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January 10, 2008



Kerry is the white elephant in the room.


John Kerry, the American servicemember, who by his own admission, met with the enemy in Paris, while same enemy was doing their best to kill us in Vietnam, adopted the enemy positions, and promoted them in the US. His endorsement should insure that our enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq know for sure who will be supporting them in America during the next election.

JM Hanes

Much as I hate to bring gender up, I find myself thinking about the last Sunday-Times-style post-election look at Kerry. It was also written by a woman who seemed like something of a blank slate, and I wonder if it's the same one. I rather hope so, because I'd hate to think that's who's is getting hired these days -- call it the Elspeth Reeve model. Do you remember the article I'm talking about, TM? I think you may have commented on it at the time.


Did anyone even ask Kerry who would get his endorsement?

He comes across as a dork who doesn't comprehend that the cool kids don't want him in the same ZIP code as themselves.

Other Tom

Anecdotal only, but my experience with the people of Charleston, SC suggests that they hold Kerry in very minimal high regard.

JM Hanes

Ah yes, here we go; it was, alas, Kate Zernike, an entirely different reporter. TM took notice at the time, in Bring It On Redux, '06 version, and noted Thomas Lipscomb taking notice too.


Well, you know how it is in the South for Democrats.

Clinton teared up over segregation there.

Gore planted tobacco in the sweltering sun there.

Edwards learned arthmetic by firelight there.

Kerry cruised up the Mississippi River into North Vietnam there.

JM Hanes

Cecelia: LOL!


Lest AP's Glen Johnson (one of Kerry's "chosen 3") go un-noted, he was, perhaps, first out of the AP gate with this contribution...

Besides any potential help for Obama, Thursday's endorsement was a slap at Edwards, who was Kerry's running mate in the last election. The two had their differences during the campaign over strategy and spending. In post-mortem interviews, Edwards said he would have been more aggressive in challenging the unsubstantiated allegations of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the Vietnam War veterans who questioned Kerry's military record.

Associated Press

In your referenced AP offering, Johnson's agitprop has been relegated to "contributor" status, but you just can't keep a good Kerry-toady down I guess.


So if you don't go to school you get 'us' stuck in Iraq? Wait, Bush went to school. But whatever the foozle, I'll settle for the fizzle.


One other item, if I might...

MORE: The WaPo's Chris Cillizza notes that Kerry has a huge mailing list and useful organizations in many states, including upcoming primary states.

Just One Minute

The shrieks of righteous indignation inre Kerry's "mailing list" emanating from the left are in the high decible range. Witness Ms. March...

Time to Unsubscribe

It's long past time to begin unsubscribing from all of these DC Democrats who use their mailing lists to push the Democratic faithful into thinking that their opinion is more important than what the people think. These mailing lists are also the remnants of the big old boy network that gang up on candidates The Establishment has decided aren't passing muster.


Most of us ignore these mailers. Instead, it's time to start unsubscribing and taking the power away from people like John Kerry who wield it through his mailing list from the last presidential election.

Message sent, received, and totally rejected.

Taylor Marsh


Money, too. Remember what he didn't spend in Ohio?


He's hoping to be the salvage candidate after the Clintons savage Obama, and they get indicted after the convention.


Hah, and Taylor Marsh is a true American patriot. Also, don't you remember how vigourously Hillary campaigned for Kerry? And how Bill's heart was really into the task?


"We are electing judgement and character". John Kerry in South Carolina, endorsing Obama. Hoo Haw!

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