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March 30, 2008


M. Simon

Can either candidate survive Denver?

Karl Rove Has Provided The Entertainment.

The above pertains to the R convention, but there will be similar activities provided by the anti-war groups in Denver.

hit and run

Dang. I just put my Keep Hill Alive (Richard M. Scaife edition) comment on the end of the last thread.

I Question the Timing.


So 1000s of angry, pot-banging, havoc-causing, camera-seeking, America-hating anarchists are going to descend on Minneapolis and, among other things, bring traffic to a stand still by blocking the inner and outer rings, bridges, bus deports, etc.? God must really love Norm Coleman.


IIRC the protests at the R convention in NYC in 2004 were pretty tame, despite much advance hype.


Protests at the two conventions are going to be a strong contrast. The pink fools will parade, Denver may get ugly.


I agree, kim. In St. Paul the outcome won't be in doubt; in Denver, it might.

I personally think a deal will be struck before then. But if the protesters don't like the terms of that deal....

M. Simon


How do you get anarchists to agree to anything? Who commands the anarchists?


M. Simon, I probably wasn't clear - I meant the party elites will broker a deal with the candidates wrt the nomination after the primaries are over. The anarchists won't have a say of course, and Denver will be their last chance to make a fuss.

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