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March 17, 2008



Yeah, well if you ever get irked with me I'm hiding because you have a really outstanding memory and means of retrieving the evidence,TM.


What are the odds that tomorrow's speech by Obama makes more people pay attention to the statements of Rev. Wright, his spiritual mentor ?

Is it really possible to distance yourself by calling Rev. Wright wrong ?

I mean, isn't the definition of insanity linked to doing over and over something that just doesn't happen, each and every time ?

Is Obama going to say that he knew Rev. Wright was wrong but was hoping that next week's sermon would be about racial harmony ?
For 20 years ?

By that explanation of events, does Obama owe Bush another 15 years to get the War on Terror right.


If he says Wright was wrong, he will hurt himself in that portion of the Black community that Wright represents, won't he?

I frankly do not see anyway out of this for him.


Lincoln Chafee who has endorsed Obama is now attacking Hill for being a "Bush enabler" on the war. Remember this nutcase when the Senate republican election committee asks you for money---pay direct, skip the morons who gave Chafee money in the last round.


Clarice you nailed. this is one of those OJ moments. The only people saying that Wright's comments have made them more likely to vote for Obama, are of course some blacks. Nearly universal reaction elsewhere is revulsion.

By the way Rasmussen has him nationally behind Hill for the first time in awhile, and his negatives climbing into the 50+ category. He has negatives as high or even higher than Hill.

Congratulations to the Democrat Party. They have two unelectable candidates now.


If Obama had stood up to the excesses of Wright - not totally repudiated him but respectfully challenged his more extreme views - he would today be overwhelmingly elected to the White House.

He was thinking small when he needed to think big.

Events like this tell us a lot about the character of people. To be blunt, I would have chosen his path as well.

McCain could have given in to the North Vietnamese. Not struggled. It would be the easier route and all of us would have understood why he did it. Thinking small.

As I said, events like this tell us a great deal about humans.

What becomes of a man if he gains the Illinois Senate but in the process loses, even for a short time, his soul?


What becomes of a man if he gains the Illinois Senate but in the process loses, even for a short time, his soul?
Well, Steve, as parting gifts our contestant will receive a mansion, a million dollar book deal, a 300 thousand dollar make-work job for his wife, the prospect of lifetime employment in the US Senate, and the adoration of tens of millions of people.


I have a question for those who saw the Obama interview with Major Garrett.

Garrett asked him if he would have quit the church if he heard the sermons by Wright.

Obama said: "If I heard them repeated, I would have quit."

What does the word "repeated" mean in that sentence? Repeated by whom? Does that mean he did hear them, but none of the parishioners whispered the same words in his ear? Is this the fallback position?



I don't think you should worry. If ever you need to go to ground, a mackintosh and a scowl should suffice. We'll all be looking for a genial man smiling affably and wearing a sweater.


Why Are Reverend Wright Videos Disappearing from YouTube?


Boy, the Obamabots are out in force at Douhat's. I would think the sheer weight of the tu quoque arguments would collapse the servers. It's really kind of funny, after years of watching and listening to the Left excoriate various Republicans and conservatives for connections to this or that 'controversial' figure on the Religious Right to finally see "their chickens coming home to roost" (so to speak) on their favored Messiah.

Maybe he should start packing around that briefcase-sized Bible Bill carried during the Lewinsky affair.

Uncle BigBad

What has become of Carol Herman? I kinda miss her.


Yeah, her take on this could be atomic and amusing.


Yeah, her take on this could be atomic and amusing

Reduce the price by half and I'll go along for your ride.


Well, I took a brief tour and couldn't find her. But the Captain has beached himself, jeez I hope she's alright, both of them.

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