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January 08, 2008



This election is WAYYYYYYYYY too long........


the Obama Ascendancy. Quick, call Ludlum.


MESS-NBC is reporting Romney 30%--McCain 26%


Same source--Cinton 33%--Obama 33%


Whoops!--That was a national poll not NH.


Very early exit polls Romney 31-McCain 27
Obama +12

Other Tom

Will we hear from Jesse Jackson about this?


Over the weekend I heard that Hillary camp was so desperate they were bringing in supporters from other states so her speaking venues would look like overflow crowds.

Knowing how the Democrats and Clintons work, maybe some of these out-a-staters are voting too? I sure wouldn't put it past any of these folks. ha ha.


I thought no exit polls would be allowed out until this evening? I highly doubt John knows what he's talking about.


So Iowa had a huge turnout, and now New Hampshire? What is the reason for this?

- People are sick of this process and want it over with?
- People desperately want to vote for the Obamessiah?
- People desperately want to vote against the Hildabeast?
- People want to be a part of the Huckaboom?


Yeah, in 2004 Kenyon college students waiting in line to vote was evidence of Bush's plan to steal Ohio. In 2008, college students waiting in line to vote is evidence of excitement for Democratic candidates!

I wonder if they are voting on the unreliable punchcards. I mean, the easily hacked electronic voting machines.

Other Tom

Tom Bevan at Real Clear Politics:

"How ironic is it that Bill Clinton - once dubbed America's first black president - is now in the position, along with his wife, of having to go negative against a black man who appears to have the first legitimate chance of winning the White House? If the Clintons are successful in snuffing out Obama's insurgency with swift boat like tactics, how much venom and hatred will that unleash against them by progressive activists and the African-American community - and how might that play a role in the general election?"

God, how I love to see that bastard when he's in his petulant mode--maybe it's my favorite.

And where might Sidney Blumenthal be tonight? What role do you think he might expect in an Obama administration? Just think--four short weeks ago he thought he was in like Flynn.


Bill, seems so annoyed that the electorate is dumb enough to fall for Obama. Why? These same dopes fell for him and his non stop lies and grifting.(It's analogous to serial adulterer Lord Goldsmith's remark:"A mistress who marries her lover, creates an instant job opening."


Three points on voter turnout in NH. These should be simple enough that even MSM reporters coulds tell you, but dont hold your breathe.

First off, the weather in frigid NH is approaching 50 degrees today! Good weather this time of year is rare, and this good is extraordinarily rare.

Secondly, both parties have a spirited race for the first time in quite awhile. That does tend to push up turnout. Coronation are boring things, who knew?

Thirdly, the US has a growing population that demographically is aging to a more consistent voting contingent. More voters and a higher median age. Both mean, more voters without one and two above.

Temper the rock star rhetoric with all of this, and realize that none of the other two wanna be rock stars wanted to raise the experience issue much because, well because they did not have much experience either. Wont be a problem for any of the GOP candidates.


The Democrats wouldn't run out of ballots if they just had a limit of one per voter.


Tomorrow's Headline: Obama Wins: Clinton Blames Global Warming

JM Hanes

patch/Peterargus: LOL!


Good line, Peterargus, but, sorry, patch already beat you out for best line on the thread!


Maybe they're running out of ballots because the primary is too damn early. NH state officials probably had to work OT thru the Christmas holidays to try to get ready for this primary. In the race to be first they've decimated their planning window. There is no reason for any primary to be held before February 1st.

Nick Kasoff

They don't have enough ballots because all the printers were busy doing forms for the IRS to accommodate the belatedly amended alternative minimum tax.

Nick Kasoff
The Thug Report

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