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March 05, 2008



To quote Slappy Squirrel:

Now that's comedy


and, lest we forget, John McCain stayed in the Navy after his release from Vietnam. He was a fighter squadron commander. The unit he commanded won a Meritorius Unit Commendation.

He was also the US Navy's Liaison to the US Senate in the late '70s.

One result of the Forrestal fire incident was that McCain was given the option of returning stateside. Unlike Kerry, McCain chose to stay and was reassigned to another carrier.



For Imus, isn't that the "pot calling the kettle black"? If McCain looks 100, then Mr. not-so-nappy-headed looks 200. As is sad, Imus has a face for radio.


I listened to Imus for the first time since his comeback on Monday on my trip home from Philly. He had Britt Hume on as a guest. He said he'd discovered Fox News about a year ago, and even tho he's a liberal was amazed that it gave both sides of every story. He commented that Fox was the only channel that did that.

WEll duh. Nevertheless I was happy he said it. Oh and Britt was great as always,..

bio mom

In the end I truly believe that the American electorate will vote on maturity not youth. If McCain loses it won't be due to age. The kids think the world revolves around them. We adults let them think that but not where it counts. The Catholic church chose a 78 year old Pope!! Churchill was 78 when he became prime minister the second time. Reagan was "old" at a time when life expectancy was even shorter than it is now. And the over 65ers vote in droves.

Elroy Jetson

Imus looks like he needs help getting into his chair behind the mic. And he actually said that about McCain?
He is so self-unaware it is dangerous.



Were you a member of the Rubber Ducky Tabernacle choir?

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