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February 12, 2008



My husband who dined last night with a Texas Rep reports back that there is a substantial effort underway in that open primary for lots of Reps to vote for Obama.

I think this is the last time we'll see such a truncated and too early primary season.
Just saying.


I dunno, clarice -- it looks to me like the primary system actually worked better this time than ever before. At least if you take seriously the serious-sounding complaints that people have made over the years. Rather than having a few oddball states settle everything in the first few weeks leaving most of the country to watch from the sidelines because their chances at the polls weren't until weeks/months after it was all over, we've seen an actual primary battle on the democrat side, with every state so far mattering. (Well, ok, MI and FL matter in a different way.) On the republican side, it looks like there could have been a much better race with a better group of politicians (the whole timing question of how much to campaign in what places was basically bungled by everyone but McCain, which is why he is the presumptive nominee.)

And realistically, imagine how it would have been under the old system. Obama would have won Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, and that would have been it. So where is the Clinton incentive to go back to the old way?

And from a totally practical point of view -- MI and FL went ahead with their too-early primaries even at the price of their delegates. I can say that here in Illinois (especially the part of Illinois that gets Iowa tv stations) we kinda liked the whole process of having a primary that mattered, rather than watching our neighbors pick for us. So which states are going to volunteer to give up their super Tuesday slots and slink back to April/May/June irrelevancy? I think that bell can't be unrung at this point...



Well basically it wasn't much of a question about where to campaign for McCain he had been campaigning in New Hampshire for the past eight years and cultivating Lindsey Graham for about the same amount of time.

It's really that simple. He focused like a laser beam on those two states for eight years.

That was pretty hard to beat-he really earned turn. The establishment had to pick him.


I always find it interesting which pictures Drudge decides to post. He usually will pick pictures that cast a person in a certain light. His preferences are transparent.


or a bit of spreadsheet tom-foolery says "no".

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