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January 28, 2008



Looks like the Clinton Machine is in working order. That smell, pizza, can Fitz be far behind...


I dunna, TM--How long did it take for the Clinton backlash to develop or the Carter one? The media was complicit in that they were remarkably incurious about those wunderkinds when they ran for president as I recall.


I would say the Clinton media backlash didn't begin until the blue dress was found. Even then, there remained the premise that he was a brilliant politician and the world loved him.


I await Prof. Jay Rosen's thesis on Obama's press rollback.

Ralph L

You know Bill thinks the press has been flaying him alive since Gennifer Flowers appeared. They duly reported the chaos of 1993, but failed to see that Clinton's indecisive and dishonest character could not be fixed and would lead to a train wreck eventually.

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