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January 03, 2008


JM Hanes


Interesting item on Kenya. I'm going to pass it along to my daughter who has spent a lot of time in Kenya for her reaction. I was particularly struck by the comment on the 10% tipping point.

Apparently, the million man demonstration was just barely called off soon enough, but events there have been so discouraging.


The day the Clintons will be done is when they are laying in the dirt with stakes through their hearts. Of course, finding Hillary's heart will be problematical since I doubt she has one. And to be on the safe side another stake will be driven into another part of Bill's anatomy which I will leave to everyone's imagination. After all, he might rise again for that.

If Huckabee is the nominee I will vote for him. As bad as he is he is still better than the hag, Hussein or the ambulance chaser. And just think what kind of baggage a dem president would bring to the WH. I cannot imagine people voting for someone whose name is Barak Hussein Obama. If that makes me racist, so be it. I do not want this country turned over to anyone with muslim connections.

M. Simon

Any one remember Keyes vs Obama '004?

If Huckster get the nod expect a re-run. The boy has experience running against religious nutters.


If Jane gets to meet Steyn before I do, I'll be positively greeeeeen with envy.

So I'm thinking... is seeing Clarice green a good or a bad thing?

I'm sorry to report it's not looking good on NH. We are celebrating Lindsay's promotion and it's not on her top ten list particularly given the travel time. I'm still going to try and blog, altho given the way this is going so far it may be drunk-blogging.

And today may be the most interesting day in the entire election season because I think it may be the day Hillary becomes toast.


I was particularly struck by the comment on the 10% tipping point.

I've seen the 10% number mentioned elsewhere, can't remember exactly where. Maybe with regards to France? What's the percentage there? Denmark? Sweden? Great Britain? There are an awful lot of countries about to reach the tipping point. Just look at all the African and third world countries in Chaos over Islam.


"I'm still going to try and blog, altho given the way this is going so far it may be drunk-blogging."

Sounds good to me, that may be how I will be reading! Nah, only joking, I'm babysitting, so only one glass of wine, sipped very slowly to savor.



Any one remember Keyes vs Obama '004?

You can't be serious. Jack Ryan was bounced after "details" from sealed court records leaked out (sort of like the CREW op on Foley). Keyes was a carpetbagger extraordinaire, unfunded, and in a tough GOP environment.

M. Simon


Yeah. It was a tough GOP environment. Bush only got 45% of the vote. Keyes about 25% (if you take into consideration undervotes.

Re: Rezko. Heavy ties with Nation of Islam. And Obama's church is not exactly progressive when it comes to race relations. Or Jews.


As a separate condition, Lack-of-insurance actually has an extremely high rate of survivorship.


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