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March 22, 2008




Tom: You know he really comes here because of Clarice and Jane, don't you?

Don't you?


Heh--He comes because of Soylent and FNL and you all know it.. It's where the bald man gets all his ideas for world domination. He's helpless without us.


And we are quite pleased about that! He is, after all, a magnificent bastard!


Or---just maybe--*wink* he was drawn by someone's 70% chance of conviction prediction/ (dunking and running)


Tom - It's no wonder Karl speaks highly of you, as you were one of the smartest members of his defense team. In fact, I'd go so far as to call you the sharpest tool in the shed.


Before we get all fat-headed, note that he may never click on the comments, and if so, only reads Tom's stuff and misses all of our brilliant, scintillating, incisive commentary. Not to mention the mud-wrestling taunts!

(killjoy. yep. it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.)


Many congratulations, TM.


what? you guys didn't know I was Karl?


I heard that too, cathyf.


As I wrote last night, inside word is that he comes because there are commenters who provide extensive quotes from articles on important subjects--especially articles like Clive Crook's WEALTH OF NATIONS: By Any Means Necessary that can tie the race based campaign together with the credit crisis:

Interesting times, are they not? We have a presidential election as momentous as any in living memory. The United States might soon elect its first black leader -- and in just this past week, really for the first time, with the Jeremiah Wright affair and Barack Obama's remarkable speech, the campaign has turned to look unflinchingly at race in America.

Meanwhile, still weirdly disconnected from the presidential contest, things go from bad to worse in the economy. The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates almost to nothing, is busy bailing out the banking system, and is making up new rules as it goes along. Observers of the economy have sweaty palms and glassy stares.

The startling disconnect between politics and the financial crisis may be a blessing in disguise. With the political system so distracted, and the Bush administration content to run out the clock, the Federal Reserve can take charge without being second-guessed. In the end, legislation may be needed to soften the impact of the economic slowdown, and it will certainly be needed later to lessen the chances of a repetition. But it would be good if some thought went into the details first, and a degree of shelter from the agitation of the campaigns must help. For now, the tools available to the Fed, such as they are, are the right ones.


You do get around, windansea. Making waves everywhere I look.


Two things caught my attention about Karl's list:

1) Our daily readings have a 60% daily overlap and an 80% weekly overlap.

2) No newspapers except a "dash" of NY Times and Washington Post.


Real clear politics panics and deletes. Those blogs don't allow comments. JOM is the only one where you can just comment. So, Rove, having figured where the real internet future is, mentions JOM.

The MATRIX was Lexus Nexus. It's really better than the internet, you can live this real cool life and it's not dreaming and everyone works for you and everything. You fight the evil FED men and everybody helps. Why bother with the internet and the rest of it?


I love all the comments on JOM, and I've often thought Rush might comment here with an alias. There is always such great wit and and insight, I'm Clarice's biggest fan (and smile at her typos) and Jane, but Other Tom and many others too....
Kudos Mr. McGuire, but after all you were Time's Man of the Year!


But you are deceived. If Rove were a true genius he's drop by every day.


JOM FAN: Kudos Mr. McGuire

MaGuire, Not McGuire. My first contact with JOM was a pointer from Glenn Reynolds. I disagreed. Wrote why in my blog and referenced it here. Tom read it, commented, and chided me for mispelling his name. ;-)


Be careful what you wish for. You just made the crazy Left's 10 Mosted Wanted list.

You're obviously a high-ranking member of the VRWC. Fascist.


I'm a regular, long-time lurker, and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this blog and its commenters. One question though, what is the meaning of "Go Balloons?" Should I recognize the reference (all I can think of is the wonderful "drop the effing balloons" finale to the Democratic convention in 2004) or is it an inside joke?


Thanks JOM fan..




possibly Balloon-Juice.com


Go Balloons -- Perhaps TM needed a temporary placeholder after retiring as Time's 2006 Man of the Year and while waiting to be named Time's 2008 Man of the Year.


Hey Blenheim, I asked the exact same question about a week ago.

The problem is, I can't remember the answer.


Blenheim's guess was the right one--the balloon drop failure at the Dem convention.

Tom Maguire

Before we get all fat-headed, note that he may never click on the comments, and if so, only reads Tom's stuff and misses all of our brilliant, scintillating, incisive commentary. Not to mention the mud-wrestling taunts!

I don't think the mud wrestling has ever emerged, but since I routinely take inspiration from other comments (i.e., steal ideas),this really is a group effort.

Karl Rove

We are the Deval Patrick to Tom's Obama.

hit and run

A sock no more belongs on your hand than a foot belongs in your mouth.

But it's fitting I suppose that by willingly choosing the one, I unwittingly inflicted the other upon myself.



Wouldn't it be fun if it we found out it was Rove posting the lucifer/Peace Corps comments?





I think the chance that the Magnificent Bastard is reading our posts is probably going to elevate the level of discourse, if that were possible.


Karl Rove writes Jeremiah Wright's sermons and induces Obama to go to church on certain Sundays, during which the sermons are plain vanilla, well nutless chocolate, anyway. He arranged this so Obama would be surprised at the contents of the sermons as shown on YouTube. Obama is correct that he never heard any inflammatory rhetoric on Sundays. He only admitted to hearing some during his speech on Tuesday because he'd heard a 'Hallelujah' once and mistook it for 'Honkey you you'.


Hey, I never see Karl Rove and 'Cleo in the same room at the same time!

Patrick R. Sullivan

Lose the whiteboard on Fox. It doesn't work on TV.

Rick Ballard


Does this Ambrose Evans-Pritchard twit have much of a following in the UK? Would you say that the average Brit would know what "notional" meant wrt this type of finance transaction? I know the average American wouldn't know a credit default swap from a keg of beer so I can't imagine that the average Brit is familiar with the intricacies of these deals.

What's this guy's angle? Gen up a higher level of fear? Wasn't that HBOS rumor last week enough?



I can't speak to his coverage of the US economy, but Evans-Pritchard did write some terrific Clinton tell-all pieces back in the '90s. Here's one of his books - google Evans-Pritchard and Clinton and you'll find a whole bunch more.

Rick Ballard

Thanks, Porchlight. I did some more googling and I still don't understand the Telegraph's decision to allow him to write on this beat. He sure doesn't bring much to the party.


I want to know, Karl, how you got the sun to cool the earth.

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