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March 05, 2008



I predict this goes to the convention where Hillary is anointed and a race war breaks out resulting in blacks leaving the party in droves.


Oh, please. The conflict with Hillary is supposed to destroy them both, or at least the effectiveness of the Democratic Party this year. A time of trials might just anneal him for the endgame.


Whatever happens, the prospect of the two of them spending millions of advertising dollars to tell the nation how bad the other one is all good.


What if the Dem ticket is Clinton-Obama (or vice versa)?

Appalled Moderate


I don't see Hillary as vp. Maybe Obama would do it -- though in a Clinton administration, he would be overshadowed by Bill to such an extent that he'd be better off staying in the Senate and establishing himself for camapign 2016.

Charlie (Colorado)



I was watching the students at Ohio this morning on Fox. In a spirited debate with the audience, one guy said basically we go in, take care of business and build it back up, like we did in Europe during WWII. A female student piped up and said you can't compare Iraq to WWII. We went into WWII because there was a holocaust. I want to know why anyone bothers sending their children to college?


I asked because of a post by Mike Allen at Politico, which begins:

"The morning after reviving her candidacy with two big primary wins, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) hinted Wednesday that she and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) may wind up as ticket mates."

Of course, she goes on to say it would depend on who is the "head" of the ticket, but still it appears to be something they are thinking about.


I really hope that Jane's predication is right.......


I think Obama would be a fool to share the ticket with Hillary. Nothing good comes from being associated with the Clintons.


Yeah, Sue, doesn't she know there was a holocaust at the Twin Towers. Oh, wait.


Even as ticketmates, the sum is less than the value of each individual totalled. The ones who despise Hillary and the ones who despise Obama are each susceptible to a moderate McCain. It would be a formidable combination, though. Fortunately, Dean doesn't want it.


What makes anyone think blacks will leave the party in droves? They leave it as individuals, successful ones at that.

Truly empower blacks, and they'll vote the center.


Sue, the more I read about Michelle Obama-mamma's hateful rhetoric, the more I think you are right. This would not be a good combination. Imagine the cat fights behind the scenes between her and Hillary!


Here's a tale of the South Pacific.

'He was an ugly old aviator. One day he flew over Santo and pointed down at that island wilderness and said, "That's where we'll build our base." And the base was built there, and millions of dollars were spent there, and everyone agrees that Santo was the best base the Navy ever built in the region.'

Now if he'd only get straight on global warming. I've little doubt he will.

H/t J. Mich.


What I love about this is that the party is going to be strangled by its own stupid rules. My husband said this morning over coffee,"Last night I heard Susan Estrich say the only thing I've ever agreed with her on. She said the party's rules are absolutely idiotic and that she is partly responsible for that."

See--rules are made so everyone knows what is expected of them, people will follow them, and unnecessary disputes will be avoided. People who klike rules are grownups who understand things like the need for boundaries and stability and closure.

But the Dems did what they do whenever they can with the law--tweak it and poke it for momentary partisan advantage and to be "fa-ir", ignoring utterly the very reason for rules.
In the end whoever has the most chutzpah to ignore them and demand a different result than the rules would require ("thugs)) wins.



I saw that too - that woman was such a shrew that it caused me to actually look at the TV.

That's the moonbat spin on this war, and it's everywhere.


I still distrust McCain, particularly over the Swifties, and lack of executive experience, but if he'll take Romney as Veep, and Thompson as adviser, and Giuliani as AG, I could be enthusiastic about him. There is some talent, there, even if it did just rub off his dad.


Drop that kid over Pearl Harbor in a cheap parachute, sue.


OK Bob Beckel really has no shame so he can go on and on about a unity ticket but lets think clearly about this.

If we do the math like Hemmer did at one point last evening and gives Hill 55% of all remaining delegates she still does not get past Obama. So the superdelegates must choose. Now if they choose her over him with a lead, he is going to like it? Hate it but accept it? None of the above?

Same scenario, Hill fights claws and scratches to within close but short and the party faithful forget all the favors Bill did for them and vote for Obama and she is going to say OK I tried, let me have that V/P job, it seemed like Gore enjoyed himself.

Or is it more likely that they are going to get to a point where neither wants to be in the same room with the other?

I report you decide. Or you can believe Beckel who made up all kinds of stuff during the 2000 recount.


Ha! My local news station just reported that many Californians are sad the primary date was moved up, because they lost influence.


Ok we can all pat ourselves on the back, we did a good job taking some of the sheen off Barack the Enlightened One, and there is certainly more to be taken off, but we don't want Hillary to run away with it either......according to Obama's campaign, they will now go negative and talk about Hillary's income taxes, the Clinton library skeletons, etc. and we should help out where required.


Even if they started out fully clothed, by the time the wrestling is over, neither the Emperor nor the Empress will have a stitch on.


Beckel is full of it, isn't he?


Do we expect Rush to switch crossover support to BHO?



It wasn't just she was spinning like a moonbat. It was she believed it. Do they not study history in high school? How do you get to college without at least knowing why we entered into the fray in WWII? Do they not watch movies if they don't read history books? Our schools are definitely broken if this is the quality of education they are producing.


Then the media will deck out the winner in brand new finery, and shred McCain's to rags. Sometimes I wonder why we even bother.

But bother we do. Once more, into the breach.


Yeah, broken schooling has created a whole class with a flawed vision. It's no wonder a member of that class comes forth as the agent of change.


I don't know if Republicans can cross over in PA, but you can bet Rush will suggest voting for Obama if Hillary has a big lead.


K Lo was that you peering over my shoulder in the voting booth?

K-Lo, writing here from Austin, Texas.

Not sure why the networks haven’t picked up on this, but there is definitely a sizable portion of the vote in Texas tonight comprised of Republican voters looking to “game” the Democratic primary. I spoke with numerous friends today, who claim to be Republican, who said they voted for Sen Clinton with the thought that it will prolong the Dem in-fighting and therefore benefit Republicans. I won’t debate the merits of their argument here, but the phenomenon (Republicans voting for Sen Clinton to gain the system) is real and I think material to the results. I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone reporting it and just how large the impact might be. I’m sure it is contributing to the number of voters deciding in the final three days to support Sen. Clinton. Would be curious to hear your contributors comment on this dynamic. The VRWC conspires to save the Clinton campaign?


boris, the problem with flip flopping on the crossover--so to speak--is that I doubt that will do the trick for BHO in PA.

Here's Hewitt's take:

What Has Rush Wrought?
Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 8:18 PM
If Hillary ekes out close wins, stays alive, gains the nomination and the White House, will Rush hold the Bible at her Inauguration?

Bill O'Reilly was just on with Brit Hume giving Rush the credit for the Clinton comeback --which is certainly the least expected bit of Campaign 2009 news in this very, very long campaign.

A month ago talk radio was dead. Now it has resurrected Hillary?


It was she believed it. Do they not study history in high school?

If I didn't read books I'd have never had any history classes past the civil war. I don't think High school ever made it to WWI, let alone WWII. I couldn't stomack history at the college level, to much political agenda. I only became a student of history through loving military aircraft and weapons, and that's propelled me to dig deeper, and even at that, I've barely scratched the surface. Most people simply don't have a clue about what happened before they were born. Rush is right on that.



Is K-Lo quoting you? Check out NRO.


A month ago talk radio was dead. Now it has resurrected Hillary?

Kinda takes cognative dissonance to a whole new level.

Viva Ron Paul

LOSER: anyone who contributed to Peden or took seriously reports that Ron was in danger of losing his seat.

Viva Ron Paul!!!!!


Best Career move for Bill:

governor of Ca. He calls the governor's mansion-western white house.

not a fan of bill, but I hate to see an ex-president floundering in limbo, and good god is he floundering.


"Well we now know that is not gonna happen because Senator Clinton was not able to get the kinds of "blow out" wins that Obama got since Super Tuesday. He is still leading her by 600,000 votes in the Popular vote and Pennsylvania is not likely to be the kind of win to erase Obama's lead there. By every METRIC Obama will be ahead when this process is over. Hillary's only hope is that folk like you will continue to try to DISTRACT US FROM THE FACTS. Which is why I have implemented an email chain of the facts to 200 African Americans. They are encouraged to use their own Email distributions to get the word our that the only way for Hillary to get the nomination is to STEAL it through Superdelegates. And if that happens you can expect a BLACKOUT that will not only give McCain the White House but will also result in other down ticket losses." - Kaiser

This post on Matt Cooper's blog (don't ask me what I was doing there, it was a link of some sort) is pretty typical of the Obamagroupie reaction...go ahead and smile John McCain


Good point about down-ticket losses. This mud wrestling will splatter all Democrats. More water, more mud, fewer raiments.



She cut off my name and printed my e-mail to her. How about that! Maybe she saved me from moonbat mail!


Here's an article by Judy Shelton--It's the Dollar, Stupid!--on a topic that's sure to be important for the next administration. Good news: Phil Gramm and Jack Kemp are advising McCain.


Hey Viva Ron Paul
Ron Paul probably survived because Republicans were too busy voting for Hillary. He should send Rush a box of cigars or golf balls. You can too.

Viva Ron Paul

Nice try Ben, but the ballot for his congressional district included Hillary for Pres. and Ron Paul for Congress, so you could do both. IOW, your theory is ridiculous.


I just think it amuses some of those libertarian Texans to have such a wild and crazy guy representing them. He's got a unique appeal. Look at the energy and money he was able to mobilize. I still see more Paul for President signs than any other Republican's signs.


Somebody thinks I might have a point! Blind hog , acorn & all that with chips.

Subject: Your Texas Republican on the Rush ploy

Makes a very good point. The undercount in the D primary was almost 700,000 ballots out of 2.86 million. By contrast, the undercount in the R primary was about 164,000 ballots out of 1.38 million.

In the 2004 general election, the dropoff from president to railroad commissioner (the next race on the state ballot) was less than 400,000 out of 7.4 million.

In the 2000 general election – the last time we had president/US Senate at the top of the ballot – the dropoff was only 130,000 out of 6.4 million.

During early voting, I saw polling data that 14% of the voters in this year’s D primary were self-identified Republicans. My guess is that yesterday’s proportion was even greater.


Viva, Paul was a LOSER as a presidential candidate, right?



If you don't give them explicit permission to use your name, they won't. Good job. You got through the chattering masses.


Well, the only way I can see a unity ticket is with Hil at the top of it, and there are a couple of problems with that idea.

First, to win at this point Hil has to make a couple of arguements:

1) That is what the 3 a.m. call is all about. If that's true, how can he be ready for be VP, a job where he might have to be president on day one. Hard to argue that he is not ready to be president, but ready to be VP.

2) If #1 isn't enough, then she is going to have to completely destroy him. Paint him as a corrupt and lying pol who is simply unacceptable as president. That makes putting him on the ticket even harder.

After 7 weeks of all that, no way Barack is going to put her in as VP if he wins. All McCain would have to do is just re-run Hils comercials against Barack with the tag line of 'Even his VP doesn't think he should be president.'


Nice try Ben, but the ballot for his congressional district included Hillary for Pres. and Ron Paul for Congress, so you could do both. IOW, your theory is ridiculous.

Nice try Viva, but no it didn't. Not unless you have mixed voting in Paul's district.


I see Viva continues the strong tradition of Paulbots having almost no clue about anything, including simple fundamentals like how a primary works. Why? Cuz he probably didnt vote, he meant to of course but slept in, got a late start and his POS would turn over when he went out so it was back to the couch and a bag of chips.

But does that stop him? No way. The theory is ridiculous he says, why just mark the ballot for Hill for President and Paul for Representative. DUH!

But Viva that a great plan. And if Paul was in the Democrat party, where his votes place him 85% of the time, then you absolutely could do that. But otherwise you cant.

Once you take a Democrat ballot, they stamp your registration card with Democrat. The Republicans wont let you have a ballot then.



Hey Viva
Don't take yourself so seriously...in fact why don't you promote a Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich ticket or vice-versa.

Other Tom

Jane, see my post on the "Obama not proud" thread, started after this one--I wrote it before reading your opening salvo here.

I'm really intrigued by how this is going to play out. First, I don't think that the increasing enmity between the two will play any part in the VP choice. Remember Reagan and Bush I ("voodoo economics")? And JFK and LBJ were oil and water during the primaries. The decision about whom to select will be made on purely tactical grounds. And at least in Obama's case, the decision whether to accept the second spot will likely be made on the same basis.

I don't see Hillary helping Obama at all if he is the nominee. He would help her a great deal (I think), but in the process he would be diminishing himself considerably. His rabid supporters will believe he has been screwed by the white insiders (the superdelegates), and will implore him not to play second fiddle. And of course he (and any other VP candidate) will have to consider Bill...

My guess is that Obama gets the nomination, and picks someone with major national security credentials. And I think McCain will beat him in November.

Hell, we could go on about this crap all day, couldn't we?

Other Tom

Ron Paul supporters must learn to live with defeat. Let's face it, Kinky Friedman would clean his plow head-to-head.


He took that one tough grandma down! What her name, you know Scotts mom who keeps changing her last name.

Viva Ron Paul

Ok-I deserve it. Hill wasn't on Ron's Congressional ballot.

However, my point stands that all of you people here who were pimping Peden as a possibility were crazy, and Ron Paul is going back to Congress!!!!


Carole Keeton Strayhorn and other variations thereof....she had a little trouble deciding on what party to run on too, not only which name...


Very good job, VIMH..

Rick Ballard

It shut you up, moron. Getting a Ronulan out of the house requires very little.

Let's talk about whether Paul is more a racist or an anti-semitic loon. I lean toward racist because it fits the stereotypical view of loons from Texas. Perot had a slight tinge of it (speaking of Texas loons) but Paul's embrace of racism seems more heartfelt.

What's the moron view on the subject?

Viva Ron Paul

But just to make clear that I'm not the only one smoking crack:

"A question for the JOM Texas contingent:

Do you believe that a donation to Chris Peden in the hope that he will unseat the jibbering jackass is in order?...

Posted by: Rick Ballard | February 21, 2008 at 12:14 PM

"TX CD-14 is a 60/40 Republican district so the contest is in the primary, not the general. The good people of the district need only determine whether continued representation by a laughingstock and buffoon dedicated to eradicating the jobs provided by NASA is actually in the best interest of the district.

It doesn't seem like that tough a choice.

Posted by: Rick Ballard | February 21, 2008 at 12:42 PM


Feedback I am getting is Peden is pretty down to earth. CPA by training and a city councilman in Friendswood which is a middle to upper middle class area of Houston. Owns his own CPA firm so a small business man who will be in tune with the problems of big government. We could use a few more CPAs in Congress ( and a hell of a lot less lawyers ).

Your money will be well spent I think. Has the Club for Growth endorsed him?

Posted by: GMax | February 21, 2008 at 12:43 PM"

Viva Ron Paul

"What's the moron view on the subject?"

I just quoted your prior posts, Mr. Ballard.

So how much did you end up donating to Peden?

Viva Ron Paul

Oh, now I see both Ballard and Gmax called me a moron.

Ha-ha-ha: "Your money will be well spent."

Now's THAT'S a moron.

How much did you send to Peden, Gmax, or do self-realize your idiocy enough not to take your own advice?

Rick Ballard


Go count the number of halfwitted posts that you made after GMax and I played with your pointy head, Don.

Is it true that Paul is secretly a Klan member in good standing? I doubt it myself but I've sure heard a lot of rumors that many of his supporters are Aryan Brotherhood folks.

Are you an Aryan Brother, Don the Moron? You obviously have the IQ for it.

Viva Ron Paul

"Let's talk about whether Paul is more a racist or an anti-semitic loon."

Ok-so tell me why he won a "60/40 Republican district"?

Are you saying Republicans are racists?

Viva Ron Paul

Mr. Ballard- did you send money to Peden based on Gmax's advice? Yes or no?


Viva again he ran in a republican primary. The concepts seem to continually escape you. Try to focus, that may mean stepping away from the bong, however.

JM Hanes


"If I didn't read books I'd have never had any history classes past the civil war."

So true! When I was in HIgh School, other than a tip of the hat to Teddy Roosevelt, that's basically where American History ended and "Modern European History" -- which was an advanced course in which very few enrolled -- began. The rest of the world was just names on maps. VietNam, of course, was a current event; I can just imagine how that's taught now.

My daughter, who expects to end up working in Africa, did her university work in London because African studies are held hostage to politics here. If Columbia is typical, the same can be certainly be said of Middle Eastern studies, and I tend to doubt that Latin America fares much better. The teaching of modern history, it seems to me, is seriously compromised by an ongoing struggle over who gets to write it. The proliferation of superficial analogies suggests the politicized crowd is winning -- although we're hearing a lot less Iraq=VietNam lately, so maybe there's hope.

Viva Ron Paul

And why would Texas Republicans elect a racist?


Hey Viva...Ron Paul had his fifteen minutes...it's over now.

Viva Ron Paul

"Viva again he ran in a republican primary."

Yeah-that I know. I'm trying to figure out 1. if Ballard sent money to Peden based on your advice and 2. why Republican primary voters elected a racist.

Viva Ron Paul

Ben-Mr. Paul is a re-elected Republican congressman. An increasingly rare breed!


"Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) hinted Wednesday that she and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) may wind up as ticket mates."

The Dream Ticket - "Beauty and the Beast".


No one more time Viva, it was a primary. He is not "re-elected" He won the primary. Primary first , general election in the Fall. You really are a Paulbot aren't you? That by the way is not considered a compliment, (since your powers of deduction and reasoning seem to be impaired).

Viva Ron Paul

Gmax-now you're just being stupid for stupid's sake.

Per Ballard-it's a 60/40 Republican district.

If whatever Dem opponent wins that in the fall, there won't be a Republican Congressman in the House in 2009.


Well as Tom Hanks once said in a movie "Stupid is as stupid does" Bragging about supporting Paul is parading it around but keep saying it loud.

Viva Ron Paul

And I may be a Paulbot, but lots of Texans just voted for the guy. Why are you badmouthing the people of Texas?

Loks like Ballard isn't man enough to admit he donated to Peden or polite enough not to admit your advice was worthless, but I'll repeat:

Why did Republican primary voters elect (ok, "vote for" Mr. Technical) a racist?


Lots of Texans? And how many delegates ( that the purpose of the vote Viva to get delegates so they can vote for you at the Convention, oh hell I dont have time to explain it all to you.

Here the results of the race , ZERO delegates. He did manage to beat the guys not still running, barely, and even beat this guy I never heard of UNcommitted by a few thousand. Great showing. I am sure in the next State he will do even better ( since no one will be actively campaigning but the Paulbots wont get it!)

Hugh Cort 0 606 0.10% 918 0.06%
Rudy Giuliani 0 2,560 0.45% 6,169 0.44%
Mike Huckabee 16 183,509 32.78% 521,950 37.79%
Duncan Hunter 0 3,311 0.59% 8,254 0.59%
Alan Keyes 0 3,455 0.61% 8,571 0.62%
John McCain 80 313,412 55.98% 707,622 51.24%
Ron Paul 0 25,937 4.63% 69,824 5.05%
Mitt Romney 0 13,523 2.41% 27,579 1.99%
Fred Thompson 0 4,787 0.85% 11,786 0.85%
Hoa Tran 0 273 0.04% 623 0.04%
Uncommitted 0 8,436 1.50% 17,611 1.27%
----------- -----------
Race Total 559,809 1,380,907

JM Hanes


"However, my point stands that all of you people here who were pimping Peden as a possibility were crazy, and Ron Paul is going back to Congress!!!!"

Well, if GMax is typical, even the folks who'd like to see Ron Paul disappear didn't actually care enough about him to vote in the Republican primary. As far as I'm concerned, he can continue to sponsor legislation that nobody passes for the rest of his natural life and give his many devoted fans something to do every four years. Ron Paul is Ralph Nader without the accomplishments.

Viva Ron Paul

50,000+ plus votes in the primary for U. S. Representative District 14.

So why are you badmouthing these Texas Republicans?



That would hurt BUT you need to explain the cut to him he aint a sharp tool.

Ralph Nader without the accomplishments

But I laughed.

Viva Ron Paul

Well, there's 50,000+ "morons/racists" (per Gmax/Ballard) in Texas voting in a Republican primary for a congressional seat.

Are you saying Gmax is a typical Texas moron?

Viva Ron Paul

a typical Republican Texas moron, I might add.

Other Tom

Don't worry--Paulmania is about to sweep the nation like wildfire. The man is inspirational and charismatic, and as soon as the American people come to know him, he's going to be an irresistible force.


Hell, we could go on about this crap all day, couldn't we?

OT - Isn't that what we get paid for?

(Am I the only one getting paid here?)

Oh dear.

(If I keep this up people will confuse me with "VMH" which just got an Instalaunch!




Why dont you stay down on the canvas instead of getting up and stepping into another punch?

Ok here goes, its an Open primary. Anyone can vote. For example I voted in the democrat primary.

So a bunch of Ronulans showed up and voted trying to keep Ron off their couch.

And he most certainly got nowhere near 50,000+ votes in his district, but again I guess I am being technical. Technical in the sense that I expect you to have some grip on the facts and how the process works, which you have demonstrated three or four times in a row, that you dont.

Viva Ron Paul

Ok, I looked it up- Mr. Paul got 37,000 votes. Oops a lot more than Peden, that is the guy you told Ballard would be a good political donation.

And you're saying none of the people who voted for paul were actual Republicans? Not a single one? And don't tell me it was open to the whole state of Texas. You had to live in that district to vote for Paul right?

Just admit that there'a lot of Texas Republicans that are smarter than you.


Paulbots,sad things really,somewhat like an old space probe carrying its cultural message to the stars.Recordings of the Twist,Italian suits and Cuban heels...


Great a Paulian commenting on a RW thread, the mother ship must have left a few stragglers behind.

GMax great job breaking down the Dem's Texas numerology. I'm still looking throught the threads, but has a delegate count been relesed yet?


Speaking of history, I highly recommend Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" to any of you who haven't read it yet. While I've studied a lot of history, I was particularly weak on WWI up to FDR's election. Goldberg offers some really worthwhile insights on political developments in the world.

I've not completed by "fact checking" of him, but those things that he brings up that I know from other studies are objectively correct.

The use of a "myth" to convince the "people" to give power to a government in an extraordinary manner, explains much about the hype over "Man Made Global Warming."

Great discussion, as always.

Viva Ron Paul

Alright, Gmax-it's been fun (seriously, I like to argue), but I gotta run. You did beat my ass on numerous points, but the fact remains that there at least 37,000 Ronulans living close to Houston.

Keep an eye on them.

And please post here today your prediction as to which party takes Texas in the general.

I say Democrat. What about you?


Ben-Mr. Paul is a re-elected Republican congressman. An increasingly rare breed!

Well Viva, sadly, getting elected in America does not really mean you are qualified or that you are not a whacko. And truth be known, if Adolf Hitler or Hugo Chavez or Genghis Khan were on the ballot, they could probably get 30 000 votes out of 4 million + cast in a Presidential primary. So Ron Paul's total, for non-relevant, nuisance candidate, is probably below average for a "favorite son".

Tom Maguire

What if the Dem ticket is Clinton-Obama (or vice versa)?

We have a race for the best update to the old "Driving Miss Daisy" poster.



The 2006 census has the population of Texas as 23,507,783. Obviously Ronula is a sparsely inhabited planet.

Cecil Turner

[. . .] a typical Republican Texas moron, I might add.

What a shocker, the paulbot appears to be neither Texan nor Republican. Wonder how many of that ilk are similarly Moby-ish? It seemed a little odd that they aped the Kos-kiddie playbook so perfectly, but now that's less of a mystery.

It almost makes sense, just as conservatives hailed the Nader bid. But a GOP spoiler should be a rabid conservative with hard-right values . . . Paul is as likely to peel votes from the nutroots as from GOP faithful. But then again, that also makes sense (the Kos kiddies haven't called one right, yet, have they?).


Note that Dennis Kucinich nutjob on the left got his party nomination last evening as well. He had drawn primary opponents like Paul.

Ultimately the power of incumbency is strong, money talks and if the top of the ticket looks like a foregone conclusion, folks dont turn out and the truly committed followers ( who does that sound like ) may be all thats left in the election.

For what its worth Politico's take on Peden:

But Peden ultimately wasn’t able to raise enough money and organize effectively to end up mounting a serious challenge.

Would more funds have helped ?, we will never know.


What if the Dem ticket is Clinton-Obama (or vice versa)?

I think Hillary's floating that possibility as a way of saying "Vote for me and you can still have him!".
Surely we all know that nobody in his right mind would have Bill Clinton in residence at the Naval Observatory or with access to AF2. Obama would lose all control of his own foreign policy.



Beauty and the Beast

Role reversal!

Driving Miss Daisy....

Oh no you did ant!

These lyrics as the wedding er, theme song for the future Barack and Bilda-

Like the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures,
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were
Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Or has time re-written every line?
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we? could we?
Memries, may be beautiful and yet
Whats too painful to remember
We simply choose to forget
So its the laughter
We will remember
Whenever we remember...
The way we were...
The way we were...


You know if Barack has Bilda as his VP -he better hire a food taster STAT!

And then get a collar for her ankle-with a beeper that alarms if she's inside the perimeter!



There was a time when I thought the Roniacs were recycled Deaniacs, deliberately deployed as a false flag operation.

Other Tom

The GOP will carry Texas in November, for sure.

What I'm hearing on the radio is that Obama did so well in the Texas caucuses that he picked up as many delegates as Hillary gained in Ohio, making the night a wash in the delegate count.

I also hear that an unidentified Hillary staffer has said that "now it's time to mess him up." The white devils are about to go low.


"The blue eyed white devils" to properly use the words of Calypso Louie.


I find it very hard to believe that the Pennsylvanians I grew up around will be swayed by the effeminate, America-hating Obama and spouse. I just don't see Steeler fans voting for Barack. Of course, I find it hard to believe they'd vote for Hillary either, but I think they'd go for her toughness over the weenie Barack.


And don't be shocked, by I have to recommend an absolutely MUST READ article in the NYT.

Violence Leaves Young Iraqis Doubting Clerics

All candidates should be paying attention to the sentiments expressed by these young Iraqis.

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