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March 28, 2008



"These blogs are filled with (purposely) twisted kremlologists endlessly regurgitating sentences that were uttered in a somewhat casual conversation."

There isn't much of a Krem to be an Lologists about nowadays,more Putinologists.
Casual conversation put not a few Mafiosi behind bars,gossip is the key to the soul,not the banal pap of speeches.

Rick Ballard

"Either Wright is wrong or the Sun is obscured by clouds of rhetoric. Given McCain's lack of aversion to statism, I certainly hope that Obama's been fooling the left for all this time (after all, he had to develop his talent for dissembling somewhere, didn't he?) and not the rest of us now."


I remain open to the possibility that BHO was lying about his relationship with the man he claims as spritual advisor and mentor, just as I remain open to the possibility that he mislead Ayers into giving him an endorsement and that he didn't really mean to imply that his grandmother was a "typical white". I consider it very likely that BHO has mislead a great number of people who are close to him and that he will continue to mislead them (and as many others as he deems necessary) in order to advance himself.

I have seen absolutley no reason to disbelieve his total adherence to a slightly modified Shakespearean dictum:

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst then be false to any man."


One of my roommates really really really wanted to go to Princeton, but she didn't get in. Michelle Obama is our age -- I wonder if my roomy would have gotten in if Michelle hadn't gone?

hit and run

The Cathyf Superdelegate UC Rule has been implemented with unanimous consent.

Other Tom

"Sen. Obama was clearly saying that were Rev. Wright not retiring, he would need to be assured that the reverend understood why what he had said had deeply offended people and mischaracterized the greatness of this country."

If that's what his spokesman says he was saying, who can argue? But to say that he was saying it clearly, well, that's something else again...

This fellow will not wear well.


I think there may be some confusion between the "Chicago school of economic thought" (Friedman, et. al.) and the University of Chicago, generally. That's the distinction I think Patrick R. Sullivan is alluding to. To my knowledge, no one from that "Chicago School" is advising Obama, nor is he himself a member.

Standard Wikipedia disclaimer applies, but for lack of a quicker source: Chicago School

UC is a great school, maybe THE great graduate school in the country - but not free from leftist ideology (are any of them?), sadly.


MI, Obama doesn't even want your primary vote to count. Go tend to your flailing auto industry and the indicted mayor of your largest city, and leave us alone.

hit and run

Wright obviously likes to paint caricatures that even he doesn't believe himself.

Obama just as obviously.


Obama is less Chicago School and more Frankfurt School.


Trinity produces a monthly magazine called the Trumpet, and I imagine the Obama family is on its mailing list. In the May 2006 issue, Wright describes the importance of educating children about "the vicious and demonic ideology of white supremacy." I counted 20 times he used "white supremacy"... which he prefers to the word "racism".

Written just before their Afrocentric school was about to open, Wright stresses the importance of educating their children about white supremacy. It's chilling.

* click my name for "Looking Back, Looking Forward, and Looking Ahead"

M. Simon

My son graduated UC last spring so I'm a little up on the latest.

It is the least PC of any of the top tier schools. No speech code for instance. Lots of Muslims on campus though. The women in their head scarves sent a chill through me. Of course they recognized me as an enemy right off. Something about my demeanor - despite my beard and long hair.


MI is right though,JOM should forget all this frippery concerning the candidates and concentrate on the issues

M. Simon

Let me add that it is the most libertarian friendly of the top tier schools. One of the reasons my son attended (that and his will to out do me - a very good boy).

BTW my son cheered the Zell Miller speech in '04 so you know his head is screwed on straight. As I said - a very good boy.


Jamie Gorelick, formerly of the Justice Department, Fannie Mae, 9/11 commission
than representative of Islamic Bankers
Association before the 9/11 class action
suits, perfect choice of client. It seems
the whole anthrax thing has come to a head
and surprise to Kristof and Rozen, Hatfill
isn't in the final cue.


I love the U of C--and it doesn't surprise me at all that someone as smart as Cathy went there. (M. Simon, too, but he says he's a drop out). What I adore is how nice they are to applicants and how much they avoid the hype of other schools..The options they give for essays are so fantastic it is possible for a reasonably creative person to write a novel based on each question. (compare and contrast with the trolling for Oprahish sob stories of the other top tier schools which simply have to shut down the thinking of any normal person.)

M. Simon


Not cue. Que.


narciso, I saw the anthrax story and think it's nonsense..more of the FBI stupid sleuthing I think.




If you want IP addresses tell Tom you want to run the blog for a while to get used to it. Look up evryone's IPs. Sell it to the Mossad. Drive by their houses and say hello like dems do. Don't get carried away and delete comments or he might figure it out.

Super powers like reading minds. This is already out there. Just use the alien device(all it does is have eveything made anyway and that includes your mind) and it knows what a person is thinking and it lets you know 'psychically,' you don't need to hear voices like it's something complicated. It used to be called 'sucking' because the device was being used and, like all luciferian things, the luciferians try to be Satan, which is a device; the luciferians, not really humans, are saying they are(I am) the device and 'making(like in made, which is all the device does; 'buy' everything in existence)' when they are just using lucifer's eye and not satan's device.

So, the reading minds thing is a waste, choose indestrucability like Satan; a 'robot' that has a device that can't be destroyed because, like all things in existence, what it 'buys' it can also destroy.

Rick Ballard





Is anyone else having huge problems with the internet today. I thought it was just me, but both ALLAh and Flip are having the same problems.


Jamie Gorelick, formerly of the Justice Department, Fannie Mae, 9/11 commission
than representative of Islamic Bankers
Association before the 9/11 class action
suits, perfect choice of client.

Also representing Duke University against the Duke Players lawsuit ...

In case you missed it


Can we have a primary do-over?

M. Simon

BTW Fitna is now gone from Live Link.

Religion of Peace strikes again.

LGF has the skinny and links to other servers



I'm not having any trouble with the internet.


I agree about UC, Clarice. But admittedly I am biased because my amazing mother received her Ph.D. from the UC Dept. of English in 1967 at the tender age of 24. (At the commencement ceremony she was 8 months pregnant with my older brother.) I was born in Hyde Park a couple of years later and have achieved comparative mediocrity ever since.



I lost full Internet connection from about midnight and until I went to bed a couple hours later. It was back up when I got up this morning. However, my own server was down for a couple of hours during the morning and some sites weren't loading slow or wouldn't load at all through the afternoon. I haven't seen anything screwy for the last couple of hours.


were loading slow, not weren't


Jane, my connection has been slower than usual since late afternoon. There are short windows of totally normal speeds, however.


Mine was off altogether and just came back on.


It doesn't surprise me either that cathyf went to U of C a really competitive and excellent school.You are a really smart person with excellent insights.
Let's remember which president it was who actually invited Wright to the White House to help him pray for forgiveness-our own Bill Clinton.
Is anyone else as tired as I am of Fox News beating this Wright kerfuffle to the ground? It's time to change the record on the phonograph. Let's talk about how John McCain is going to handle the health care issue before November. Also when I vote for McCain I would like a straight talk Express answer as to whether Medicare is going to be solvent during my retirement. I already have to work 2 extra years because no one can get a handle on the health care coverage debacle.


I"m obviously on but it's slower than dial-up. I refresh, go do something else for 30 minutes and come back. And it's sporadically everywhere. Actually that makes me feel better since I thought i broke something.


This outage must be big. I can hardly get most sites and when I do the hyperlinks don't work.


Maybe you guys being down is why my connection is so fast tonight. ::grin::

I have satellite internet. I don't know if that has anything to do with why mine isn't slow or not working.

M. Simon

I lost service for about 2 hours this afternoon. Cable modem effectively died. All seems well and speeds approximately normal.


"Is anyone else as tired as I am of Fox News beating this Wright kerfuffle to the ground?"

Not me...I think this "kerkuffle" is more like a tsunami that has exposed Obama for what he is...a leftwing radical with an anti-American agenda with absolutely zero potential for promoting any kind of racial unity. I hope the waves keep breaking...

Re McCain he has stated that he will rely on private not government solutions for health care which is music to my ears. I would like to hear more about securing the borders however.

M. Simon


I made up for dropping out by going nuclear power in the Navy. I was told I was the top graduate for a couple of years. Normal final board (a verbal exam) was 1 hour with about 5 examiners. My board had 13 examiners and lasted 3 1/2 hours. It took that long to find a question I couldn't answer properly.

I'm now working on nuclear fusion and the Naval training has served me well.

Let me add that I became an aerospace engineer (one step below rocket scientist) without benefit of degree. School is not the only way to get ahead if you are willing to study hard on your own. (I had gotten girls and drinking under some control). :-)

M. Simon

Oh yeah. I bested a UC Berkeley Physics Professor in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow. Considered the toughest part of the course.

Anyone even getting in UC has my admiration. They don't invite dummies.

And to all you other UC alums. Far out meeting you here.

In fact I would rank most of the posters here at UC level. A very smart group. It is why I like it here. And Tom M. is a Master.

The repartee here reminds me a lot of table talk at UC or with my UC graduate son.


I agree, Ben, this "Wright thing" is not a kerfuffle, but a tsunami. And, I believe there is more to come.

Also, as I keep saying (I apologize for being repetitive) just wait until Michele is un-muzzled!

So, looking forward to that!


I didn't doubt for a moment that you had the grey stuff up there. One of my fav friends is a true rocket scientist of great note. He's my fav because like me he has no sense of time and space...never knows what day it is and can't remember what you told him 2 minutes ago.
A soulmate.


Through RCP there is a lovely article in the National Post by Colby Cosh. After Katrina the most effective organization for saving lives was, may we have the slip please, Wal-Mart.


Now Clarice, many of us have no sense of time and space, but it has more to do with age than brilliance.

Centralcal, I agree on the Tsunami, altho I'm sure McCain won't take advantage of it, so I have no idea how it gains steam.

I still think Hillary might steal it.


Yes, it was,Wal-Mart and bog box retailers like it have also proven the best inflation fighter of my lifetime.

neoneo-con is waiting to see what he of little moral courage(O) will do when confronted with the question of AA.

http://neoneocon.com/2008/03/28/more-on-obama-and-courage>If he only had a heart


I read that about 5 minutes ago and I eagerly await the answer Clarice.


Well, in my case it's age (though it always was a problem). In his, it's brilliance--you'll have to take my word for it..But he has done some truly amazing things and no one outside the aaerospace industry has ever heard of him. (Probably because he's an Iraqi born Jew not a Nazi rocketeer..lol)


**bIg box retailers***

Won't that be something,Jane? Though I expect it'll come up in some softball debate question and we'll only get some slick pre baked answer.


I'm listening to Black preachers on Greta defending crazypants. On one hand they talk of the truth-telling tradition of Black churches. On the other hand they repeat the calumny that at Tuskegee blacks were deliberately injected with syphilis. I think it's time someone smacked this idiocy down.(Was it Boris or Cecil who did such a good job with this the other day?)


I actually love the fact that Greta is bringing on the preachers. Let's examine the divisions. Let's get down and dirty. Bring it on.


I went to grad school at U of C. There is a huge ideological difference between the Department of Economics and GSB - Graduate School of Business ('no free lunch") and the rest of the University. I don't know if anyone remembers the Chicago Boys that revolutionized the economy of Chile. I never had a class with Friedman, unfortunately, but studied under two Nobel Laureates, Merton Miller and George Stigler. After 2 years in that environment, you really become an advocate of free markets and free enterprise and get a distaste for re-distribution of wealth via high taxes. Obama's positions are completely contrary to the UC school of thought in economics or business.


Andrew Rothstein

As a 35+ year resident of Hawaii whose best friend has been a teacher at Punahou since the Seventies, I find Obama's comments in his book about the racist assistant coach doubtful. Punahou has one of the most liberal staffs of any private high school in Hawaii. Has anyone bothered to check the accuracy of the stories he tells about himself? I have the suspicion that his book was an attempt to create a sympathetic background for himself.


"altho I'm sure McCain won't take advantage of it, so I have no idea how it gains steam."

That's why we are here...8)


No,Andrew,but I wonder if your friend would be interested in helping us track that down.If you turn up anything, I'd be delighted to write it up. You can contact me by writing editor@americanthinker.com.


Oops--put attn:Clarice Feldman and he'll forward anything you write to me.

Other Tom

Obama is toast. He has already passed his peak, and there is nothing that can help him now. The central problem is that he was most loved when he was least known, and while there remains a great deal that no one yet knows about him, it is not conceivable that anything yet to be revealed is going to be helpful to him--quite the contrary.

Hillary's hope is that by convention time it will be painfully evident that he has zero chance in November. There are people (your humble servant) who already believe that, and the number can only grow. So she knows there is at least the possibility that she can end up with the nomination, and be the Dem candidate in an election whe will surely lose.

She will thereafter widely understood to be the woman who cost the party its African-American base and divided it for many years to come.

Sure, I'm doing a little dreaming--but ain't this fun?


I don't care if he apologized or not, or if he were going to. Those sermons weren't something he just spouted without thinking. He didn't make up the story about the government inventing the AIDS virus to kill black people. He had to hear and believe it. His admiration for Louis Farrakhan should have tipped Obama off.

It would take a clear change in behavior after a repeated and sincere apology to get him off the hook for this stuff. Just saying, "I regret my statements," seems to close the matter for someone on the left, but a conservative has to say it in a letter of resignation, and then go into seclusion.

Obama's statement indicates that he has a problem with the truth, not just telling it, but knowing it. Now, if we all keep pointing it out for the next 8 months we might just get it to enter the consciousness of enough voters to save the country.


Well, OT, you are generally more conservative than I on predictions..I'm interested that you're "dreaming" so early into the race.
I think our job has to be poking the media over and over for its bias toward him. After the SNK skit they pulled back a little..but we cannot relent. And , boy, are they giving us ammo to use against them.


SNL skit************8


OT: I'm right there with you. It's exactly how I see it playing out. Wishful thinking and all that.

I made up for dropping out by going nuclear power in the Navy.
My husband got that offer when he gradauated from college. Instead he got a UC physics phd, 2 prestigious post-docs, 16 years as a professor, department chair, endowed chair, full professor. In inflation-adjusted terms, he makes considerably less than they were offering to pay him those 25 years ago...

Rememeber Scott Horton was sure Spitzer was set up and didn't do anything wrong just like all the the rest of the corrupt dems-- ahem

Call Girl Linked to Spitzer Knew Reputed Mob Cohort

Federal investigators have developed information that the prostitute whom Eliot Spitzer is said to have met in Washington last month has some relationship with a man who the authorities contend is an associate of organized crime, according to people with knowledge of the matter...

...But the fact that the scope of Ms. Dupré’s contacts included someone the federal government lists as an organized crime associate underscores the dangerously vulnerable position Mr. Spitzer put himself in if he consorted with prostitutes...

...Last month, he was one of 62 people charged in a sweeping indictment brought by federal prosecutors against the Gambino crime family, including 3 reputed leaders of the family, 6 reputed capos, 16 men the authorities classified as soldiers and others, like Mr. Scibelli, whom the government identified as mob associates.


Spitzer May Have Lied, Prosecutor Says

ALBANY — Evidence collected by the Albany district attorney’s office indicates that Gov. Eliot Spitzer lied to the public last year about his role in an effort to discredit a political rival and may have misled the district attorney’s office itself in an interview last year, according to a report released late Friday.

Report from Albany district attorney, P. David Soares.
(pdf, explicit language redacted)
In sworn testimony, Darren Dopp, Mr. Spitzer’s former communications director, portrays Mr. Spitzer as keeping closely abreast of aides’ efforts to compile evidence that the State Senate majority leader, Joseph L. Bruno, the state’s top Republican, misused state cars and helicopters, according to the report. Mr. Dopp goes as far as to describe the governor as enthusiastically issuing the final order to release Mr. Bruno’s travel records to the press.

Mr. Spitzer, by contrast, told the public — and the district attorney’s office — that he was barely involved in the release of the records and had been misled by his own staff about the collection and release of the documents about Mr. Bruno...


"it is not conceivable that anything yet to be revealed is going to be helpful to him--quite the contrary."

I sense a desperation among the media (re Anderson Cooper) and some Democrats that they perceive it the same way, and have decided to see if they can't close it for Obama before the next closet gets rattled. So Hillary is going to have to survive a lot of "she can't win" and "for the good of the party" articles and comments.


and here's a bit more

DA says Spitzer ordered dirty tricks scandal to discredit Bruno

For months, former Governor Spitzer tried to minimize his involvement in Choppergate and a report today shows that he was not telling the truth.

Eliot Spitzer was deeply involved in the release of information to damage his political rival, the state's top Republican Joe Bruno. That's the conclusion of a new report today from the Albany county district attorney. Spitzer is not going to face charges, suffering instead even more disgrace.

Rick Ballard

"Let's get down and dirty. Bring it on."

I dunno, Jane. That's pig wrestling - the pigs like it a bit too much. I think the Tom Wolfe approach mixed with laughing at the prog jerks dumb enough to buy the hustle might work better in the long run.

The ignorant folks chipping in to buy the baiters and hustlers their mansions and beer distributorships and Congressional seats are worthy of a little sympathy. They're no different than the folks that Bobby Byrd hustled as a Grand Kleagle - same ignorance mixed with a low horse power intellect.

Are they any more stupid than the folks who think they saved Gaia by turning off the lights this evening? I don't think so.

There's just not much joy to be found if you're living in a prog plantation with the jive hustlers picking your pockets every damn day and laughing at you while they do it. As I mentioned, my give a damn concerning "race" got busted in '97 and I don't plan on getting it fixed. I do have a desire to see the jive hustlers get taken out and I don't care much about the "how". Any way will do.

BHO wouldn't be a bad start.

Ralph L

The Captain's son who was 59th of 60 in my high school class graduated from Annapolis and Nuclear Power School. I've long suspected a brain-transplant, but I'm also envious. Werner von Braun's son, also a classmate, wasn't a science nerd (his nickname was "Von Bomb").

Obama had to have practiced that answer, and must have known that 90% of View viewers would (mis)interpret it the way TM initially did--and they weren't likely to hear the truth, either, since they don't follow or analyze politics. Disgustingly Clintonesque.


Yes, he is a fancy (verbal) dancer,Ra;[h.


(Good grief!**RaLPh, not Ra;[h)****)


"DA says Spitzer ordered dirty tricks scandal to discredit Bruno"

I find this stuff very distracting from the Republican Culture of Corruption...

Ralph L

I have been elevated to Egyptian divinity.


O.K. Or--you have been a witness to the work of the worst typist/proofreader in the world,Ra!


"I have been elevated to Egyptian divinity."

And you should feel honored, considering the Egyptians had a god named Nut too....

Ralph L

I am. I should have specified Ancient Egypt. Don't want the modern ones mad at me (any more than they already are).

Ralph L

I was told in high school theology class that Is, Ra, El were names of ancient gods (or ancient name for God (El)).


"Nut was originally married to Ra, but she only loved Geb. As punishment, Ra forced them apart which is why Nut must spend her days in the sky."

Ralph L

And Ra proclaimed: Sometimes you feel like a Nut, sometimes you don't!


on craigslist right not

Riots or Hillary

Reply to: comm-622250835@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-03-28, 3:22PM PDT

If the obamaites keep demanding that Hillary step down .It's time for all Hillary supporters to hit the streets ... Riot or do what ever is necessary To keep the Fucking black ass holes from taking over the Democratic party .And please scream for Howard Deans Fucking head .. He has done more to destroy this party than any Republican could ever hope to.

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 622250835

WOW. Um racist Dem much? Violent too?


on craigslist right noW


Why is it that this Obama story continues to read like a chapter from "Invisible Man" ?


...describing both a reality (Wright's announced retirement) and a hypothetical (Wright's apology) as having equal weight...

Boy, am I late to this dance, but...

It appears to me that it's a equivocal problem between thoughts/terms, which TM notes above.

No doubt that Obama is a wordsmith who likes to create these conundrums and then dare anyone to pick at them.


Try a new concept ..

Truth we can believe in

M. Simon


Engineers do better. The reason: they have to make decisions involving real money.

Of course rocket scientists have more prestige.

M. Simon


There is no chance that Obama is not going to be the nominee no matter how badly the Big O falls from here on out. His only way to lose is the proverbial "live boy or dead girl...". I do not think the party wants a redo of '67.

May I also commend you to this post Real Conservatives by my blog host Eric at Classical values. There is a faction of the R Party that wants to lose this election - badly - but only to Hillary. Obama has upset their apple cart.

The Republican Party is cracking up too. I don't think either party can last much longer. The internal strains are just to great.

M. Simon


Would you have your husband look into this:

Easy Low Cost No Radiation Fusion

and this:

IEC Fusion Technology blog


WB-7 First Plasma

If experiments underway show promise the project is going to ramp up and some help may be required. My e-mail is on the side bar. Have him contact me if he is interested.

M. Simon

BTW my reference to '67 was mistaken. I meant '68 when Detroit and a few other cities burned.

All that hate being taught by Wright and others has to be a ticking time bomb. The D pols have to know it. As OT pointed out.



let me be the first to encourage [Obama] to switch his campaign to position of U.N. Secretary General.

narciso, responding to a question about why the Times or London has been more attentive to Obama's problem areas than most American publications:

GMax it's because he's they consider him more a creature of Her Majesty's Commonwealth (Kenya)than an American politico. As someone pointed out, he was at one point a Kenyan citizen by birth; even though he was born in Hawaii.

narciso's quote reminds me that, in the course of disputing the claim that Obama is a Kenyan citizen, I'd suggested he might be a British overseas citizen. The global outcry should a holder American-British dual nationality be a serious contender for the secretary generalship is almost reason enough to nominate Obama for the post. (I did say "almost.") However, should his nomination prompt the British tabloids to dub him "The Mancunian Candidate," I do believe I would lose the will to resist.


Having done some more research, my current view is that Obama lost his citizenship of the United Kingdom and Colonies when Kenya became independent and then lost his Kenyan nationality at age 23. I think he might be eligible to apply to resume British nationality, presumably as a British overseas citizen.


What is Obama's tie to U of C other than as lecturer at its law school and his children attending the private U of C Lab Schools?

OTOH, Dwight Hopkins is a U of C theology professor and says of himself: "When Hopkins is not teaching at the University of Chicago, he is teaching at Trinity United Church of Christ where his students expect to be treated as his university students." Hopkins is a committed Conehead, receiving 2 MAs and his PhD at the knee of Cone himself at Union T. Seminary.

M. Simon


An incestuous little community isn't it? I was well aware of those connections.

Less PC != less crazy.

!= is software speak for not equal.

Also - look at the pictures of these guys. They all seem to have a lot of white blood in their backgrounds. In the black community there is a lot of resent that these less than black folks seem to rise to the top. Some of them compensate by being ultra black.

That was what the "black enough?" flap was about. Which is why Obama can't give it up.

Don't even get me started on Clarence Thomas. Our most libertarian justice in decades.


That's interesting, M. Simon. TY

Wright looks rather pale imo and described himself in the 60's as having "a red afro".


Truth that's True.

No Elliott we don't want him here jumping the queue for a council house.


This Jeremiah Wright? Could be arrested for a "Bleach of the Priest"


Heh, PUK, just another guilty white liberal seeking some black authenticity.

Anybody notice that Obama is a co-dependent? Could be a little ACOA, too.


This is one of the most asinine "waste of time and talent" of an article I have ever read. I could give a flip on what Rev. Wright said about America. We've all complained about America. Stop the blasted hyperbolic coverage of the story and get to some real issues. If white people didn't know black people talked like that (right or wrong) then shame on you for being so out of touch with your brothers and sisters. Yes they are still angry, some very angry. Now what the hell are we going to do about the situation. THAT"S what we should be dedicating 2500 or more words to, solutions. I'm sick of immature adolescent aruguments framed in big words by the media and its ego driven commentators and reporters.

If white people didn't know black people talked like that (right or wrong) then shame on you for being so out of touch with your brothers and sisters.

Ben: Obama himself claims he didn't find out Wright talked like that until early 2007, and Obama has attended Wright's church for 20 years.


It was obviously a comment about a hypothetical (if Wright had both not retired AND not apologized...).

This was clear to me the first time I heard this clip. It didn't even occur to me to interpret it any other way... certainly not as some sort of deception on Obama's part.

You are really reaching for this one. If you're going to accuse Obama of lying, you need to come up with a case that is at least remotely credible.


What Obama apparently meant was "well it wasn't as dramaatic as either he goes or I go, had he simply acknowledged what he said was out of line that would have been okay too". IOW retiring settled the issue but there were other possible resolutions.

Given that the proper way to say it would have been:

Had the reverend not retired, and then had he not acknowledged that what he had said ...

Because AND is not often used as a logic operator in spoken english and the paraphrase form: IF not A and IF not B THEN C does not work as a logic expression. One either has to remove the second IF to make it a valid logic expression or change AND to AND THEN to make it a procedure easy to flow diagram.

As spoken the most common plain english interpretation was: IF not A THEN C and IF not B THEN C which implies an acknowledgment did occur. IMO the argument wasn't that interpretation was the one and only, just that it was perfectly logical.

Some people got what he meant and others heard what he said and got something different. BFD


I will thank for my friends bringing me in this world. I am not regret to buy Hellgate Palladium .

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