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January 08, 2008





Giuliani Pale.


Thompson Lager.


McCain Ale.


roadkill--that's what happens to animals that stick to the middle stripe on the highway--roadkill.

Rick Ballard

We really shouldn't forget the unifying effect of the McCain-Kennedy Immigration Amnesty Act. The camaraderie between the two erstwhile opponents was truly touching and there have been very few examples of collaborative legislation that have had the impact that the Amnesty Bill achieved.

I'm not sure that "throw the bums out" was precisely the response that McCain was driving for but his willingness to compromise principle for political expediency in an effort to take a difficult issue off the table is a lesson for all of us.


How gagging for me that my choice could well be a flaming liberal who wants "change" and "bipartanship" ( entirely on his terms though) or John F. McCain. You can guess what the F. stands for.

Appalled Moderate

You know, I don't think there is anyone who has a viewpoint that is strictly "centrist". Generaly, people who think of themselves that way either have a grab bag of viewpoints that come from both sides of the fence (the old sociallly liberal, fiscally conservative), or have a tendency that favors getting things done through compromise, rather than constantly "defining differences" and standing on principle and either getting little accomplished or getting scary things accomplished. I caught some of the self-proclaimed centrists on C-SPAN the other night, and was struck by how irrelevent they seemed. A billionaire entering the race might get some votes, but he sure is not going to cause Congress or the guy who really gets elected President to act any differently. If anything is going to get done, its going to be through one or other of the parties; not through a self-proclaimed savior.

Rick Ballard

"If anything is going to get done, its going to be through one or other of the parties; not through a self-proclaimed savior."

Dear me, AM - you're a closet Burkean? I should never have guessed.

Other Tom

Is it the premise of this thread that McCain is going to be the nominee? Wow...what planet have I been living on?

Rick Ballard


This is McCain week (see Herbert column) - rolling barrage to keep the Huckster, Paul and McCain cluttering the landscape.

Personally, I don't believe that even a narrow victory over Romney will be nearly enough to assure the logistical support necessary for McCain to keep going much past SC. Unless he takes public money of course.


Rick--Thanks for that interesting link regarding Romney and how he's handling his campaign finances. Makes me like him all that much more in that he is betting on himself.

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