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February 26, 2008



Well, GWB wanted to be a "...uniter, not a divider." He united us all right - but probably not in the way he intended.

The more I find out about Obama, the more I like him. My only negative reaction so far is the protectionism riff in Ohio.

Catch a wave!

Appalled Moderate

Obama is certainly a liberal. Duh. I don't think Obama himself would have any problems being called a liberal (or progressive or whatever)

What he may have is an ability to accomplish what he wants to do without being preoccupied with scoring points off of somebody else and a willingness to compromise without taking the other party's gonads as tribute...


"What he may have is an ability to accomplish..."

He may also have a pocket full of diamonds, but I don't have any reason to believe that either.

I've never heard Obama speak when he didn't try to score points off of Hillary AND McCain AND Bush, each time he spoke. I think there is only one reason he hasn't taken Hillary's gonads as tribute.


without being preoccupied with scoring points off of somebody else and a willingness to compromise without taking the other party's gonads as tribute...

As he takes the stage with Ted Kennedy, architect of No Child Left Behind which became a Democratic anti-Bush talking point a mere two years later.
AM, I have the same hopes you do for Obama, but what he really would need is a press and a congress that willingly buys into his unity talk.


How quickly the truth is obscured. For years, all that the Democrats complained about concerning No Child Left Behind was that President Bush was not fully funding it. (I think this actually meant he wasn't submitting high enough percentage increases to its budget every year.)

Appalled Moderate


I think Obama's standoffish approach to the press reflects that the knows he has an issue from the press that he's trying to manage.

I think Obama has a good chance of having a cooperative Congress, because my guess is that he will have coattails.


Don't know if Am considers this having a problem with being called a liberal, but Obama's own words ...

"Oh, he's liberal,” he said. “He's liberal. Let me tell you something. There's nothing liberal about wanting to reduce money in politics that is common sense. There's nothing liberal about wanting to make sure [our soldiers] are treated properly when they come home.”

Continuing on his riff: "There's nothing liberal about wanting to make sure that everybody has healthcare, but we are spending more on healthcare in this country than any other advanced country. We got more uninsured. There's nothing liberal about saying that doesn't make sense, and we should so something smarter with our health care system. Don't let them run that okie doke on you!"


If Obama was a JFK liberal endorsed the teachings of MLK and Walter E Williams he would have coat-tails.

Let me cut against current CW right now ...

Obama is too "liberal" (as in social democrat) to get elected.

Appalled Moderate


You got me on that one.


I hope you're right Boris.

CBS News has an article about Obama's record in dealing with the other party.

In that piece, he didn't get high marks from Republicans.


Came across this yesterday:
An unexpected aspect of the success of Obama is that his mystery reflects nicely the Democrats have being concrete. When a typical Democrat promises full employment without inflation - or full and "free" medical care - the public begins, finally, to sense that it is being trafficked with. Barack Obama is not only less than concrete, he seems to take the position that it is somehow vulgar to be concrete.
He would prefer to urge his listeners to believe that under his leadership tensions would dissolve: why should anybody be mad at anybody else, when Barack Obama isn't mad at anybody, and loves us all equally?

...except of course the name used for the front-runner for the Democratic nomination was different when William F Buckley first wrote those words, in 1976.


Could be "untie" the country and just spelled it wrong as "unite".

Charlie (Colorado)

I think there is only one reason he hasn't taken Hillary's gonads as tribute.

He couldn't find them?

Charlie (Colorado)

If Obama was a JFK liberal endorsed the teachings of MLK and Walter E Williams he would have coat-tails.

If Obama were a JFK liberal, he'd be a Republican and called "far right wing."


Obama lacks gravitas.

Unless there's a Democratic version of Dick Cheney sitting on the bench, say - Sam Nunn?, ready to step in as veep,the lack of depth that is Obama is about to become exceedingly apparent.


Remember that hilarious cartoon on Saturday Night Live a few years ago called "The Ambiguously Gay Duo?"

I think in Obama we've got the "Ambiguously Centrist Candidate."


"Obama scores best in ability to unite the country".

It's a misprint,the word is "untie".


Sorry JJ.


"Oh, he's liberal,” he said. “He's liberal. Let me tell you something. There's nothing liberal about wanting to reduce money in politics that is common sense. There's nothing liberal about wanting to make sure [our soldiers] are treated properly when they come home.”

Continuing on his riff: "There's nothing liberal about wanting to make sure that everybody has healthcare,"

So if all that isn't liberal,what is Obama liberal about? Liberal aka socialist.
The man seems like another Tony,"Nice little earner2 Blair,all things to all men especially himself.


We can hope the story of the election will be
No Country for Old-School Liberalism


i think obama is clearly a liberal in that he is willing to devote national resources to things like healthcare and education, while reigning in the MIC.

what i don't understand is why commentators assume he is afraid of the press based only on the fact that he does not court them or spend "off" time with them.

clearly he would have no problem schmoozing what will quickly turn into a fawning press pool. i think he is deliberately avoiding the press because it's not perceived to be to his advantage.

certainly a former law professor/attorney is capable of schmoozing journalists eager to be part of the kewl kidz.


The man seems like another Tony,"Nice little earner" Blair,all things to all men especially himself



Oops ... Labourtarian ...


For Jane, who has been saying this all along:
http://www.slate.com/id/2185255/#youwrang>Kaus on Patrick II


Oh I so agree with that Maybee. The guy is an unmitigated disaster.

One odd thing about Patrick - a month or so after he took office, his wife, a senior partner in maybe the most prestigious law firm in Boston (sounds familiar) was committed/hospitalized (he declined to clarify) for depression.

I dunno, it always had a weird feel to it. Haven't heard a word about it since, altho Patrick was forced to unhire her $72k Statehouse secretary. As far as I know she kept her day job.


he is willing to devote national resources to things like healthcare and education, while reigning in the MIC.

Because until he came along, we haven't been spending resources on such issues?

"Willing to devote"?

Gee, how charitable of him.

Great, hope, change and charity. He's running a country not a strip joint.


I'm sure he will accomplish as much as Patrick and as quickly:

In one area, however, Patrick has achieved some of his goals. In thrall to the state’s teachers’ unions, he has partly rolled back the most successful educational reforms in the country. Most states gamed the federal testing requirements that were part of President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act. But Massachusetts, thanks to Republican governors William Weld and Mitt Romney, created the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability to ensure that the state’s testing methods conformed closely to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)—federal tests that are the gold standard for measuring educational outcomes. In 2007, Massachusetts became the first state to achieve top marks in all four categories of student achievement. One of Patrick’s first efforts as governor was to eliminate the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability.

Hope you don't have kids Garth.


Gee, this is interesting from the Asian Times. (Link under my name)

Page 1 of 2
Obama's women reveal his secret
By Spengler

"Cherchez la femme," advised Alexander Dumas in: "When you want to uncover an unspecified secret, look for the woman." In the case of Barack Obama, we have two: his late mother, the went-native anthropologist Ann Dunham, and his rancorous wife Michelle. Obama's women reveal his secret: he hates America.


Though sumptuous, this evening's repast was notable for a conspicuous absence of libations. In other words, I am not quite in the proper spirit for the festivities.

Also, since my goal is to miss Olbermann entirely, I'm going to pre-blog the debate opening:

Brian Williams is going to welcome us to Cleveland, introduce us to his fellow panelist Russ Minor, whose memory problems were of importance in a recent federal criminal proceeding. He will introduce us to the candidates, a former President of the Harvard Law Review and a former First Lady of Arkansas. Then, he will tell us that there are no rules at tonight's debate.


Here we go! Go Elliott!


I have utter contempt for Keith Olbermann!!!

On a good note, It looks like we don't have to put up with Chrissy, tonight.


Someone needs to tell Hill that brown is not a power color.


This better not be as boring as all of the others!

J. Peden

When will they call-upon Fidel and Raul as Nat. Health care "experts"?


I have always had a theory that Hill looks down when she is lying, like right now. ;)


Oh dear their differences are now about tactics. Hill, procedure is not gonna win this one for you.

She's already lost. Healthcare is her passion. No one cares, Hill. You won't be affordable, neither will he. Everyone knows that. You aren't gonna win this on healthcare.

Oooh bad Hillary and her damning picture. She has no evidence where it came from, and it will be 8 years before she finds the evidence in her night stand.

I'm bored. BOth your healthcare plans will fail. And hopefully both of you will too.


Oh, Ann, let her lie. I hope she cries, gets nasty, does whatever she has to, to wipe the superior smirk off of Obama's face!

J. Peden

Why not ask if both are not serving the interests of "Big Healthcare", i.e., Ins. Companies?


Oh good, I missed Olbermann. I did get part of the montage and the voice-over announcer, who introduces us to Brian Williams.

I forgot about all thanks that Williams would be giving out.

There will be "sensible time limits," even if there aren't rules.

Sit down debate.

We're starting with clips of Clinton. "Honored to be with" and "Shame on" Obama.

Williams: Striking difference in tone.

Clinton: Contested campaign. I respect Obama, but we have differences. Obama's tactics with flyer and mailer on nafta and health care have been disturbing. Stand up for yourself and point out differences so voters can make decision. Obama has said I'm forcing people to have health care whether they can afford it or not, unfortunately. I'm passionate about health care and met another family that needs it. My plan is universal and affordable. Experts agree. Obama's doesn't. Debate needs to use accurate information, especially on such an important issue.

Williams: Asks about Obama photo, was it from campaign?

Clinton: So far as I know it wasn't. I don't condone that kind of behavior and we have no evidence. I'd ask someone to leave my campaign.

Obama: I take Clinton at her word on photo. Clinton says mailer was inaccurate. I've said Clinton's plan, like mine, is good. They're 95% similar. I've gotten negative attacks, allegedly for leaving out 15 million people. I don't think that's accurate. We have a difference on mandates. She'd force people to have healthcare or her claims of universality aren't accurate. She hasn't said how she'd pay for it. We've been attacked and haven't whined. Our mailing it pretty standard.

J. Peden

Paying for Healthcare is different from not getting it, morons.


Yeah!!! Debate Open Thread

Go Elliott [and Jane?]! I'll provide a little snark.

J. Peden

The Mass. plan has already failed. Who would have guessed?


Oooh Obama is tattling on Hillary. Whining while he says he isn't whining.

Back to healthcare that no one cares about.

I wish these people would learn how to say Massachusetts. It is not MassaTwoshits altho sometimes it feels like that with Deval Patrick.

Hillary says "this is too important" for the 500th time. It's not important Hillary. WE DON'T CARE!

Rick Ballard

BHO pulled ahead in TX today. He's also closing in on her in OH.

Will the title of the documentary be "Broom One Down"?

J. Peden

Premium limited to % of income. Happy days are here again!


WE DON'T CARE! Brian and Tim don't care! The audience (are they alive?) don't care. Enough of Health Care!


Clinton: Not just any issue. Goes to whether country will finally do what is right and provide health care to all. Obama has mandate for kids. I know that everyone needs to be in system so insurance companies can't cherry pick. Hidden tax when people go to emergency room without insurance. UPenn says attacks on my plan are misleading. This attack in on universality which is a core democratic party value. It's as if Republicans wrote it. It's not like the state's because the feds have more resources. I've staked the claim for universal healthcare, Obama hasn't.

Obama: I stand for universal health care and Clinton keeps saying I don't. Experts say anyone who wantes health care will be able to obtain it under my plan. Reich likes it. People across the country can get healthcare with my plan. We still don't know how Clinton will enforce mandate. We could have the situation in Massachusetts with fines and still no health care. Insurance companies are happy to have a mandate. Need to make it affordable for everyone.

Clinton: This is too important. Obama has a mandate for kids. A mandate has to be enforceable. Parents getting sick has terrible consequences for kids so it's silly just to have kids insured. What if FDR and LBJ had made Social security and medicare voluntary. People will be enrolled automatically under my plan. It will be affordable, there's enough money in it. People will have lower costs under my plans than Obama's. Need universal health care to provide prevention. Comparison of plans is favorable to me.

Obama: Clinton doesn't control costs better. Mandate for children because they can be covered at an affordable. Don't have mandate in case the subsidies are inadequate. I'm happy to have discussion about achieving universal health care. Experts she cites say there is little difference between our plans. If it's affordable, people will purchase it. Medicare part B is voluntary and people purchase it because it's a good deal.

Clinton: 20% of uninsured have means to buy insurance. The young, who think they are immortal. Shouldn't be forced to buy insurance at hospital way Obama says. Need plan to get to universality.

Obama: Covered under parents until age 25.

J. Peden

Purchasing Medicare part B is a choice - because everyone on Medicare has to be on Medicare!


Does it look like RW is a bit over medicated tonight?

She looks like she wanted to bite him. Droning on about health care...


Notice how Obama raises his finger when he wants to speak? How obnoxious is that?



Oh now Hillary is complaining about getting the first question - my gawd what a whiner. She invokes SNL - which was pretty good for a change.

She's gotta another plan... I'm so impressed.


Good for Shrillary - she ain't gonna take this carp from PMS-NBC!


Who gets the policywonk award?

I give a slight nod to Obama, because of Hillary's disimissive manner.

Now the RW complains that she "gets the first question" when NAFTA is introduced.

Then she hits NAFTA like a pinata.


Hillarity has a plan on NAFTA too.


On NAFTA-great RW having to undermine Bubba's "legacy"...has she taken about 8 sides of this issue. Opt-op, simple, see if BHO picks up that hammer.

Does she ever quit?


Whine whine whine, Hill didn't always oppose NAFTA but I did back when I was a state senator, because I am omniscient and I was a community organizer. I'm for the kids. Stop bad toys, government control of everything!

Russert tries to bury Hillary with all her past quotes. How dare he?

Hill will make sure everyone benefits from NAFTA. Now that's a trick.

"YOu don't have all the record Timmy Russert, so shut your big trap."

Will Obama opt out of NAFTA? WIll we ever find out?

Ahhh Obama is consistently ambivilent. And he will also renegotiate - will not commit. Co-opts Hillary's answer. No substance as always.


He wants to be an advocate for workers. Business gets the shaft. Capitalism is over.

Obama changes his mind with Timmy;s urging. And now it's time to bash Bush.

No windmills in MA, because Teddy doesn't want it.

Hill will create 5 million jobs. She failed in Buffalo. It's all Bush's fault.


I'm drinking on "It's all Bush's fault". Someone peel me off the floor in the end.



"When I made the pledge[to create jobs], I was counting on Al Gore to win the White House".

Like government creates any jobs at all.


Williams: NAFTA. Houston Chronicle loves it. Sen. Brown hates it. Who's right?

Clinton: Why do I always get first question? Should we Barack if he's comfy and needs another pillow? I'm happy to answer. I've always been critic of NAFTA, but I was part of administration and couldn't really speak out. Been a critic for a long time. Benefits in places like Laredo, but in parts of New York that I represent I see the problem with factory closings. Need plan to fix Nafta. Timeout. Labor, environmental standards. Make enforceable. Keep foreign companies for undermining worker protections. I've received lots of criticism, but Cleveland Plain Dealer said Obama's attacks were mistaken. Fix Nafta, it's not working. Disadvantaged many of our industries. I have a record on this issue.

Obama: Inaccurate to say she's always opposed NAFTA. Said on balance good for New York and America. I disagree, no labor or environmental standards. Bad for main street, which you can see in Ohio and Illinois. Clinton has shifted positions, which is good. I went to Chicago in early 80s working with people who had lost manufacturing jobs, saw impact of trade agreements. Labor, environmental, and safety standards necessary. No tax breaks for companies shifting jobs overseas, tax breaks for companies with jobs here. That way we can get on road to prosperity.

Russert: Said NAFTA good on balance. Pres. Clinton said it would be good. In 1996, 2000 you had good things to say about NAFTA. Al Gore said we can get out in six months, will you say that?

Clinton: I've said I'll renegotiate NAFTA. We'll opt out unless we renegotiate. There are parts of New York, Texas that have benefitted, but many places that haven't. Obama said he wanted more trade agreements to Illinois farmers.

Russert: You're saying differently now that you're in Ohio. Record is clear.

Clinton: You don't have full record. I've voted to toughen trade agreements. Plain Dealer supported me. Talk about what we're going to do. I have plan for opting out unless we renegotiate on labor, environment, and enforcement. I was very skeptical of NAFTA from beginning. It hasn't worked well in lots of places. I've worked in Senate to overturn impact of trade agreements.

Russert: Obama, you said in 2004 you thought NAFTA was alright.

Obama: I'll make sure we renegotiate. Clinton's answer is right, here. Threaten to opt out so we can get environmental and labor protections. I was endorsed by a pro-Nafta group that noted by opposition. Trade agreements are good because Americans are productive and competitive. Nafta hasn't been good in lots of places. Factory closings mean loss of jobs, pensions, workers looking for jobs at fast food places.

Russert: Exports highest share of economy ever, Ohio ranks high in exports.

Obama: You make a valid point about benefit of trade but it hasn't been good for Ohio. Bush has only been good to his buddies. Infrastructure, green jobs, energy policy, hiring young people who are out of work.

Russert: I've read you plan, you say 5 million new jobs. In 2000 you said 200,000 new jobs in upstate New York and there's been a net loss. Is your current pledge similarly exuberant?

Clinton: I thought Gore would be President and we'd have shared prosperity (ed: and the heavens would open and celestial choirs...) I've worked hard to create jobs, but I'd have more power as President. Look at my husbands example. Green jobs. $5 billion should have gone into stimulus package for green jobs. Germany made a big bet on solar power and have several hundred thousand new jobs. These jobs can't be outsourced and we can create them We can create 5 million new jobs.


Look guys, I know we hate the Clintons, but honestly - Tim and Brian are showing they want to chew her up and spit her out. That is troublesome - not for tonite - but for the general election! How far are they willing to go with McCain v. Obama?


Blaming Gore, looking down, lying....


So Mexico and Canada can drag out the negotions and then either D can work out a new "side agreement", which still won't be enforcable, and claim success. Change.

Funny that BHO, seeming to have gotten a sweetheart deal, is still worried about the "little guy".

How many jobs have been added during the Bush Administration-more than 5 million I'm sure? "Green Collar jobs"....blah,blah,blah Germany....can't be shipped overseas-bullshit



...And, as President I will have a lot more tools at my disposal.

Oh ya-she can say that again.



Schumer...the "list" goes on....


I have seen enough. I've seen nothing to change the trends so far.


Against the war in Iraq-al Qeada is stronger...hey BHO, hell, the GAO publishes the number it isn't 12 billion a month.

My judgement has been sound...bother...is hit and run here with the keg yet.

RW claiming credit for Northern Ireland...and pulling the card, BHO agreed with Bush on how to fight the war.


Sadly, you are right vnjagvet. But, alas, I was hoping for our side, that the trend might change.

This is not good.

J. Peden

B.O. strikes out on nat. sec., Hillary is in a quagmire.


It's all Bush's fault. Tell us your foreign policy experience?

Oh I opposed going into Iraq - I didn't want it to hurt ouchy. That's as good a reason as any.

Tell him he is misrepresenting McCain. Remind him that he said he would attack Pakistan. He says absolutely nothing. Opinion is not Judgment. Rhetoric is not substance.


Barack raises that pesky finger.

My objections to Iraq were not just a speech, it was laced with my own special interests. And as proof of my judgment, I got that house, and that land at a bargain. And that is what i'm running on.

Obama hedges on Pakistan. And praises George Bush. WEll sort of. (I will now guzzle).


Williams: Clinton quote on an inexperienced President. McCain has lots of national security cred. What do you think of comments?

Obama: Senator Clinton equates experience with longevity in Washington. I and American people disagree. I was right on most important foreign policy issue of generation. Bogged down in war McCain says will go on for 100 years. We could be spending that money at home. I said we needed to take new approach to Musharraf, be more aggressive hunting terrorists there. We don't have stability or democracy and we should have had a different policy. My judgment has been sound on critical issues and compares well to Clinton and McCain.

Williams: Would they be taking chance of Obama?

Clinton: I'm offering my experience. Northern Ireland, Kosovo, China women's rights speech. Obama points to anti-war speech. Lots of people gave speeches but he should be commended. He didn't have to vote and he's voted the same way I have since he came to Senate. Agreed with Bush's conduct of the war in 2004. Obama threatened to bomb Pakistan last summer, which I don't think was wise. I've long advocated a tougher approach to Pakistan. Disagree with him on meeting with bad dictators without preconditions. Look at my experience traveling the world and negotiating for America. I'll have better case to make if McCain is the nominee. I can hold my own for change in policy.

Obama: My objections were not just a speech. I was in a Senate campaign and I was specific as to why. I bring it up to give insight into my decision. It was a strategic blunder. Once we drove bus into ditch there were only a few ways we could get out. She says she's ready on day one but she's ready to give into George Bush on day one. She enabled him. I never said I'd bomb Pakistan. I said we'd strike Al Qaeda if we have actionable intelligence and Pakistan can't or won't act. Administration did this recently and should have done it earlier. Draw contrast with Bush and Cheney when running against McCain. Clinton can't do that.


Centralcal, I see your point but we can't let either one of them be CIC. Their answers on national security are frightening.

I keep thinking of Soylent saluting either one of them and I want to puke.


Referring to AQ as "officials"--not terrorists--Sheesh!

J. Peden

Russert's just got them both by the balls on nat. sec., if any.


Luntz focus group==edging back toward HILL!!!!!!!!!!!!


is typepad goofing up. Will this one work


Slogans, nothing but slogans from Obama.

So now Iraq goes to hell, what will you do?

"That's a hypothetical". Oh please. That's reality.

Ooooh Obama has done nothing on Afghanistan.

Obama blames the campaign for not doing anything on Afghanistan. "I talked to the people, that should be enough".

He reserves the right to go back into Iraq.

Sheesh Barack, don't you realize that the first thing that will happen is that al Qaeda will resurge. You are a complete idiot. "If they are planning attacks?" What kind of moron are you?

Obama is coming across as stupid.

J. Peden

How many times can B.O. strike out?


Russert: What if Iraq won't let you leave small residual force?

Obama; If Iraqi's say we can't be there, we can't be there. They have sovereignty. I think we can have partnership with Iraqis but shouldn't be there permanently. Phased withdrawal, as careful getting out as we were careless getting in. Will support Iraqis but can't be held hostage by their inaction. Spending money there we can't spend here.

Clinton: I'd bring them back. American troops, who've been great, can't do job without cooperation of Iraqis.

Russert: If get out and Al Qaeda resurges would you go back in?

Clinton: Lots of hypotheticals. I want plan for organized withdrawal. 1 to 2 brigades a month. I'm trying to stop Bush from committing US troops to Iraq for long term. In best interests of America. Obama keeps talking about Afghanistan. He hasn't held one hearing on what we can do with NATO to have stronger presence in Afghanistan. Need to do better in both places.

Russert: Go back into Iraq to defeat Al Qaeda?

Obama: I became chairman of the subcommittee at the beginning of campaign so haven't had hearings. Need more troops in Afghanistan and no permanent bases. Administration admits we're hampered in Afghanistan because of Iraq. As C-in-C I'll protect American interests, wherever Al Qaeda is seeking. Should cooperate with other nations in rooting out terrorists but if they're planning stuff we'll go after them.

Break. [Note: Originally posted in wrong thread]


Hillarity is amusingly ineffective stopping the crass commercialism of MSNBC's hard break.


Hill should shut up and let him make a fool of himself.

Rick Ballard

"Obama is coming across as stupid."

Nah. Intelligent but extraordinarily shallow and ignorant - prog to the marrow.

J. Peden

Hillary can't keep O. from getting home, anyway.

When's the fireworks?


Anne, I hate McCain. But, I don't want either one of these liberal socialists to win. The problem is, Shrillary will be easier to combat, than the Obamamessiah.

We are between a rock and a hard spot, especially if we cheer on Barack and boo, hiss, the missus Clinton.


So we have smug, angry stupid vs. superior smirk (thanks Cent) stupid!



Obama is coming across as stupid.

When he was saying that I started to yell at the TV. And typepad is going haywire on me.


prog to the marrow. AKA stupid.


Back to health insurance. No one cares.



RUSH wants people in Ohio and Texas to crossover, pimp ourselves for a day, vote for Hill to keep this campaign going, this uncivil war between democrats.. to destroy both of them.

I DON'T THINK I CAN DO IT. When the debate is over, I would love to know what everyone thinks I should do with my vote next Tuesday in Ohio.


Did it look like she was casting a spell on him, maybe to make him lose his voice or grow a tentacle out of his ear?

BHO now getting called on public financing. Do what Bubba did, take the federal funding and still blow by the law?



That is a tough choice to make, but I'd vote RW to keep it going. The BHO fever can't keep going for too much longer and RW won't let someone like BHO keep her from power if it is close.

Riots and snow in Denver August 2008!!!!

J. Peden

Ann, I'm going to vote for the one behind, but my opportunity might count less because it's on 5/2. Still, it might count.


Hillary sounds like a lying fool.


Tax returns?, looking down, lying.....

Clinton library?, looking down, lying, lying, lying....


Vote Hillary Ann - together you can destroy the democrat party.


Go on Tim, ask him about the Weatherman.


Wow! I'm stunned that Tim Russert just nailed BHO on Farrahkhan and his Rev. Double Wow!

Curious BHO is looking down, strong eye shift left...


I read something today about Obama being a reflection of the audience. And I really think that is true. People hear exactly what they want to hear when he speaks.


Williams: Clip of Hillary's celestial choirs bit.

Obama: Sounds good.

Williams: Wrong clip. How'd you take it?

Obama: Hillary showed good humor, good delivery. It's not speeches in place of solutions. I've been working for 20 years on behalf of families in search of American dream. Bipartisanship, welfare reform, tax cuts. If you think it's all talk, talk to the wounded warriors at Walter Reed, whom my bill helped. Ethics reform, more disclosure. Moves us toward government that is more responsive to families. Met with 4 women in Cincinnati. Did everything right and didn't expect to end up without health care, or without a job, or dipping into retirement account. No one has been listening to them. George Bush hasn't. I'm not interested in speeches, I'm interested in helping them, not to solve all problems but to achieve American dream.

Clinton: I was having fun. Trying to get affordable health care for all is not going to be easy and it won't come just because we all think it's the right thing to do. I fought 15 years ago. We need someone who can go toe to toe against the special interests. $55 billion go to special interests and I want to get that money back and give it to the middle class. I hear on the campaign trail that people are working harder but aren't getting ahead, invisible to government. I voted against Cheney energy policy, for capping interest rates on credit cards. Obama didn't.

Williams: Obama clip criticizing Hillary for selectively citing accomplishments of co-presidency.

Obama; Clinton including years as first lady as part of experience. That's fine, I haven't said that's not relevant and I don't begrudge that. You can't take credit for all the good things and say you disagreed behind the scenes with things that didn't work. My objection to caps on credit card interest. I voted against the whole bill. Clinton voted for an earlier version of the bill, said she wanted it to fail, which doesn't work as a general rule (ed: Obama should tread more carefully here). I believe Clinton wants healthcare for all, but she viewed it as a fight against everyone, alienating some democrats.
Hope won't solve everything. Exxon Mobile won't give up profits easily. Mobilize American people so they pay attention to what government is doing. Diminish power of special interests, which aren't as likely to go away when people like Clinton are taking lots of money from them.

Russert: Public financing in general election. You said you would, McCain says he would and you're waffling.

Obama: I'm not the nominee. If I am nominee, I'll sit down with McCain and make sure we have system that is fair for both sides, because there are many loopholes. Look at McCain's two-step on public financing. I said I wouldn't take PAC money or money from federally registered lobbyists. I knew if American people were engaged they'd give. It was the right thing to do and we've raised 90% from small donors.

Russert: You'd break your word?

Obama: I'll sit down with McCain.

Russert: Joint tax return. You loaned campaign 5 million dollars. Haven't released your return. Supporter Strickland made issue of opponent's tax return. Who's bankrolling you?

Clinton: Well the American people who are giving money are bankrolling my campaign. 1 million dollars a day since I loaned to campaign. Go to HillaryClinton.com to contribute. I'll release tax return upon becoming nominee or earlier. Public has 20 years of records from me. Work toward releasing.

Russert: Release documents from time as FLOTUS?

Clinton: Yes, I've urged that the process be as swift as possible. Review documents. I'd like administration to be quick too.

Russert: Accept Farrakhan support?

Obama; I've condemned Farrakhan, I didn't solicit support. I can't censor him but we are not doing anything with him formally or informally. I've condemned past statements.

Russert: Statments on Judaism.

Obama: I've been clear in believing what he says is reprehensible. I've distanced my self.

Russert: You got title of book from you're pastor, who likes Farrakhan. How assure Jewish Americans?

Obama: I have strong support from Jewish community because I've been a stalwart friend of Israel. Special relationship with them, like my relationship with Jewish community. They know I won't tolerate anti-Semitism. I want to rebuild relationship between Jewish and African-American communities. Jewish involvement in civil rights made it possible for me to be here. People who know me best know I've befriended Jewish community and spoken out even when it's not "comfortable." I spoke against anti-Semitism with African American community.

Clinton: I faced similar situation in 2000. Independence party under control of Anti-Semites then. I rejected their support, said I would not be comfortable with it and would not be associated with people who made false inflammatory charges. I stood on principle and I won.

Russert: Suggesting something?

Clinton: There's a difference between denouncing and rejecting.

Obama: I don't see the difference. There's no offer of help. I'd reject and denounce.


Obama looks a little out of his element tonite. I think McCain will slaughter him if he is on his game.


Oops, I think that was supposed to be reject and "renounce."


RW now is trying to draw some contrast-maybe she could instruct him on how to pardon terrorists and enrich family members in the process.


"Vote Hillary Ann - together you can destroy the democrat party."

Was that a thwack? ;(

J. Peden

Payment for one's healthcare is the issue of our day! Right.

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