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March 17, 2008


Appalled Moderate

Was the article racist?


Was it crap?



All three candidates are guilty of arrogance and an inflated sense of entitlement. I mean, seriously...Politicians are by definition, um, seriously convinced that they are inevitably the solution to your problem. A person with a normal ego could not endure the parade of assininity that is the modern campaign.

But, hay, I will defend to the death any AP writer's right to be rediculous.


First "Black President" falling in the polls.

This is humour .. black humour.


According to Rasmussen
"Negative attitudes towards Clinton remain more firmly entrenched than for the other candidates—35% have a Very Unfavorable opinion of Clinton, 29% say the same about Obama, and 18% hold such a negative view of McCain."


Oh, boy, now it's a crucifiction.


In an interview with Gwen Ifill on Newshour here is......

Obama in his own words



Isn't that special? It is everyone else who is being divisive. Certainly not the church he attends.


Ya know it's all about the banks going broke. Gotta bail 'em out. Good for america, bad for them foreigners. Dodd, ya, on that foreign committee thing, screwed me in Chicago with the unions and worker history, everyone thinks I'm a socialist or something and there were all these problems. Dodd, screwing that banking shit too.

Church, not really important, gentics, ya, not that tribal shit in Kenya where CIA brother grew up, it's gentics and we're all the same, African. See, we're all African and gotta go through all this shit, good for America, we never learned African American shit, never learned. Maybe they'll learn when I get 'em some of that cash that the church got me, ya. Socialism, unions, all work'en together, ya. Money, ya, treat them like the liberals. The other people people can have the cash now, ya.


Thanks, glasater.

MS. IFILL: Anybody watching this campaign for the last week to 10 days would think it was all about gender and race between what Geraldine Ferraro said and what your former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, said. Do you look at this and think that maybe with a woman and a black man running against each other that this was going to be an inevitable conversation?

SEN. OBAMA: You know, I'm not sure if it was inevitable. I think that there's no doubt that race and gender are powerful forces in our society. They always have been. And I think it would have been naïve for me to think that I could run and end up with quasi-frontrunner status in a presidential election as potentially the first African-American president that issues, race wouldn't come up any more than Senator Clinton could expect that gender issues might not come up.

But, ultimately, I don't think it's useful. I think we've got to talk about it. I think we've got to process it. But we've got to remind ourselves that what we have in common is far more important than what's different and that if we're going to solve any of these problems, we've got to come together and bridge our differences in ways that we just have not bridged them before.

MS. IFILL: Is that the speech you'll be giving tomorrow in Philadelphia?

SEN. OBAMA: That will be a major focus of it.

I don't think that's quite going to do the trick, Barack. Sounds like the same ol' okey-doke to me.


"What you said"--Sue and PaulL. Just trying to get the hang of the vernacular:-)


'not useful', 'talk about it', 'process it', 'remind ourselves', 'come together', 'bridge differences'.

Wow, he calls that focussed?


I'm glad it's St. Patrick's Day, because that is blarney, apologies to the Celtic.


Yeah, Kim - why blame the poor Celts? On another topic, I heard a little bit of Hannity radio today on my way to the bank, and a black caller had a really good question.

Why hasn't anybody sought out his white grandmother? Surely he had one; or an Aunt or an Uncle or other white relative? They sought out and interviewed his Kenyan relatives.

I thought - yeah, why haven't any of the media looked into his "white" roots? Betcha that would be interesting!


The one thing that I hate the most is having member of Congress, running for President, telling me what legislation they will pass when elected.

I mean, are they current seats in the Senate (or House) useless ? Isn't there a basket for new bills just waiting for their "magic bills" to appear in it ?

I think the answer is Yes .. Yes .. and I won't vote for them.


"that what we have in common is far more important"

I have nothing in common with an American who would sit on a board of the terrorist supporting Woods Fund with William Ayers.


"While the Chicago Sun-Times provides a laundry list of Obama's problematic relationships (Rezko, Farrakhan, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Austan Goolsbee), none may prove more ultimately damaging than fellow Woods fund directors William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn."


Okay, ask Barack how he got his mom a job at the UN.


Does it seem like the world is becoming unconfortably like a Charles McCarry novel.
No, and not the early ones featuring Paul
Christopher; his take of the Bundy/Buckley
bluebloods that were his bosses in the CIA
in the 50s. But the ones like Better Angels, where technocratic republicans are
vilified; Ivy league educated factotums, are
in league with leftist terrorists and those
of the Islamist side; He predicted the rise
of Al Queda and Hamas suicide squads, years
before they came on the market. He predicted
the propensity to game the electoral system through theatrical maneuvers, five years before the 2000 election. He didn't predict
an Obama type, that was more in the way of
Irving Wallace



I haven't made it very far with McCarry. I really like the Miernik Dossier and The Secret Lovers. The Last Supper was a bit over the top.

Have you gotten your hands on the Sandbaggers yet? What do you think of Len Deighton?


It's at the end of the adress:

I don't think Lincoln thought much about why humans would have wings.

It's not our job to attend these 'better angels' because they are not human and are, in fact, creations of lucifer. The threat of filling a vassal with something other than what is considered good like a soul, another lucifer creation, is only that we are vassals and not creations of God with our own lives. We attend others just fine as ourselves.

''Cultural matters, then, are not simply an add-on or an afterthought to the quality of life of a country; they determine the character and essence of the country itself: Private belief is a condition of public spirit; personal responsibility is a condition of public well-being. The investment in private belief must be constantly renewed . . . [because] if that soul is not filled with noble sentiments, with virtue, if we do not attend to 'the better angels of our nature,' it will be filled by something else" (pp. 255,35).-

Better Angels predicts 9/11 if you believe the terrorists just decided on planes instead of bio terror, which is much more effective. The planes and his novels are compromises with time. He always has a family member following in spy footsteps, but, hey, everyone deserves a job.


Obama has been a stealth candidate, the color of his skin deflecting the radar that would have otherwise revealed his authoritarian socialist framework. But he's close enough to visually identify, now.

Incoming, incoming!

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