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March 15, 2008



better than Iowahawk and Scrappleface!!


Uh, so who's his rabbi?


Well, he sure thought Wright was a menschen.


He was born in a simple thatched hut, wrapped in a large palm frond, and placed in a manger....


Will "pastor" Wright attend the bris?


Taking a page from Hillary's playbook,
David Axelrod's comment to the media was said to be
"you do what ya gotta do".

Rick Ballard

"and placed in a manger...."

where Pharoah's daughter found him the next morning. Instantly recognizing him as a True Prince, she had him brought to the palace...


From the incomparable Mark Steyn:

"If he were a con artist, he'd be like every other opportunist pol contemplating a run for the presidency: he'd be slick enough to know from the get-go that the Reverend Wright was a guy he needed to keep at way beyond arm's length; instead, he named his big pre-campaign hey-world-here-I-am book after one of his sermons. That suggests Obama didn't even appreciate the pastor was a potential problem. Which, in turn, suggests a candidate as weirdly disconnected from reality as Jeremiah Wright."

And, just for Jane -- from KLO : The Ideas of March.

Hah! I love it all.

better than Iowahawk and Scrappleface!!

No sooner said than done, now with even more resignations.


centralcal --
That Steyn article reminded me of this blast from the past: Al Gore's Iced Tea Defense.


Capitano--Thanks for the Iowahawk link. Borowitz is not all that funny, Iowahawk is brilliant as usual, in my opinion. But then I was always a big fan of Fred Sanford's insults of Aunt Esther. Of course, I should ask what our our self-proclaimed arbiter of invective PUK thinks...


Rick - with your Moses in the bullrushes analogy, suddenly the image of baby Obama in a little basket as a Billy the Bass character singing, "Take me to the river, drop me in the water" came to mind. Probably too low-brow for this crowd unless they have a teenage son who finds such things hilarious. The apple obviously does not fall too far from the tree.


News that Obama had converted to Judaism, yet kept his base of support in the African American community, led to the following statement from a long-time observer of Chicago politics:
"The Jew is using the black as muscle against you. And you are left there helpless. Well, what are you going to do about it, whitey? Just sit there? Of course not. You, are going to join with us. The members of the American, Socialist, White peoples party. An organisation of decent, law abiding white folk. Just like you."


The Ideas of March.

If only I could remember that for next year.


Hugh Hewitt found this haiku, composed on the house deal:

Big house and mortgage

A friend's money and empty lot

The deal done, Chicago winks


Nancy Pelosi makes my skin crawl.



I find it interesting that you mirror the trend in Media and Blogs to talk about anything except Republicans or McCain.

Since March 2;

Posts on Dems- 29 (mostly Obama))

Posts on McCain- 4

The 'Iceberg Effect'.



Hey Cleo,

It's not Tom's fault that your candidates are sucking all the air from the room.

McCain is in Baghdad today, cause he's a leader. You sure you want to talk about that?

Perhaps you didn't notice that the MSM is in the tank for the left. We have to talk about the stuff they ignore.

The bigger question is why you cleave to that which makes you crazy?


Semi, months ago Jeff made a similarly inane comment. The internecine Democratic War is the news. Who wants to watch McCain pick his nose? I mean his Veep?


Hate your brother, scratch my back.
Obama is
Chicago Way.


Look away,
Make some hay,
Chicago way,
Yo po ofay.


dang, shoulda been:

Look away,
Rake some hay.
Obama way,
Yo' po' Ofay.


Nah, screw that. If Obama wants to set things right, there's an old school Democrat in the Senate for inspiration.

When Robert Byrd entered West Virginia politics in in the 1940s he realized early on that he needed local support from the most powerful organizing force in the community -- the KKK.

Byrd ultimately realized his error and apologized -- something that almost always works in the Democrat Party. Cause when it comes to hateful racist organizations, a Dem has gotta do what a Dem has gotta do.

Ralph L

After Barack's bris, Hillary told him "Better put some ice on that."

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