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March 20, 2008



Luckily,TM, your sage advice comes too late to help him.

Rasmussen is now reporting McCain has a double digit lead over both candidates..If he just stays in the war zone with Lieberman until November he can pull this off, I think.


An elderly white woman

Rick Ballard

Odd how that Acme Political Response Strategy package that BHO bought from Arlie K. Evor's "Bridge to a New Majority" company didn't work as advertised.

I don't believe I'll hold my breath for "a bold and honest talk on race" from a red diaper, ACORN trained Alinsky Acolyte.

Wouldn't be prudent.


Check out this video at Powerline in which Obama states that his granny's supposed attitudes toward other races makes her a Typical White Person! Typical, as in, typically racist!


jus nother black dude askin fo change

I keepin my change in mi own pockits, mon!


Rick--I want to follo w up on your notion of tracking how many federal funds have gone to Wright's and similar churches..also Dem walking around money. Wish I knew how to do that.

I think it's a winning issue.
Bad enough donors are getting tax deductions for contributions to religious organizations working against the country.


Personally, I can see some validity in the argument over using the grandmother, but frankly having a relative that is outlandish is not the issue here (although it may affect her will).

The real issue is leadership.

The entire story of Obama and the Trintity Church shows him, at best, a neutral observer.

A neutral observer shows no leadership, doesn't espouse change, but merely takes it all in. This is precisely why I see the entire Obama campaign as a sham.

After years of showing virtually no leadership, I'm supposed to trust him that some magic has occurred, the so-called "Magic Negro," to now make him the best choice for leader of the free world.

I don't buy it.


Good catch,yo.

These stories will be coming out day after day after day until (a) the superdelegates give Hill the nomination or (b) cowards that they are, they give the nomination to Obama ---either way, the party's over.


Oops--the good catch was anduril's--sorry--


If Obama collapses enough, the whole concept of the superdelegates will be shown to be a Godsend. It's was supposed to save the party from making themselves look like asses.

I know that didn't work with Kerry, but there is still time for the Democrats to resurrecte the still not completely cold body of Tom Eagleton to set themselves straight.


You know there's this term-

Borrowing enemies...

It's not usually a wise move.

bio mom

Whenever I here someone say "we just need to sit down and talk" as their philosophy I conclude they either are true diplomats whose deep beliefs always favor this approach OR they just are afraid to take action on anything that could prove difficult or controversial and the "talking" route is an excuse for not doing anything. I think Obama is the latter.


Wright burns crosses while Obama jumps around on the lawn like a fish with a stick in its mouth.

There, I like that one.


Obama's campaign has benefited from the fact that he is not white

Is the converse then also racist ?

The man has benefited from the fact that he is white


The press is still doing their part:
"The Democratic presidential candidate and avid basketball player selected North Carolina, Kansas, Pittsburgh and UCLA in his Final Four bracket"
To be impartial, the AP also includes:
"Intent on being part of March Madness, Republican rival John McCain has an NCAA bracket competition on his campaign Web site....Obama wondered whether McCain had filled out his own bracket or left the task to an aide."

My rewrite:
Barack Obama and John McCain have their differences. Obama is an avid basketball player, who enjoyed pickup games at his tony prep school in Hawaii, his years at Princeton, and even while attending Harvard Law School. McCain, by contrast, was crippled by torture in a prisoner of war camp and is unable to raise his arms over his head much less shoot a free throw.

But they are both following the NCAA tournament.


Then there's this other thing that Obama did-

Who was the target audience?

The Democratic Superdelegates.

Obama he is seen as the future-the future of the Democratic party. Hell, he is The Democratic Party.

That's what he believes-probably because he's read too many of those comments at my barack...

So-Barack/Democrat Party cannot abandon Wright/The Black Vote.

Barack/Democrat Future needs to throw Hillary-Geraldine/Old Lady NOW-

Grandma from the train.

Because if you don't the threat is-Wright/My base will.


I misread the rasmussen poll--Here it is:

RASMUSSEN POLL: McCain Now Leads By Double Digits:
McCain 51% Clinton 41%
McCain 49% Obama 42%


Very interesting analysis, Anon. I think you're correct.


Obama: My Grandmother Is a Racist Too

Trashing grandma, yet


Well when all pundits tend line up on something, it may be time to think outside the box. So we keep hearing that the Superdelegates are not going to go against the polular vote, but I think that it's prudent to remember that most Superdelegates are elected Democrat officials, many of whom will be on the ballot too, and other who might have their committee chairmanship and committee assignments scrambled in a rout.

It wont take much more than a drubbing in Penn and even a squeaker win in NC to spook a lot of superdelegates.

It should then be fun to hear the same talking heads who point to the popular vote, start talking about momentum and how tragic it is that Obama wiffed on the opportunity to show he really is more than just one more politician trying to get elected.


BO's speech also clarified what he means by "change". Pre-speech, he had said he had NEVER heard Rev. Wright make racist or anti-American statements. In the speech he admitted that he had heard on numerous occasions these racist and anti-American statements by Rev. Wright. See? Change. As in "I changed my story." Some cynics might call it lying.

Seems the speech didn't go over well in PA. RW is up 16 points over BO.


I can only imagine the celebration in the Hillary campaign today. And if there is any justice in the world, all the Obamamaniacs will blame the end of Obama on the Clintons for the rest of time. (Okay, that's an odd definition of justice, but still.)


Thanks Porchlight.

One more thing he did this in Philadelphia...

Here is the permission slip to his base-to burn Hillary's Village.

just as some have dismissed Geraldine Ferraro, in the aftermath of her recent statements, as harboring some deep-seated racial bias.

The super delegates from Cali-those are the ones I'll be watching-save Pelosi.



Interesting aside-PA is one of the largest Catholic states in the Union. [1/3 maybe?]

Obama's surrogates were doing comparisons with Wright to Catholic problems.

I don't think that's a winner.


Some McCain aide just got suspended for airing an Obama/Wright YouTube. I note it is a "suspension" not a firing since they probably realize the end is nigh.

McCain should send out the word to just hold tight.

buford gooch


You're right, that is the change (I changed my story.) The hope is that people won't notice what the change is. Hopey changey changey hopiness.


Am I correct to understand that that there are no "operational ties" between Barack Obama and Hiliary Clinton ?


I have to admit I'm saddened by all of this. I like Obama. I like what he stood for (though not his policies). He just handled this all so poorly.

Jim Miller

Let me post a somewhat cynical question: Is there any real reason to believe Obama's story about his "racist" grandmother? Only three people were there at the incident he describes in his autobiography. One of them is dead, one of them is not talking, and the third is Obama.

At the very least, I would be skeptical that the one incident he described in his autobiography, where his grandmother came home asking for help after being threatened by a black guy, happened exactly the way he says it did. (And, to the best of my knowledge, he hasn't mentioned any other incidents.) Maybe something vaguely like it happened, but I have my doubts even about that.

I come to this skepticism naturally. Whenever a newspaper bothers to check what Obama has told us about his past, they find discrepancies. They find that what he said happened does not match what everyone else says happened.

And his stories, including the one about his grandmother, are often just a little too perfect, too exact illustrations for the arguments that he wants to make.

Most recently, of course, Obama told us that he hadn't heard the worst things that his pastor said -- and then immediately had to give up that story when he saw that not enough people would believe it.

In sum, when Obama tells us a story, we should distrust and verify.

Jim Miller

"pose", not "post" of course. (Though I do intend to write a long post on this, soon.)


I'm not sure which leaves me colder, Obama's whining or the commentary that followed trying to make his Grandmother's fear indicative of her (and by extension all white people)racism.

As you age, you become very aware of your shortcomings when it comes to defending yourself. You begin to realize that you can no longer run away from danger like you might have in your youth. You begin to realize that you do not have the strength you once had that would allow you to fight back and defend yourself. And your long life experience has taught you caution and to be wary of strangers, especially those who look threatening or who are acting like rude punks. You begin to go out of your way to avoid such encounters. And it doesn't matter if those strangers are black, brown or white. It has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with knowing your limitations as you age.


A friend sent me this link, which I have posted. A vast difference in tone at this church and by this black preacher.

"We Are All Connected Thru His Amazing Grace

Rich Berger

Obama has taken upon himself the task of arguing against that which is demonstrably and palpably true (that Wright is a racist and the Ferraro speaks the truth). He might be seen as heroic by some, but I think he comes off as too slick or perhaps too deluded.


Something delicious just occurred to me. As Obama goes down, so goes Daily Kos - who Hillary is now boycotting.

It's all Bush's fault.


Republicans to be prosecuted in Ohio for crossing over to affect Democratic primary?


There are a lot of folks who jumped on the Obama bandwagon who must be in fear now of their careers evaporating--and I'm not even talking about her Senate colleagues like Leahy and Dodd and Kerry.


He's kissing mommy(UN) and brother(Kenya) goodbye. It's choices like this when it's a family of taxleaches, I mean CIA spies for America, from Harvard, I mean the us govt, that prove Obama can handle that 300 am call, unless it's from Power at the hotel like Rice and Bush, and take care of America; except for non religious, non tribal African or direct genetic descendants or non Harvard graduates or non lawyers or non socialist, I mean Chicago worker advocates.

Obama has ruled. He has been just. America has back slided in misbehaviors (non African Americans)and, when there is enough pain,the back sliders and misbehaver's will ask God( Obama, I mean his preacher, I mean the Baptist, I mean McCain and Able's) for strength for the pains to stop and health and you have ruled. Ruler.

Let's get the URL!!!!



I'm surprised that one of the PR gurus at Axelrod's firm didn't land on that tried and true excuse. It's all Bush's fault.


In his first book Obama talked about the incident.

His Grandmother was upset about an agressive black panhandler at the bus stop and wanted her husband and son to drive her to work. So the teenage Barack did what any good grandson does in that case ...

Walk his grandmother to the bus stop and make sure that panhandler left her alone ?

Nope, he went whining to his local communist pal who said, Can you blame her ?

Ungrateful little piss ant of a man ... she put a roof over your head, helped pay for that education in your head and this is the way you repay her ...

Maybe that is what his wife meant about people being mean ...


"Ungrateful little piss ant of a man ... she put a roof over your head, helped pay for that education in your head and this is the way you repay her ...

Jeff--This is one of the few things you've said that I agree with.


Jane- the deliciousness of the Kos downfall possibility is appealing to me as well.

Jim- I have no problem believing the Grandma story, whatever version he puts out.
There are white people that are nervous around black people. There are black people that are nervous around white people.
There are people that are nervous around people harassing them, whatever color.
The fact is, if Grandma was personally nervous around a black man on the street and all she did about it was come home and tell her husband, she hurt nobody but herself.
No place is so Utopian that there won't be privately held biases.
To equate that to Wright's spew is just ridiculous, however. I hope Obama knows that. I hope he doesn't actually believe himself on that one.


At law, on cross hed be asked if his memory of the event closer in time (his 1995 book) to the event isn't likely the more accurate than the version he's telling 13 years later.
Just saying.


I think this is a different Jeff, glasater.


Is this is our Jeff? It doesn't sound like something he would say.


Looks like at least one of the old white ladies isn't backing down:

Ferraro calls Wright a "racist bigot"


Did I get the "Jeffs" mixed up?

Surely didn't mean Hit and Run.....


I have never cared for Ferraro before. I may have to change my mind about her. A little bit anyway.


Love that Ferraro story.

You know what would have been a better anecdote for Obama? The time when Howard Dean said the only black people at a Republican luncheon are the wait staff.
I bet that statement made Obama feel punched in the gut.


I'm thinking the same thing, Sue.


OK Porchight! I'll see your link and raise you with Keith Olberman;-)


Geraldine Ferraro who can be a bit of a dingbat, rarely says much that make the tuning fork in me resonate but she nails this. Good on ya Gerry:

“What this man is doing is he is spewing that stuff out to young people, and to younger people than Obama, and putting it in their heads that it’s OK to say ‘Goddamn America’ and it’s OK to beat up on white people,” she said. “You don’t preach that from the pulpit.”

Jim Miller

Maybee - I agree with you. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if what you described was what happened.

Let's think about it in three different versions, which may make my point clearer.

Version 1: Grandma has an encounter with an aggressive panhandler. She is asked to describe him and says that he was black. And for a time after that she is more nervous around men who resemble the panhandler.

Version 2: Grandma has an encounter with an aggressive panhandler. She is asked what happened and says that she was frightened, or more frightened because the man was black. And for a time after that she is more nervous around men who resemble the panhandler.

Version 3: Grandma has an encounter with an aggressive panhandler. She uses a racial slur to describe the man. And after the encounter, she is even more likely to avoid black men.

Most of us would say that, in version 1, grandma does not show any racial prejudice. In version 2, she might, or she might just be aware of crime statistics. In version 3, I think most of us would say that she was prejudiced.

Which of the three is closest to what happened? it is impossible to say. And, I repeat, that it is possible that none of them did.

Now, back to my main point: The story, as Obama tells us may be false in whole or part. Like so many of his other stories, it sounds a little too perfect to me. (Incidentally, the hurt that young black men feel because whites sometimes avoid them is a common racial grievance story.)

And I repeat this point: Whenever a newspaper checks what Obama has said happened in his past, they find discrepancies.

Jim Miller

"MayBee" not "Maybee". Sorry.


Isn't the fact that we are infestation free pretty remarkable? Right after the best damn speech ever given and all of the MSM in full gush, we got a lot of infesters, many who wanted to call us all bigots for discussing Wright. Think its starting to sink in that no matter how much they really wanted it to be the best damn speech ever given, that it was just another speech. Yes Obama is a good orator, but the speech was basically not high on content and not very politically smart.

But never fear, they will work themselves into a frenzy on something else soon enough, and infest again. I am predicting a need to blame the VRWC for Obama troubles, despite evidence of Hill and her minions all over the weapon, and the folks tuning out on the Hope and Change Express being moderate Democrats including Jewish, Asian and Hispanics and not an insignificant number of blacks appalled by a pastor swearing like a sailor from the pulpit.


That's an interesting point GMax.


The fact is, if Grandma was personally nervous around a black man on the street and all she did about it was come home and tell her husband, she hurt nobody but herself.

Exucse me. How did she hurt herself? That's ridiculous. The man was a panhandler bugging her and others at the bus stop. She asked her husband/grandson for a ride to work in order to avoid being harassed. How does that hurt her. Sounds like the smart move. Why should she suffer harassment by anyone just because she's white and the guy was black?

Rick Ballard


Good points. What BHO does is present archtypes within "The Narrative" who react according the prog script. I think his nice fantasy about the racist in the bar which ended with White Sheet forking over dough to Eloquent Black Man (in front of Asian witness) to be even more risible than Racist Granny.

If I were doing this bit as a journo, I'd point out that it's a much better bet to fear someone of your own ethnicity than to fear another ethnicity more than your own. The vast majority of violent crime is white on white or black on black with blacks having a higher incidence level both in their own community and in cross ethnic violence. The last bit sounds bad but the incidence level is so low that paying closer attention to your own ethnicity is still a better bet.


Love that Ferraro story

The Messiah is stuck on stupid. I cannot believe this free fall. It is absolutely incredible.

Just think of how freaked out the party leaders are. They have a black man who has the nomination sewed up who cannot win the election because he's an idiot.

There has to be a way to blame this on Bush.


Glasater, thanks for the link! Olbermann is so awful...I might need a drink before I watch that one.

Appalled Moderate


Don't know if you consider me an infestor or a permanent infestation...Nevertheless...

Obama's speech was a fine piece of work. Really. It's sharp and subtle, and has intellectual depth, and dares to harken back to Lincoln in parts, Faulkner in others.

But, when you get right down to it, it just doesn't answer the question of what part of Wright's beliefs (or, more importantly, his church) are his beliefs. If you can't reject the man -- because he is a part of you -- it is certainly proper to ask whether Wright's underlying theology is also a part of him? (And if it is not a part, why not?)

The church felt like home 20 years ago. Why?

I can understand staying in a church whose views you've fallen away from. A lot of churchgoers do that. But we need to understand the evolution.

Or maybe we don't. Because if Obama does not give us something, black liberation theology is going to dog him until either Hillary or McCain beats him.


I don't see an evolution.

I've been reading about black liberation theology all day, and its the first thing I've read that really gives a lot of incite into Obama and his wife. I think he is all over that movement.


Exucse me. How did she hurt herself? That's ridiculous.

Sara- I'm sorry, I wasn't very clear. I meant that if there was a black man on the street and she was nervous around him simply because he was black (thus demonstrating a prejudice), then she is only hurting herself.
In general, I agree with Rick at 5:25.

Jim- it isn't my real name (surprise!), so it doesn't offend me if you capitalize it incorrectly.

I agree that Obama has a bit of a not always telling the whole story problem.
I also don't like it that Obama gave credence to the particular grievance you mention. It was ridiculous to include it, whether true or not.


Sara: I read the Ohio story and wondered if Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell will be prosecuting himself for recommending that Democrats do this same thing in the primaries when Specter ran against Toomey ?


AM other than your occasional preachiness and my more than expressed annoyance with your false flag moniker, you are a welcome addition to the discussion and not a part of the infestation of this small part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

I guess we agree Obama be an Orator ( in the vernacular ). We probably disgree on calling the speech a great speech, since it changed no minds on the subject and probably did little to help Obama get elected. It may actually have hurt him, but a few more days will be required to distill and assess.

He cant answer the question without fully alienating one or another of two groups both of whom he needs for the nomination. He might have pulled a stronger Sister Souljah if he had put Hill out of her misery and blacks did not have the option of going for Hill. But by being so careful not to offend, he lost a few blacks who think he should have opened up a can, and more than a few moderate who recoil that you cant repudiate a man who curses from the pulpit and seems to be everything whites are told to never be.

Jim Miller

Rick - Yes, that bar racist yarn is one of the stories I was thinking of when I said that Obama's stories were too perfect. The story isn't impossible, but it is implausible -- and it would be incredibly difficult, maybe impossible, to check.



I guess I missed it but apparently John McCain not only visited Israel on his mid east trip but detoured to the South to visit Sderot. A place than Gazan terrorist shell by rocket daily. That in itself is pretty courageous ( I wonder if Graham stayed back at the hotel ).

I also have to believe the unspoken but very obvious contrast with the Democrats, especially Obama had to have hit home. Touring with Lieberman and visiting Sderot and deploring the rain of rockets is something I quite agree with and also something which should have political legs.

Clarice, when you have a chance to dial up your mom and her condo commandos, see if that visit penetrated the fog.


I'll try to remember to ask her,TGMax, but some time ago she told me she couldn't stand either Hill or Obama and was voting for McCain..so I doubt if this mattered much to her--she already made up her mind.


Maybee: I'm overly sensitive on this subject since our home invasion in 2001 by a white and a black man. I no longer feel safe in my own home, let alone anywhere out on the street. I never leave my house alone anymore, especially with a bad knee and a bad back. My caution is not born out of any racism, even though one of our attackers was black, it is born out of a fear of pain and the knowledge that when they want to take me down, I can no longer successfully defend myself.


Neo writes~
"After years of showing virtually no leadership, I'm supposed to trust him that some magic has occurred,"

The magic that occurred was George Soros.

"Because of a special provision campaign finance laws, the Soroses were able to give a collective $60,000 to Obama during his primary challenge. Obama faced millionaire Blair Hull, which allowed donors to give more than typically allowed."

The magic Continues

" Another billionaire, George Soros, a longtime supporter of liberal causes, was a co-chairman of the event, which drew 300 guests who were asked to pay $2,300 apiece. A private reception was tossed in for about a dozen people who had raised $25,000 or more for the candidate. By many accounts, waiters in white tuxedos flitted among the crowd, and the supermodel Tyra Banks added sparkle to the guest list.

For another example of the Soros presence, see this event a few weeks ago at a NYC condo where Soros was pictured with Obama. Soros also took advantage of a loophole during Obama's primary and general campaigns that allowed Soros and his family to give outsized contributions to Obama. The timing of these donations and the revelations that doomed Obama's opponents are curious, to say the least. See my earlier coverage.

While in Greenwich, Obama also visited the home of Allan Houston of the New York Knicks, a man with a serious anti-Semitism problem. Though the New York Times chose to ignore the controversy other papers covered regarding Allan Houston's anti-Semitism."


what about the fact that smarties Barack and michelle brought their little girls to the church and let them hear the nonsense spewing from Nonreverend Wrong's mouth. Doesn't that really say something about Obama's judgement? And the Nonreverend's link to Farrakhan and his link to who know who is really scary. The next thing you know, the nation of islam "soldiers" will be guarding the white house.


what about the fact that smarties Barack and michelle brought their little girls to the church and let them hear the nonsense spewing from Nonreverend Wrong's mouth. Doesn't that really say something about Obama's judgement? And the Nonreverend's link to Farrakhan and his link to who know who is really scary. The next thing you know, the nation of islam "soldiers" will be guarding the white house.


He essentially defended status quo racial politics. And if you object to that characterization, then please take a look at how he ended his speech. Specifically the story he told about Ashley Baia, and the "Perhaps somebody..." sentence.

"There is a young, twenty-three year old white woman named Ashley Baia who organized for our campaign in Florence, South Carolina. She had been working to organize a mostly African-American community since the beginning of this campaign, and one day she was at a roundtable discussion where everyone went around telling their story and why they were there." "Now Ashley might have made a different choice. Perhaps somebody told her along the way that the source of her mothers problems were blacks who were on welfare and too lazy to work, or Hispanics who were coming into the country illegally. But she didn't. She sought out allies in her fight against injustice."

Would anyone care to argue that suggesting imaginary "facts" - "facts" that will anger certain racial groups - is not part of status quo racial politics?

Would anyone care to argue that the inclusion of an imaginary Hispanic slight was not an attempt to establish an "us versus them" sentiment (i.e., status quo racial politics)?

Lastly, could that story have been told without the imaginary racial slights? Yes. So why didn't he tell it that way - and why did he end his speech with this story?


Let's see, nutjob Bubba has alienated blacks and Obama has kicked elderly white women [Dem-variety] to the curb.

Wouldn't McCain tend to benefit no matter whom the Dems nominate?


This is a rather silly blog post. He mentions his white grandma as an example of a person who may occasionally make racially sterotypical comments but he still can't disown her. But clearly you've got an axe to grind.

What, can't take the fact white people may occasionally be racist?


Obama does everything, understandably, to diffuse the focus on Rev. Wright and his outrageously hateful sermons. So he drags in Ferraro and South Carolina and the WHOLE history of racism in America.

What is at stake here in this election is literally the future of our country. I ask you to consider... why, why, why...didn't Obama speak out, as he did so eloquently this week, to the members of his congregation and to Wright and Meeks and all others who perpetuated the outrageous sentiments he condemned this week. What was he waiting for? You don't have to be President or a candidate for President to work for unity and racial justice.

You all need to remember MLK and all he accomplished without any official office or title. (By the way, Martin Luther King’s speeches were only the tip of an iceberg that included meetings, strategy, protests and marches that changed the dialog of race and influenced LBJ among others to change the law.)

So ask yourself...what was Obama waiting for? MLK was 42 when he was assassinated. Look at all he accomplished before he was killed. Obama is 46, what was he waiting for?

The Presidency is not some magic place....you have to work, bit by bit, just as MLK did to advance your policies in or out of office. I would feel confident of Obama if he had a history of working in aid of the public policies he speaks so eloquently about. What is he waiting for? What was he waiting for?


I couldn't care less that Wright is a Christian or that Louis Farrakhan professes to be a Muslim. I couldn't care less whether the hateful minister who endorsed John McCain is, deep inside, a decent man or a fundamentalist. But I do care about these pastors' divisive and crazed words; I do care that their "sermons" exploit and pander to the worst fears and passions of people based on perceptions and misperceptions about race. I hate that these preachers' sermons prejudge people's motives or behavior based on their race or ethnicity. I hate the haters, and I expected Obama to make a straightforward speech about what has become the Hate Hour -- and the most segregated hour -- in America on Sunday mornings.


Barack/Democrat Future needs to throw Hillary-Geraldine/Old Lady NOW-

Grandma from the train.

It's a generational thang, you see.

Geraldine, Hillary, Wright = old

Barack is excusing Wright and Geraldine, lumping them together, because they are old and can't help their racism and bigotry.

Barack is creating yet another stereotype.

Instead of 'don't trust anyone over thirty' he's moved the age up just a bit...

don't trust anyone over fifty. Barack is forty-five, you see.


Jim Miller - according to Obama's "Dreams of My Father" bio, his Granny did not mention the race of the aggressive panhandler who scared her so. It wasn't until later after she had asked for a ride, that her husband told "Barry" that the man had been black. Straight from his own pen - his Grandma had given the man a dollar (this is 60's/70's), and he still blocked her path and menaced her, poor thing. I despise Obama for not writing "I wish I could have kicked that bum's @$$".
Sara - check out Bishop GE Patterson (RIP) on YouTube, I love that guy.

Jim Miller

rhodeymark - Thanks for the tip. I suppose I will have to get a copy of the book, though I am not looking forward to plowing through it.

And I agree with you entirely that Obama and his grandfather should have done something to protect his grandmother. Assuming his story is true -- which I don't -- that unwillingness to protect a weak woman from a threat is disgraceful.


Hey, everyone want's to know about Obama; even two contract clerks in the passport
office. It is curious that the last foreign
trip he took to Somalia; was right before the Islamic Courts took over that contry
and overthrew the Pentagon's coalition of militia groups. Necessitating the Ethiopian incursion the following year. Bill Marquez nee Richardson's endorsement is the other big story ;gy couldn't crack the top 5 place in any state' he's a big get. Not to
mention, they send him to Cuba, Fidel shoots
down the BTR fliers, N. Korea, they resume
their nuke production, Iraq, they go after
the Kurds again; what's his diplomatic success/ failure rate?


"Racism is a ethical and moral device that keeps the true threads that bind our cultures and nation at odds


Please do not hesitate to have wakfu kamas . It is funny.

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