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March 06, 2008



But has she sinned?

Other Tom

And Obama prays to Jesus every night. Sounds like a couple of bible-thumping rednecks running against each other.


A politician's answer to questions about the Bible. Watch her dodge and weave.


What IS Steve Winwood up to these days?

Rick Ballard


The Times of London drops another Rezko lot shoe on BHO's head.

A copy of the sale contract shown to Bloomberg News disclosed that the Obamas submitted three bids: $1.3million on January 15, 2005; $1.5million on January 21; and $1.65million on January 23.

Hmmm... When was permission granted to the Docs for the new boundaries between the lots? It looks like April 15, 2005 is the first filing for PIN 20-11-115-034-0000 (BHO) which superceded PIN 20-11-115-026-0000 (previous owners).

When did ma belle Michelle resign her post on the Hysterical Commission (which had to sign off on the split)?

I really don't mind cheap Chicago political crooks. If the citizens of Chicago are satisfied with the wholesale thievery and knavery that is embodied by the Dem machine, who am I to complain?

Sending a Chicago machine pol to the WH is a different matter. We will be better off if the MO-BHO Show stays in Chicago just as America would have been better off if the Hill-Bill Show had stayed in Arkansas.

Do the Dems have any pols at all who aren't cheap grifters?


cheap grifters?

Yes, most emphatically yes. Several of them are not cheap at all, but rather extraordinary.


From the Times of London story a nugget:

The Obamas bought the mock Georgian mansion in a trust that concealed their identity behind the name Northern Trust No 10209. Bill Burton, Mr Obama's spokesman, told The Times that they did so for “a measure of privacy” and said they were the only beneficiaries of the trust.

so its quite possible that the Drs. did not know who was buying the property. The Trust was probably used on the LOI ( Letter of Intent ) as well. So Drs say, HMMMM well we dont want to sell one without the other, dont know who we are dealing but everything must close the same day. In other words to the Drs, it was all one transaction. And to the Obamas too, right down to mowing the grass.


Grifters is so right. Do Obama and wifey also steal furniture from Chicago's statehouse?I remember Hil and Bill's dreamhouse was financed by McCauliffe up in Chappaqua. Follow-up question for Hil since I have relatives who live in upstate New York.Where are those 200.000 jobs you promised us when you ran for the senate?


Now MayBee, she answered that in the last debate. She expected Al Gore to be president. IOW it's all Bush's fault.


Maryrose, not MayBee - sorry.


"Do the Dems have any pols at all who aren't cheap grifters?"

Rhetorical question, of course.

Rick Ballard


I don't think so - the Trust hid the mortgage but the Docs knew Rezko and the offer was presented by a real estate agent who had worked with him (Rezko) previously. There is no suggestion that the offer (which became the sales contract) was anonymous.

It's sort of like the rather amateurish manner in which the change in PINs was done. OK by Chicago cheap graft standards (or Arkansas land deal standards) but a little too susceptible to discovery if you're playing with the Feds or vying for the Presidential nomination (unless you're a couple of cheap grifters from Arkansas).


Since we are discussing religion here, it seems Obama's grandmother can't decide if she is a devout Christian or a devout Muslim.

http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=29154_Obamas_Grandmother_Changes_Islam_Story&only>Grandmother changes Islam Story

Rick Ballard


Sounds like a Sunnitarian to me.


I really like the cheap grifter definition, it seems free of any sexist or racist connotation, which is hard to come by these days. It's also not anti-Muslim or anti-Holy Spirit.


Happened once before when Chelsea was conceived.


That was presence of the bored, Pete.



When did ma belle Michelle resign her post on the Hysterical Commission (which had to sign off on the split)?

Found this regarding the house...

All the standard warnings apply, but if the article is accurate, MO resigned from the board in March 2005.

I'm not re-assured that the Red Witch has had her "Coming to Jesus" moment either.


Rezkorama Enough to keep Elliot Ness happy.

Cecil Turner

From Drudge, Obama Aide Calls Hillary "Monster":

"She is a monster, too – that is off the record – she is stooping to anything," Ms Power said, hastily trying to withdraw her remark.
Yeah, no kidding. The question is, what type. Some say witch, mostly 'round these parts we posit some sort of undead (though whether a zombie/ghoul like Night of the Living Dead or a vampire remains a matter of dispute). It makes a big difference as to what sort of countermeasures one deploys.

So, during this "presence of the Lord" moment, did anyone see her actually touch a cross (or cast a reflection in a mirror, for that matter)? I'm bettin' not.


Obama called Ken Starr, Hillary called a Monster...it's going to be one hell of a Jekyll and Hyde ticket, there hasn't been a union of convenience of that magnitude, since, uhh, the Clinton's marriage.


Clearly a Nessie Monster. Like a corpse bobbing to the surface. Well, anyway, that would be a good way to spin the remark. Obama's probably privately congratulating her.


Also, I wonder how Hillary got Bill to shut up. Nothing ever worked before. I'll bet staff is telling him he's gone senile, and to watch it.


nah, they found him an intern....

Biscuits of Love

When Dubya spoke of God's presence he was derided by the left.

Did the libs suddenly find religion, just as they found love for the military when Kerry appeared on stage?


And love for the CIA when Joe Wilson spake?


Perhaps Hillary might find peace in Obama. Obama is peace.

Soylent Red

Hillary: “I Have Felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit”

That seems strange to me because for eight long years her and her husband frequently made me exclaim "Jesus Christ!"


Powers is Chayes 2. Chayes bought in a lot of cash. She probably made more working with the planning and funding of the Afghanistan war than anyone. They are the same histories, except for the pc. She will make a good spy.

Foreign policy Obama, Hillary and McCain all get along. I assume McCain bought all the latin american socialsim chicago worker Oprah African church thing. Well, sometimes you've got to say Kerry and commis and chef and, well, some people just don't make it.

hit and run

That seems strange to me because for eight long years her and her husband frequently made me exclaim "Jesus Christ!"

Soylent, don't make me write up a dialogue of Bill using the Lord's name in excitement while behind closed doors in the Oval Office.

Not gonna do it.


The Story is more and more interesting! http://www.spymac.com/details/?2349694


"Hillary: “I Have Felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit”

"I shall divest myself of all worldly possessions,take holy orders and spend my life working with the poor and the sick"


Good Morning! The Rezko trial is on hold today, instead we have a cat fight between the "MONSTER" Hillary and the "Ken Starr" Messiah.

It should be fun.

Glenn's got a bit from Porkbusters up about how republicans would rather line their pockets than get re-elected. I say THROW THE BUMS OUT!

Meanwhile we are waiting to see if the dems will seat the MI and FL delegates, and if so, how? And who will pay for it.

Stay tuned!


The interviewer asks her if she still carries a bible in her purse. She says yes, and instead of the interviewer saying -show it to me - Hillary gets away with the Clintonian "it's in one of my bags" A little thing, but indicative of how the Clintons get to make up the "little things" without getting called on it.


What IS Steve Winwood up to these days?

Posted by: anduril

He is opening for Tom Petty this summer..

hit and run

I told myself I wouldn't do the shameless self promotion thing here. But dangit I was up until 2am working on this so you're just gonna have to indulge me.

MichelleO writes a book

For the record, please note, THIS IS NOT A PHOTOSHOP!

Ok that's a bit deceiving.

The image was made using Paint Shop Pro


That's great Hit. Nice job.


Audacity of Cope.

I like it!


Paint Shop Pro? Only a cynic would use Paint Shop Pro! Your soul must be broken. Your Coping Skills need to be Obamanized, stat.

hit and run

Well it was providence...I sat down thinking I was going to hack it up using MS Paint.

I had done the free trial thing on PSP but it had run put a while ago. But I opened it just for the heck of it...and lo and behold I got a 15 day extension.

Praise Obama!


Cool as cool can be, Hit.


RJNeuhaus has a timely book review: . Here are the first few paragraphs, however the entire review is well worth your time. From the comments I've been reading above, a number of you should find this stimulating:


The Secular Conscience

By Richard John Neuhaus
Friday, March 7, 2008, 6:50 AM

Do not be put off because it is published by Prometheus Press, the source of a seemingly endless flood of secular humanist and anti-religious propaganda. Nor by the fact that the book is endorsed by the notorious Peter Singer, Princeton’s contribution to helping us make our peace with infanticide and other enormities, and also by Sam Harris, the slash and burn author of The End of Faith.

Austin Dacey’s The Secular Conscience: Why Belief Belongs in Public Life, published this month, is a welcome contribution to the way we think and argue about the right ordering—which inescapably means the moral ordering— of the society of which we are all part. He notes that, when I published The Naked Public Square more than twenty years ago, liberal secularists had to a very large extent excluded from public discourse explicitly moral arguments—and especially arguments associated with a recognizable religious tradition. Now secularists are alarmed and appalled by the inundation of moral and religious language in the public square, but they have learned nothing. They are still, against their own interests, pursuing the same policy of exclusion.

Here is Dacey’s thesis: “Secularists have the moral high ground, if they will only claim it, and in so doing break the religious monopoly on the language of ethics and values. . . . Secular liberalism is in disarray. Abroad, the confrontation with Islamic totalitarianism shakes the complacency of the open society. At home, liberals are soul searching. This book attempts to show how they can reclaim the language of meaning, morality, and values in the culture wars at home and in the struggle for toleration abroad. They must remove the gag order on ethics, values, and religion in public debate; hold religious claims accountable to public criticism; rediscover the secular moral conscience; and advance a moral case for their values of personal autonomy, equality, toleration, self-criticism, and well-being.”

On almost all the hot-button issues—abortion, embryo-destructive research, same-sex marriage, Darwinism as a comprehensive philosophy, etc.—Dacey is, in my judgment, on the wrong side. But he is right about one very big thing. These contests are not between people who, on the one side, are trying to impose their morality on others, and people who, on the other side, subscribe to a purely procedural and amoral rationality. Over the years, some of us have been trying to elicit from our opponents the recognition that they, too, are making moral arguments and hoping that their moral vision will prevail. But in the world of secular liberalism, morality is the motive that dare not speak its name. Austin Dacey strongly agrees. I expect he would not agree that the secularist moral vision entails a quasi-religious understanding of reality, but one step at a time, and The Secular Conscience is a critically important first step.

Dacey has quibbles with Pope Benedict’s analysis of moral “relativism,” but he admits that “secular liberals find it had to shake the lingering feeling that there is something to the pope’s diagnosis. Something disquieting has been happening to the Western mind over the last half century.” He writes about a philosophy professor who reports that none of his students are Holocaust deniers, but an increasing number are even worse: “They acknowledge the fact, even deplore it, but cannot bring themselves to condemn it morally.” Who are they to say that the Nazis were morally wrong? And so it is also with apartheid, slavery, and ethnic cleansing. For these students, passing moral judgment “is to be a moral ‘absolutist,’ and having been taught that there are no absolutes, they now see any judgment as arbitrary, intolerant, and authoritarian.”

Continued here.

Charlie (Colorado)

Not gonna do it.

Wouldn't be prudent.


Thanks, anduril, that was interesting. I always enjoy First Things/Neuhaus.


Looks like Hil is upping the stakes in the religion field... 'I'll see your praying to Jesus and raise you the Holy Ghost and a Bible in my purse.'

What's Obama got left to come back with? A New Testament in his jacket pocket?


Nie ma za co.


Ranger, a young man seeing visions? Apparitions are likely next.


Anduril--referring to your just above comment--some years ago I wrote and presented a very small paper on the correlation of manners and morality. I came across a British philosopher name of Philippa Foot who was influential in the early seventies.

If you want to wade through her thinking on ethics you can find some information here.


Thanks, glasater. Moral philosophy isn't my primary interest. However, I do like the thought of a slightly younger (9 years) contemporary of Foot--Alasdair MacIntyre. I have to assume he knew her, since his thought developed in a somewhat similar direction and both were influenced by Elizabeth Anscombe (Foot reviewed MacIntyre's "After Virtue" for the Times Literary Supplement).

There is a link to MacIntyre at Wikipedia, of course, as well as this pretty accessible discussion of MacIntyre's thought: Lecture 9: After Virtue. ("Lecture 8: Rediscovering Virtue" references Foot as among those analytic thinkers who rediscovered Aristotelian virtue theory.)


Life is simple, really. Do not kill, do not steal, do not lie and do not commit sexual folly. The judgments about the last two are not always easy, though.

Soylent Red

What's Obama got left to come back with?

Why Ranger...

He's the peace that passes for understanding. What else does he need?

You are obviously not of The Body


Thanks Anduril. What I was trying to write and think on at the time of my little paper was "road rage" and how that had come to be.

My research pitted Miss Manners against Ms. Foot--who'd have thunk?


"What's Obama got left to come back with? A New Testament in his jacket pocket?"

Loaves and fishes.


"Life is simple, really. Do not kill, do not steal, do not lie and do not commit sexual folly."

If you can't manage that,go into politics.




Peter, I knew there was a snappy comment to be made--and you made it.

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