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January 30, 2008



Out of hair creme maybe. Now if Romney would only lose the Vitalis.


"discussing high-minded Dems."

Not so high minded that I can't adapt to an even 'lesser of two weevils'. Obama is the easy deferment. Is Maguire now leaning more heavily toward McCain?


Most people believe the second choice of Edwards' voters is Barack Obama. Works for me...


Which sites did Edwards supporters hang out most?


I Really want to hear the back-peddling by Wingers who previously despised McCain.

Rick Ballard

Hold your breath. I'm sure that you'd look lovely in bright blue.


Well, since you asked, cleo--Baehr explains the Gang of 14 (and his explanation is what I heard from a conservative Hill staffer at the time)
http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/01/the_base_is_wrong_about_the_ga.html>Ganf of 14




"I Really want to hear the back-peddling by Wingers who previously despised McCain."

Yes ,but they despise Hillary more and just will not support Obama against a Republican.

Any truth in the rumour that Edward's hairdresser shot himself?

Patrick R. Sullivan

Maybe he can sue his doctor for his Electile Dysfunction.

hit and run

Think it's coincidence he drops put the same day Kaus wonders put loud that Rielle should be giving birth soon?



If Rielle's kid has fabulous hair, then we'll know.

Rick Ballard

"Maybe he can sue his doctor for his Electile Dysfunction."

That wins the day, if not the week.

Congratulations Patrick.

Nick Kasoff

Semanticleo - I still dislike McCain. But I ***hate*** Romney. So what can I do? Primary vote for Ron Paul, general vote for McCain. On the bright side, Rush Limbaugh is going to have a stroke over this ... that should be fun.

Nick Kasoff
The Thug Report

Prof Scrub

Dear Commentator,

Which candidate supports the KKK? I will vote for them. I heard Obama is a fan.

Prof Scrub

Dan Collins

"Still, if Edwards wants to blame somebody for his defeat, he shouldn't look at the media. He should look at himself. And I mean that in the best sense possible. Edwards' biggest problem may have been that he was too compelling . . . ."




That would be senator Byrd Prof.


Edwards' biggest problem may have been that he was too compelling . . .

Yup. I'm pretty sure that why my heart swelled with apathy whenever he spoke.


I can't believe the choice in the general is between an anti-business, open-borders, anti-free-speech authoritarian and relentless critic of conservatives on one hand, and either Hillary or Obama on the other.


Well put, bgates.


Edwards is a puzzle. Did Hillary threaten him with exposure (Rielle Hunter and baby) if he didn't quit?

I find it really odd that both Hillary and Obama have these glowing "tribute-like" pages wishing John and Elizabeth fond farewells. They want him to endorse, I presume, but still it is all a little over the top.

Is is possible Elizabeth Edwards' health might be worsening?

All, in all, an abrupt and puzzling departure. He was still soliciting donations yesterday.


Oh, and just for chuckles, courtesy of Huffington Post: "Elderly candidate wins elderly votes in Florida." (McCain, natch)



Edwards was in danger of falling below the 15% benchmark and didn't want to suffer the humiliation. At least that was the most credible explanation I heard.


Taranto has a priceless bit of crap from the one and only Nedra Pickler on Edwards' departure. I won't spoil it go to the Best of the Web.

Dan Collins

Oh, geez. He's probably still soliciting donations.

Ralph L

Two Democrats I know will not vote for Obama (or a Repub) in any scenario, at least one on account of race (he's a local party officer, too). Don't ask me why they're "haves", anti-black, and Democratic.

Other Tom

Ah, yes--democracy in action. As always, the losers are saying "shut up and deal."

If you hate McCain enough to stay home and let Hillary and Bill Clinton back into the White House, by all means do so. It's your right, and it's...democracy in action!


How does one pickle a Nedra?


"Baehr explains the Gang of 14 (and his explanation is what I heard from a conservative Hill staffer at the time)"

The Gang of Fourteen is just one issue.
As I've said before I was looking keenly
at McCain before he started sucking on GWB's
kneecaps in June '04. I assumed he had a deal
with the Prez which included an endorsement that would never be used.

By the time Super Tuesday happens, my options seem to disappear into the mist.

I may protest by writing in "None of the Above".


Well it is rather odd that both parties bases favorite candidates are out of the race without a clear runaway favorite on either side making it perfunctory. Yes Edwards was the nutroots fav, and they were loud and proud about it.

Still the GOP seems to have taken the step to the middle earlier and more significantly than the Dems. It says something that no Dem could run anything other than pretty far left. When Hillary outflanks you on the right, so are no moderate.

So if the mushy middle wins Presidential races, then it looks like a bunch of wailing and gnashing of teeth by the progs once again. And with Nader looming to pick off the space cowboys, and Blacks getting told to stop being so uppity, it might be that 1 -2 % go mean green and another 3-5% stay home to watch Oprah ( if you catch my drift ).

I would think that the rending of garments will lead to a newly coined derangement syndrome. But this one could wash Harry Reid out as well.

Hide and watch.


So cleo are you an Obama gal or a Clinton guy?


"So cleo are you an Obama gal or a Clinton guy?"

I am a cautiously Obamic man, for any who still have trouble identifying my gender (notwithstanding the misogynists who insist on
sissifying my handle)

I don't like my choices---- (paper) McCain, (plastic) Clinton.

hit and run

Semanticleo, I still maintain that Uncommitted is where it's at.

Came in second in the Dem primary in Michigan -- and won the Repub caucus in Louisiana.

None of the Above can't hold a candle to Uncommitted.


So where is the debate tonite?


Gee it must kill Anderson Cooper to be at the Reagan library. But it would be cool to debate with a plane in the room.


Boy McCain is being snide. He's doing that a lot lately and it is unattractive.


This, from the queen of snark? %^)

hit and run

New Thread!


Seconds out of the ring.( The picture is not meant to represent any known commenter.)

JM Hanes

It doesn't matter what the question is, the answer you get from McCain is always the same.

Timetables for withdrawal are bad.
I lead a navy squadron.
I was a foot soldier for Reagan.
I'm your not-for-profit patriot.
If don't have to tell you what I think, you can go look at my endorsements.

He simply will not discuss policy. I don't think he can. With respect to our own Dear Leader, I'm pretty sick of questions about "leadership."

JM Hanes

Oh yeah, and Romney is a flip flopper.

Whoa, where did that plane come from?


"....or any who still have trouble identifying my gender...."

Well, knock me over with a feather. I will reorder the universe accordingly. No offense intended on my part; for some reason, I just thought you were a mom, which is kind of the opposite of sissifying in my book, but never mind.


Hey, I'd just about have considered voting for him in exchange for his promise (with appropriate penalties for breakage) for never again reminding us that he's the son of a millworker.


I am a cautiously Obamic man, for any who still have trouble identifying my gender (notwithstanding the misogynists who insist on
sissifying my handle)

Wait. I too thought seman was a woman.


Cleo can be a man and a Mom. Lefties allow for that.


I actually thought there was some misogyny involved in insulting cleo because he was a woman. It made me cringe.

Of course that cringing doesn't compare to all the cringing I did at Cleo's posts. So I lived thru the trade-off.


I do not know how to use the wakfu money ; my friend tells me how to use.

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