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April 18, 2008


Danube of Thought

Good friend is a season ticket holder. He regales me with stories of the fans' lusty expressions of unbridled hatred of the man. A while ago they ceased naming him in the pre-game introductions because of the outpouring of boos and catcalls it regularly precipitated.


Well at least you got Donnie Walsh from the Pacers to lead the Knicks.
He did such a great job with the Pacers the last 3 years, the malice at the palace, Steven Jackson strip club and gun firing, Tinsley, The warriors trade. The drug issues,
No wonder Dolan hired him..
and you thought the Knicks hit rock bottom?
Sorry TM..


Posted this in the wrong section--apologies TM.

NBA approves the Seattle Sonics move to Oklahoma City.

The second story talks about snow in the lowlands of Seattle--first time in 30 years. This one is for Kim.

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