and she hasn't smoked since. Crazy, but it worked for her.


My grandfather quit smoking long before I was born. I still remember seeing him reach for his cigarettes in his shirt pocket only to look amazed that they weren't there.


"I dont know if anyone's said it yet but...

I think they're massing and husbanding weapons. It's on."

Please expand.


Congrats on four weeks, Clarice! I've never quit - I just cut way, way down. I figure five cigarettes a month - maybe ten if I'm lucky enough to go out more than once - isn't going to hurt anyone. But I'm lucky to be able to do that. My husband has had a harder time quitting for good. Agree with the commenters that say avoid at all costs the temptation to "smoke just one" - that's the key.


Good luck, Clarice.

I quit after 40+ years of 2-3 packs a day of Pall Mall. I got emphysema and the doctor said I had to make a choice. I could either smoke or I could live. The choice was up to me. Have not had a cigarette since and used nothing to stop. Just the concentration of the mind on whether to live or not worked for me and it is not going on 6 years.

If I can do it, you can do it.


Thank you, Dick--Now all I have to do is learn how to write without one of those in my mouth.


This discussion has made me think of my Mom's best friend who shared her house the last 15 years of her friend's life. In her last few years, she developed Parkinson's and when the shaking and spasms got really bad, my Mom took her cigarettes away, afraid she would burn the house down. Helen stopped smoking, and they had the draperies cleaned and the house repainted inside and made it a no smoke zone. When I would come to visit, I would go out on their screened in porch to smoke. Helen would say, "leave the sliding door open and blow the smoke my way." She would sit as close to the door as she could, and with every exhale I made, she'd sigh and say, "oh I miss it so much." That was as much as 5 years after she had quit.


Actually, Parkinsons is something ameliorated by nicotine--believe it or not.


Too late now, Helen passed away in 1998. I don't think it was nicotine that worried my Mom, it was her shaking with a lit cig in her hand. Who knew though? Interesting.


Boy. We are a smoking bunch here at JOM! I too am interested in how the Chantix works out. Clarice will be our guinea pig. So please, C, let us know every last detail of how you feel using it and, natch, if in the end it works.

Looks like you could SAVE a bunch of us, along with yourself!


The old timers may remember Stupid September Surges on bit net and other early internet communications lists. It coincided with the new freshmen entering college, getting their first unmonitored internet account and going crazy on what ever list struck their fancy.
Rules and etiquette were abandoned unknowingly by the Newbies and many motivated old timers would spend the months of Sept and Oct reteaching these concepts to the hapless freshmen. Or hunting them down and pointing out their attacks to their local sys-admins who would cut them off for a short time.

It happened every year and many just tired of dealing with it and left the uncultured oafs to inhabit the boards by themselves for a couple months where they would spew at each other only, or get bored and leave, or hopefully reinvent social graces and become citizens worth speaking to.

george bush

wanted to thank all you freaking sheep for the second election, your bleating support and most of all, the lack of self respect and intelligence that it took to elect the GREATEST PUPPET ever to hold the highest elected office in these united states of america. nukular high fives all around!


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