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March 25, 2008



By the way apparently Hill has thrown restraint and caution into a stiff wind. She was quoted this morning as having indicated that if her pastor had made those outrageous remarks she would have quit the church. No more surrogates for Hill. Has she joined that VRWC to attack St. O ?


Just to be extra fair, has there any been any incident, anywhere, where Hill heard some snipers and maybe she got the location confused? Just wondering.


I was thinking about it, and I'll answer my own question. Probably not, because if there had been, she would have definitely mentioned that instead, to get out of her predicament. So, we are left with a whopper. So both Hil and Obama are self destructing. Should we just elect McCain now and put them out of their misery?


If that were true, Sylvia, we'd know it by now and have the video. The whole story is a joke. She originally said Bill sent her with Chelsea because it was too dangerous for him.

At her age you can forget a lot of things, but I'm quite sure sniper shots in Bosnia would be seared SEARED into your memory.


You know I'm amazed at the ability some people have to lie about their own lives. For instance, I have an aunt who wrote some notes on her life for her family, like an autobiography, and my dad says about 50% of it is made up. Then we have all those hard look bio books coming out that are all fake. We've got all the candidates padding their life story. It seems to be a common trait. Are these people delusional or have early Alzheimers or what? Don't they get it that most people will figure out they are lying?


-that's "hard LUCK bio"


At least the MSM is finally exposing her. Not only is the MSM liberal but they are lazy. So we'll have to rely on the folks at the political blogs to spoon feed them the material.


Hillary, now has her daughter lying for her:

Video: Here’s Chelsea spinning Tuzla



That's just sad.


My grandmother had the rivetting story of crossing the high Sierras on the bus and having to stop so that the yeti could cross the road in front of them...


"Dating Hillary's lies",sounds as bad as dating Cindy Sheehan.
Ask Cruella what sniper fire sounds like.


Tuzla Air base Sadly the picture does not include the mountains or the snipers.Why do they insist on building air bases on the flat bits?


Very sad!

However, I did enjoy Michelle's remark:

"Poor girl, Poor, poor girl. She can't help her DNA."

Jane, I linked information on FARC on the other thread. Some think Obama is envolved. It just gets more delicious by the day.

Soylent Red

has there any been any incident, anywhere, where Hill heard some snipers and maybe she got the location confused?

Maybe when she was piloting her swiftboat into Cambodia?

Oh wait...


Thanks Ann, I actually read that stuff earlier. I'm having a problem getting a handle on it which probably means it's BDS as many have said. I was aware of the problems with the free trade agreement and assume that was BDS. After that editorial it all seems a bit too sinister.


Must Share: :)

"The willing suspension of disbelief" [Andy McCarthy]

Do you think General Petraeus may have allowed himself a teensy-weensy smile when he heard about Hil's Bosnia whopper?

Bar Foo

Hey, look over there! McCain said something wrong once too! And it's nice and shiny! So why focus on Hillary!? Let's just change the subject!


Plame joke:
Old Flame24 Mar 2008 by pro2
Valerie Plame, from my read of the article, was ethically retarded, 6 months pregnant, and being tortured and abused on a daily basis over a nebulous period of four to eight weeks until being found dead, apparently due to overwhelming ...
Butt darling -

Snipers are hard to find, but if they're there you try to get into a crowd and say hello, grab a little girl and hold it up in front of you.

The other way, of course, might get you shot.

Obama Pastor trip cancelled:
Fellowship Church of Temple Terrace

FARC and dems are pals now, so it wasn't a local making that deal for Columbia on Farr's visit. Obama Chicago worker socialist involved in latin america? noooo.

Just don't say we've evolved or It's technology. Luciferians believe this is a way out. Never, ever, say they're insane. then they give you a stroke anyway.

ed in texas

I can't speak for Bosnia, but I was told that Hil was almost run down by a gurney in the E.R. at the Ibn Sina hospital in Baghdad (the 28th CSH) last year. It was my son doing the driving. He said he yelled 'coming thru', but she stood there talking, and her bodyguard pulled her out of the way. Important Point: In an E.R., If you're not where you are supposed to be to do what you do, or against the wall, you're in the way.

Peggy McGilligan

Hillary Clinton has lied about so much for so long, that it may take decades to unravel her list of lies. But if one lies long enough and hard enough, bad things are bound to happen. By way of example, this belongs at the top of the list:


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