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April 18, 2008



I never want to get on TM's shit list.
Also, when even your demented columnist doesn't read your paper, Pinch, you are in trouble.


The strength of TM's writing lies in his ability to muck out the stalls.

To do that you need to be able to stand the stench. So, either TM has the strength of Hercules, who cleaned the Augean Stables, or no nose.

Danube of Thought

When is somebody going to do a story on people who die needlessly because they're in a single-payer system? I noticed an article yesterday to the effect that while prostate cancer deaths in the US have declined sharply in the past decade (PSA testing), the UK rate has remained unchanged (little or no testing).

My hunch is that TM could bang out such a piece ere the sun sets this night.


he Columbus Dispatch reports that the debts in question had been written off as uncollectable long before her pregnancy, so that it does not appear that they were a barrier to care.

Armando at TalkLeft refuses to accept Krugman's correction, because the debt being uncollectable would not have been removed from her credit report.


Patrick R. Sullivan
2. Many people do in fact die from lack of insurance.

How do we know this to be so?


It amazes me that an opinion columnist for the Times -- surely the most valuable real estate in journalism (still) -- confesses an inability to tell a simple story, and then obfuscates with utter bullshit when it turns out that he was completely and unambiguously wrong. Not that this will surprise anyone, but the possibilities are that Krugman is either a liar or an idiot. Maybe even both.


So, either TM has the strength of Hercules, who cleaned the Augean Stables, or no nose.

sbw, while reading your comment an amusing onomastic similarity occurred to me. One might be tempted to say that Rezko and Obama occupy a place in the Auchian (or Auchean) stables.

On the far more agreeable subject of our most excellent host:

"May his wonders never cease/he has the strength of ten/first in war, first in peace/first in the hearts of his countrymen!" as the courtiers said in "The Coming of Gowf."

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