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January 02, 2008



I'm sure its all in Kerry's military records that he has pledged to release.


I'd bate my breath, too, but I rather weakened by the smoking cessation program right now. TM, you'll have to bate for the two of us.


I would bate my breath also but I'm afraid I will be old and gray by the time Kerry releases his records or in a death bed confession gives us the real story about his medals.

Charlie (Colorado)

I'm pretty sure none of you are gonna catch anything with that bated breath.

Dr. Weevil

Don't bate your breath too often: you might get a reputation as a master bater.


If we can pull off bating breath for that long we will have made space travel way simpler and cheaper. Don't forget to file for the patent on that, TM.

(Well, somebody has to keep track of the profit-making opportunities here!)


Did anyone see Hillarity! in her Letterman stint?

I was watching WVA beat the s*** out of Oklahoma.



During the heat of that story, I was able to track down the hint of a chink in their story. During the time in question, it's not certain that Runyon was even at Cam Rahn Bay (which he would have *had* to have been in order to participate in the fabled "first blood" adventure of our hero, JFK.

How I devoutly wish it were possible to obtain the records of Runyon's and Zaladonis' service records, especially dates and locations. It would solve this "mystery" once and for all. Of course our professional fact-checkers have surely already done this and not come up with anything definitive, right?

Other Tom

I just received my copy of "To Set The Record Straight," and went immediately to Chapter 9, "An Unforgettable Cambodian Christmas." Anyone who can read those sixteen pages and still believe that John Kerry ever set foot in Cambodia, or Cambodian waters, at any time whatsoever is not rational. It is a devastating summary of Kerry's own contradictory statements and the statements of his crewmen (including those who supported him in the campaign) denying that any such event ever occurred.

Oh, how I love to see that self-adoring fraud exposed.


Cell phone GPS lazer beam used to target person using phone. New phones coming out without GPS. Billions.

The camera isn't supposed to be used on humans. It was developed for lucifer's creations, which humans aren't. The patent was tried years ago. If you ask the phone company they're just going to say it is not approved by the FCC. Bad, like cell phone radiation.

Jack used cell phones allot and he always got there just too late when it was a nuke.

I'm sure its all in Kerry's military records that he has pledged to release
... 1068 days ago, not that I'm keeping track or anything.
JM Hanes


"(Well, somebody has to keep track of the profit-making opportunities here!)"

We talkin' rebates?

Perfect Sense

Kerry bated his breath in Vietnam and awarded himself two medals.


Eric combed five nits off the animal and calls it pest free, while the rest of us still see it jumping with each flea bite.


Clarice: "the smoking cessation program"

Keep it up Clarice! Stopping smoking is traumatic. When something traumatic happens, the first urge is to smoke.

Next time you "need" a cigarette, wait five minutes before you light up. The urge may have passed. The puffs will slowly become further apart. You never "stop" being a smoker, but it has been more than 25 years since my last one. I'm glad.

Cecil Turner

I hate to get too wrapped around the axle of who was in the boat, because I think it's one of the few points where the Kerry-camp version may be more plausible than the SwiftVet claim. But that's really not the issue, which is more along the lines of whether enemy fire was involved in Kerry's first PH. Absent anyone, even from Kerry's side, who actually asserts there was return fire that night, the logical conclusion is that there wasn't. And if not, it's at best a judgment call for Kerry's commander on whether he rates the PH, and we know how that played out.

It wouldn't surprise me at all to find Kerry's reluctance to release his records is mainly predicated on some irregularity in that award (e.g., that he end-ran the system by getting a local hospital to award it against his CO's wishes), and the subsequent 3-wound early termination of his combat tour. That would not wear well with fellow VN vets, whose personal count-downs of in-country time were a high priority. But in the final analysis, all this issue did was to add to the visibility of Kerry's "Jen-Jis Khan" moment . . . and that was entirely Kerry's doing.


That a newly-arrived officer would be assigned, as sole officer, to a "training mission" designed to be crewed by 2 officers and an enlisted engine operator just doesn't pass the smell test.


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