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January 28, 2008



You left off Craig Livingstone and the Travel Office.


Very impressive take down, TM.

Alan Gunn

Kimba Wood didn't fail to pay taxes or do anything else illegal. Her problem was that one of her former employees had been an illegal alien (when employing them was legal) and the administration feared, perhaps rightly, that the public wouldn't be able to distinguish that case from those involving illegal behavior by the employer. She would probably have been a much better AG than Janet Reno.

Rick Ballard

"She would probably have been a much better AG than Janet Reno."

So would Lucretia Borgia, who never killed indiscriminately.

Rich Berger

Eh, Tom, aren't you being a little harsh? Consider PK's loyal readers who treat his pronouncements like the word of God. If they suspected that not every word he writes is true, what a terrible burden they would have to bear. They would have to weigh his words against other sources and actually decide what was true and what was not. Do you really want to take up so much of their valuable time?


Chris Hitchens reminds us of the many times in the past the Clintons have used racial politics for their own advancement, and concludes:


Many of these same people do not like it now that they see similar two-faced tactics being employed against "one of their own." Well, tough. And many of the most prominent and eloquent black columnists—Bob Herbert, Colbert King, Eugene Robinson—are also acting shocked. It's a bit late. I have to say that Bob Herbert shocked even me by quoting Andrew Young, who said that his pal Clinton was "every bit as black as Barack" because he'd screwed more black chicks. How is Hillary Clinton, or Chelsea Clinton, supposed to feel on hearing that little endorsement? One gets the impression, though, at least from the wife, that anything is OK as long as it works, or even has a chance of working. When Toni Morrison described Clinton as "black" on the basis of his promiscuity and dysfunction and uncertainty about his parentage, she did more than cater to the white racist impression of the African-American male. She tapped into the sort of self-hatred that is evidently more common than we might choose to think. Say what you will about Sen. Obama (and I say that he's got much more charisma than guts), he is miles above this sort of squalor and has decent manners. Say what you will about the Clintons, you cannot acquit them of having played the race card several times in both directions and of having done so in the most vulgar and unscrupulous fashion. Anyone who thinks that this equals "change" is a fool, and an easily fooled fool at that.[/quote]


As for Krugman--Instapundit cites to some poor guy who actually went thru all of PK's columns to show how wrong he's consistently been.
Perhaps there's a volunteer who'd care to document Andrew Sullivans many mood swings?


From TM's link at #3:

To this end, the campaign will play off voters' fears that the nation has reached a crisis point, which, unaddressed, could lead to disaster.

"What I'm trying to get people to focus on is the thought: If you don't do this now, think of what the country will look like in five years," Mr. Carville said.

James Carville circa 1993.
Everything old is new again.

Part of Clinton's package was the http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9F0CE7DC1F38F931A15757C0A965958260&sec=&spon=&pagewanted=1 >$19.5 billion economic stimulus plan, which the horrible Republicans filibustered.

And yet the economy recovered, the jobs came, and Clinton took the credit.


Perhaps there's a volunteer who'd care to document Andrew Sullivans many mood swings?

Speaking of Sullivan, (ahem), I just advised Amy that Clinton is planning on implementing counseling for all those "poor gays" like her. It actually might help Andrew.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Remember poor Billy Dale?

David Watkins lying to his diary?

The Arkansas State Troopers?


I think it is highly likely that he would get a reasonable opportunity work his magic in Washington.

I think you are seriously underestimating the Republicans in DC (most of whom I take to have roughly the demeanor and respect for political adversaries of Rick Ballard) here. But I do think, given how moderate Republicans have felt treated during the Bush administration, that Obama would have more opportunity to make his own opportunities than Clinton would.


The Arkansas State Troopers?

And yet, Patrick R, the Clintons have found a way to forgive David Brock.


I'm sure Paul Krugman has made a personal pledge to treat a new Republican president with respect and steer clear of bitter partisanship. I equally certain he has demanded his editorial board do the same.

Rick Ballard

My respect for Copperheads is every bit as great as was Lincoln's. I do admit to having somewhat less respect for progressives though. I've just never cared for slavers.


But I do think, given how moderate Republicans have felt treated during the Bush administration,

I'll bite:
Which moderate Republicans?
How have they felt they've been treated?
Treated by whom?


Anyone who doesn't know that Paul Krugman is a politician wannabe just as bad as the actual politician Clintons just hasn't been paying attention. He'll say anything to win (an argument). I wonder if he'd like to revisit that prediction that Enron would be seen by history as being worse than 9/11. (Well, perhaps, if you count Sarbanes-Oxley, then it is pretty bad, but not worse than 9/11. Otherwise, Enron was hardly even a blip for most.)


A big factor in the WH staff dysfunction was that an unusually high number of staffers were unable to get security clearances. Some for years; some forever.

The Clinton administration set the women's movement back decades. Hill's bungled health care fiasco. No coherent foreign policy Mady. Killer Jan.


Paul Krugman: Never has a bigger boob been given a bigger stage.

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