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January 15, 2008



First Dude.


Kim, nice to see you rattling cages at CA

to the general public...how could anyone support bald faced liars like the Clintons?

seriously, is there a troll in the house?


What is CA, wind?


Climate Audit

a really great science blog about global warming....

good to see you Tops

Foo Bar

Human Events ("leading the conservative movement since 1944") cites attributes the crown jewel quote to Truman.

Foo Bar

And so does the Washington Post (a less reputable publication than Human Events, I know, but maybe it counts for something...).


Tip 'o the hat to TM for this post.

Terrific. Funny as hell.

When Mac and I head to Washington, we'll give you a call.


King Henry may have disguised himself as a common man and gone for a walk.

Hillary though?

Thomas Collins

If it were just about anyone other than Bill Clinton, I would call the hubby of a woman POTUS First Gentleman. But if Hillary wins, folks will snicker every time
they say "First Gentleman" in reference to Bill. "First Rake" might actually be easier to say in this context. :-)))

In any event, if Hillary has any sense of humor, she will designate Bill her Roving Ambassador Without Portfolio as his job.


Mystery solved. Truman may have said the penal system statement first, but Clinton's quote was not plagiarized. He clearly said "penile system," or more accurately "penial system", making it a very different, not plagiarized, statement.

Patrick Carroll

Jeez! (Sir Edmund) Hillary! made up a quote?

Take me home, Lord! Take me home now!

Jim C.

FWIW This 2004 book also attributes it to Truman.


But it doesn't show up anywhere in the Proquest Chicago Tribune historical archives.


good to see you Tops---

You too Wind!


Not that it's going to diminish her ambition to live there again, but Hillary Clinton says she views the White House as something of a prison.

Yes, but it's a *glass* prison!

"Do you ever get lonely?" Banks asked the New York senator. "Do you ever sit in your room by yourself sometimes and just feel alone?"....

"I don't feel lonely," Clinton said. "But I do feel sometimes isolated. Because when you are in these positions that I have been in, it can be very isolating."

I assume Tyra was meaning to ask her about the loneliness of power, not her marriage; nobody's that funny on purpose.

JM Hanes

Well, since Hill will obviously be the first Hispanic brown President, Bill would logically be:

El Segundo Plátano

M. Simon

Bill meant penile system.

M. Simon

Darn Michelle,

Beat me too it.

Well no one is going to beat Bill too it.

He claims his wife eats more than he does. How does she stay so thin? Special after dinner mints?

ed taylor

for Bill Clinton ... how about "first turd"?


Thank you windansea. The rattling you hear is my ignorance shivering up against the steel bars of maths inadequacy. Fortunately, those people are literate and conversing also in English.

There will be a psycho-social-political tragedy when the Titanic belief in our guilt for a warming world hits the mass of cold hard facts about climate change. Steve and crew at ClimateAudit.org are bellowing alarms, sending out SOS's and building lifeboats.


How about "First Philanderer"?


Hillary's punchline: That was no First Lady, that was my first life.

Jack is Back!

How about "The First Black First Laddie"?


The citation by Human Events was occurred after the episode of West Wing and is made without any source whatsoever. This still strikes me like Washington's supposed "I cannot tell a lie," quote: a good story but without any historical support. I'm waiting for evidence.


pimf ... strike "was"


pimf ... strike "was"

Appalled Moderate

An IMus Transcript of a Bill Clinton Interview from 1994 has this:

Mr. Imus. Somebody said the White House is the crown jewel in our penal system. [Laughter]

The President. Yes, that was one of my better lines, did you think?

Mr. Imus. Oh, that was yours. Oh, okay.

The President. Yes. I said I couldn't figure out whether it was America's most beautiful public housing or the crown jewel of the penal system.


Appalled Moderate

Ah. Excuse me TM. See you found that IMus bit.

The internets tell me, though, that the penitentary quote is usually attributed to Clinton. (He uses it in a 1993 speech.) I searched the quote and variants in the Harry Truman library site and found nothing. Truman did refer to the White House incessaantly as the "Great White Jail".


When reporters(no journalists back then) asked Mme. Truman why her husband couldn't say fertilizer instead of manure to describe what he put on his lawn in Independence, she replied that they had no idea how hard she had worked to get him to call it manure.

Tom Maguire

Truman did refer to the White House incessaantly as the "Great White Jail".

That is excellent, thanks.


Would that make Bill Moby Dick?


"That Harry Truman was such a wit..." Oh, I don't know. Wasn't Harry the one who said, "We all have to get together and pitch in one pot or we won't have a pot to pitch in."

"Would that make Bill Moby Dick?" Would have, but he got it cured with penicillin.

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