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March 14, 2008



HEH:"How the heck does Obama roll the bus over his own minister and wife? Film at 11! And do enjoy the "Obama will survive and thrive" responses, which amount to, hey, its only his minister. Good luck with that! (No, not too swift of them)."

I wish I'd taken notes on it, but Fox just ran a very very anti-Israeli sermon not before made public. (How many more will show up? Lots, I think.)
At some point, Obama's going to end up saying he slept in the pews every Sunday.

I hope this doesn't cost him the nomination. It will definitely kill him in the general. In fact, I think it'll cost the Dems votes no matter which of these two losers gets the nomination.
(Podhoretz has a good note out with which I agree..Hill hasn't dropped out, not because she can't do the math but because she is hoping for an Obama implosion that turns the tide.)


I ,too, thought Heminway's bit was the best, TM.

Patrick R. Sullivan

This is just great for the Dems. Obama's nutter Minister--who thinks Jesus was a Black, not a Jew--makes him unacceptable to about 70% of the electorate.

So, what's a super-delegate to do? Take the nomination away from Obama at the convention and tick off the solid Black vote? Or, drink the Kool-Aid?

Rick Ballard

How is this going to play in the Dem plantations? Rendell and Ferraro (close RW supporters) started it and fanned the flames but the many Revs who use Wright style rhetoric to fill their coffers have to be very careful about nipping at cankles 'cause they know RW has a payback streak that will result in a fall in 'walking around' revenues should she win. Where can they focus their paranoid ravings without risking damage to their bankrolls?

There's the rub (Stoller's musings notwithstanding). The current crew of Dem black overseers know damn well that BHO's chances have always been minimal just as they know that RW will get even if she wins.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. What a conundrum and a pity. I sure hope they get it all straightened out by McCain's inauguration.


There is a large generational gap in the black community between those who fought in the Civil Rights movement and that generation that came after it. Let's face it: folks like Rev. Wright have every right to be quite angry. Imaging serving your country in the military and then coming back and then being forced to use separate bathrooms or dining facilities? And even worse? Being called "nigger" and "boy" in front of your children?

That doesn't excuse his inflammatory and absurd and ugly rhetoric; but it does explain the sources of his conduct.

Apparently, Obama was trying - or is - to bridge both. Difficult balancing act.

If he pulls it off, he'll be president. If not this time, the next.

Count on it: he's going to be president of this country in our lifetime.


Well, he hasn't set foot on the Bob Jones University campus.
Doesn't lookl like he's winning them over at HuffPo though my tolerance for reading much there is limited.


Perhaps he could Steve, but first he has to be honest with himself, and I don't see that happening yet.


Fox says Obama told the Chic Tribune he received more money for his early campaigns from Rezko than he earlier reported and admitted to multiple lapses of judgement in the real estate deal with him.


He's living in a haunting house.


http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2008/03/obamas_incredible_denial_conce.html>One minister's view


He's done. That's my prediction. He's absolutely done. Now the issue is the timing. Will his devotees move to Hillary? This would have been better to come out after PA. But Hillary couldn't wait that long.

I love the Rezko admission. Obama thinks he can mask that admission within the horror of the Wright story. And he probably will. But he is done.


Some of the videos go as far back as 2001. . .what if there is a video with Michelle and Barry in attendance? That should be a big concern to his campaign.

Rick Ballard

RW is playing a little hardball now. She did try to get the pathetic media to do their work before she started firing those high inside pitches.


The minister's letter is, IMO, 100% on the mark. BHO wasn't chained to a pew any more than anyone held a gun to his head to get him to take Rezko's dough. He's a gifted speaker with a modicum of charisma who happens to be a cheap political hack willing to trade influence for money. RW had to have had him pegged within 20 seconds of hearing him open his mouth for the first time.

She's pretty familiar with the type.


Are there any links to the Rezko admission yet?
I just got back from getting my hair cut, so I haven't looked around.


Oh, found http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-obama-rezkomar15,0,848648.story>it.


Yes. Jane I suppose his damage control team advised him to get it all out at once. Won't help.

He can't tell the truth so this will continue. The truth is he has not a religious bone in his body and joined the church and linked up with Wright for 20 years because it was politically useful to do so.
He knew damn well the kind of guy he was.
Everyone there must know, but if you want to be a poll from the South Side, you need him.


He's done. I can feel it.

The only issue is timing. I would have preferred this come out after PA, but Hillary obviously isn't working under my timetable.


I feel it, too, Jane.

Crew v1.0

I continue to insist that Sen. Obama is not post-partisan so long as he continues, against all evidence to the contrary, to hound Democrats who support OIF by labelling the liberation of Iraq as the worst foreign policy blunder in a generation, or whatever the hell the talking point reads to say. It is not, and so long as he whines that it is, he is providing compelling evidence for the thesis that he is just about as "post-partisan" as, say, Tom DeLay or Harry Reid.


Butter doesn't melt in this guy's mouth. He'll stick around for the convention despite this mess, just as Hillary stuck around when it appeared hopeless.

The Democratic Party is suffering the cognitive dissonance it deserves, and in my not very humble opinion, asked for.


Imagine what they could have done as the loyal opposition for the most honest and competent administration we've had lately. Instead, they've trashed Bush unmercifully, with the ignorant and gleeful chorus of the media in abettance.

Historians will write of popular delusions, and the madness of crowds.


Let's face it: folks like Rev. Wright have every right to be quite angry.
How long does that right last? I would think his disgust at the horrible unfairness that is American life would have started to ebb the minute he drove the Porsche off the dealership lot.


So Fox says that CNN is not even reporting the story, same with the networks. Anyone watching?


That's funny bgates. Thirty years ago someone suggested that Medicare give every newly graduating MD a Jaguar to dampen future greed. Too bad it was a joke; it would have been cost effective.


From Politico:

Wright leaves Obama campaign

Spokesman Tommy Vietor emails:

"Rev. Wright is no longer serving on the African American Religious Leadership Committee."

That cuts Wright's only formal tie to Obama, and answers what was sure to be a question in Obama's interviews tonight: If Geraldine Ferraro had to leave the Clinton campaign, why is Wright different.

He's toast.


Let's face it: folks like Rev. Wright have every right to be quite angry.

Well he doesn't have "every right" to be angry with me. My ancestors lost their property and nearly lost their lives for getting caught being a stop on the Underground Railroad running through their Pennsylvania farm. They were on the forefront of the anti-slavery movement and were on the frontlines of the civil rights movement of the '60s and even before.


He doesn't have any "right" to be angry. How stupid is that? But hey, if you and he want to shoot yourself in the foot every day of your life, have at it.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......while everyone is spending time on THIS~~~~~~oil prices are going up!


Sara, you're right about not all of us "whites" not having a slavery stain on our ancestry. All of my people came to this country from Norway, and the one set of great-grandparents to come before the Civil War were ardent and vocal abolitionists. Norwegian immigrants by and large were abolitionists, and because of that sentiment they became Republicans. When war came, they marched off to defend the Union and defeat slavery. Anyone can read the history of the units raised in the Midwest and discover the large percentages of Norwegians and their valor. Other folks can trace back to recent immigrants who came shortly before the war, and who also fought valiantly for the Union. And, of course, those whose ancestors came after the Civil War can hardly be blamed for slavery. Lots of folks can take their ancestry back to old Yankee stock that opposed slavery. Just how much digging and analysis do we need on this white guilt baloney? What about the black folks with white slaveholder ancestry? The mind boggles. Even the generation involved with the struggle for civil rights is largely gone. Time to move on.


Oops, typos abound. I meant not all of us whites having a slavery stain.


Well he doesn't have "every right" to be angry with me.

His comments are directed at America, not you personally.

I agree that his anger is misplaced and obviously leads to conclusions and judgments about this country that are demonstrably false, unfair and unacceptable.

But how would you react having served in the military for your country, being a good person, and then coming back to that country and being called "nigger" and "boy" in front of your children? Being treated like trash day after day, month after month, year after year?

It's the only natural reaction by any human. And so it doesn't do any good to just say, "Reverend, you're a nut".

The great danger is that his views influence the younger generation of blacks.

As George Kennan pointed out in his famous "Mr. X" article:

"It is an undeniable privilege of every man to prove himself right in the thesis that the world is his enemy; for if he reiterates it frequently enough and makes it the background of his conduct he is bound eventually to be right."

Rev. Wright clearly hates America. And he makes it the background of his conduct so that he gets what he wants. That is, America hating him back.


When the Mullah Wright invokes the spirit of Martin Luther King, I wonder if his parishoners think telling people from childhood that they are constantly oppressed by people with a certain skin color, and are thus entitled to strike back at anyone with that skin color was really what MLK's dream was all about.


how would you react having served in the military ...

Those aren't the people venting this screed.

When it comes to trash talk and violence pretty sure blacks have more than caught up. IMO the disparity fell their way long ago.


Those aren't the people venting this screed

Rev. Wright served in the Marines.

And I'm talking about the general anger that many black Americans of the Civil Rights Era have about their treatment.

Their anger is legitimate.

How they use that anger may or may not be legitimate.


Wright is wrong about the world's #1 killer. That lofty slot is reserved for the "progressive" governments of the world; progressive governments murdered by 4 times more of their own citizens than were killed in combat on all sides during the 20th Century. Nothing has led to more murder than the "progressive" dogma which permeates the "liberation theology" manufactured by Beria for useful idiots like Wright, Che, Castro, Chavez, Noreiga, Arafat and the rest of the cadre elite to exploit for celebrity, authority, and personal financial and sexual enrichment. The data are in. "Progressivism" is the temporal equivalent of Haeckel only with less intellectual rigor and a complete absence of scientific basis. Too bad we can't banish these clowns to the backwaters of the 19th Century where they belong. Wright is not spewing a harmless wrong.


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