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February 02, 2008



PlayeD great. But you know that.

JM Hanes

Jane, have I told you how often you make my day? I thought about letting the answering machine take the call from my son, the Giants fan. But I didn't. I pretended I was the machine.


Didn't watch..Just saw the results and wanted to console Jane.
JMH--you are one wicked woman.


It was a delight watching my wife, a Giants fan since elementary school, through this unbelievable playoff season and Super Bowl. And now my daughter along side.


That final drive by the Giants was a classic. Eli getting out of the grasp of the Patriots, followed by Tyree catching the ball against his helmet.
I'm happy for the Mannings. That's pretty cool.


Wow. Incredible game. Since Dallas won home field advantage, we have had a Super Bowl party planned. When NY beat us, I decided to go ahead with the party. With a twist. Since none of us were Giants or Patriots fans, I had them draw cards when they arrived and whichever team you drew, that was the team you had to root for. I lost even that. I thought I was a shoe in when I drew a Patriots card out.

Great game!


Sorry Jane, I was rooting for the Pats just for you! My husband was rooting for the underdog. We had a lively football game here at home.

My husband did say maybe this is the year of upsets and referred to Hillary losing; so try and think of it that way. YEAR OF THE UPSETS!


The Giants should celebrate. They played great. I kept thinking the election was going to suck so at least we would get this to sustain us. But hey, you really have to give kudos to the Giants. (I came home with 10 seconds left on the clock because I couldn't bear it, now you know what a small town I live in.)


Hooray for the underdog.

Gawd, I hope it is an omen in other areas too!


The answers to my three questions are:


No, and



This was one of the few SB's in 42 years that lived up to its billing, IMHO.


A great omen is Mitt is tied with Mac in California.


That was awesome. Congratulations, TM.

Sorry, Jane. I did feel for the Patriots and their fans, and thought of you several times. You're a great sport.

Ann, my sister-in-law said something similar after the game - if the Giants can do it then maybe Obama can, too! Then all the Democrats in the room (that would be everyone but me) fell to chatting about the election and I made my exit.


And virtually tied in Georgia. I had given thought to voting for OHB in the Dem primary, but he is ahead 52-37 over the RW.

The wife and I are voting for Mitt Tuesday.


OH! And could we all remind Arlen Specter's staff here what an idiot they work for? Could we? Please?

Tell them to investigate my mother sucker!

I also read that he said that after he wanted hearings of the NFL, the NFL guy came out and said Specter's staff were just pissed because they were trolling for tickets and got snubbed and Arlen said this information was just released to embarass him!

Jokes on you King Specter!

Can we investigate Arlen? and the rest of Congress for cheating? Please?


I dunno, I'm starting to think they should be investigated for low IQ.


Wow!! That was a classic superbowl!
I was pulling for Peyton's brother Eli to win..But if i was a betting man i would have bet on the Pat's.
But ' that's why they play the game '



Good to see ya. How is your son?


He is doing good..He gets back from Falluja april 28th. We have rented a beach house in Oceanside for the week and plan to meet him at the bus when he arrives...we count the days..
Thanks for asking..I appreciate it..
( it will be wierd taking him Christmas shopping in May..)


What great news, HH.

I am so happy for you and your family. April 28th is not that far off, but I am sure it seems like an eternity to you. Please keep us updated and don't stay away for so long.


Glad to hear your good news regarding your son's return.



Michael Totten has the latest from Fallujah complete with pix. (The link is under my name) Maybe your son is in there somewhere.

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