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April 06, 2008


M. Simon

I'm honored. Thank you.



I read your piece last night when you linked it. Very nice.


Ditto, Simon. It was excellent.


Buy a gallon of ethanol, starve a dozen children.


Nobody ever died falling off the edge of a flat earth, but people are dying because of the delusions of the warm earthers.

Rick Ballard


The point of the whole exercise is to kill as many as possible, is it not? Preferably brown or black or yellow but white will do in a pinch. As Simon ably notes, the roots lie in the idiocy of marxist static analysis which feeds the "sustainability" loons concept of a one size pie which must be divided into ever smaller pieces.

We think of Stalin and Mao as being marxism's greatest killers but I'm curious as to whether Margaret Sanger and Rachel Carson don't deserve, if not equal billing, at least a solid third and fourth place - well ahead of Pol Pot. Hansen and Mann are working their way up to Honorable Mention status (with Gore's help).

Death, slavery and starvation - the true Progressive Way.


But if you can make a boogie man out of those horrible Corporations, what is a little collateral damage. I agree that most of these architects ( not the mindless minions ) dont care about much except finding a new wrapper for their socialism. It just does not sell to promise the unwashed a true paradise like Castro's Cuba, they just wont buy.


I know, Rick. One of the most maddening aspects of this whole debate is the eagerness of some of the environmentalists to cull the human herd. At one time I thought that pointing out such despicable ethics to the most rabid of the warm earthers might shame them into re-thinking their stances, but they shed the implication like water off a duck's back. Many souls are going to Hell over all this, the sooner the better.


Many of these warm earthers sit in their precious little first world paradises believing that the hardships will only fall on the poor and powerless of the earth. However, the consequences of the coming social dislocations will be felt everywhere. Indeed, resentment over preferential hydrocarbon use by first worlders and the benefits not trickling down to third worlders is part of the dynamic behind radical Islam. It'll only get worse as the dispossessed see carbon capping denying them the promises of human potential.

Charlie (Colorado)

Completely off topic --- I mean completely off topic --- but there's an ad for "Christian Singles" to the left just now, from which I infer that Christian Single women are blue eyed blondes with big knockers.

That ought to inspire some conversions.

Charlie (Colorado)

It'll only get worse as the dispossessed see carbon capping denying them the promises of human potential.

Kim, I think you're being overly pessimistic. What makes you imagine that the third world is going to pay any attention whatsoever to carbon cap proposals?


By 'worse' in that context, I meant diplomatic tensions between 3rd worlders and first worlders about the various carbon capping schemes. To be optimistic, I think diplomats will be among the first to recognize the silliness of these tensions in a cooling world. Carbon capping is a diversion from real problems in a world with plenty of them.

M. Simon

Thanks all for the compliments! It warms my heart!!

I just read some where that in ultra-environmental Seattle some gas stations are advertising "no ethanol".

Not all Greenies are heartless bastards.


I think Global Warming is as big as it is becuase Al Gore needed to find a way to stay relevant. His politics weren't gonna do it.

Sure glad I don't own any shares in an ethanol plant. Tough crowd. Local corn is $5.60 a bu, by the way, futures are at $6.00. Wheat at nearly $10.00 again.

M. Simon

Check out Clarice's latest:

Not A Latin American Idiot.

Fits right in with the theme here.

M. Simon

I hope I can close that tag. Sheesh

M. Simon

Headless Blogger left this comment at the post. In response to a comment of mine about Seattle Greens giving up on ethanol.

M. - Closer to home than you may know, the same thing is happening in Madison. I try to only buy Shell Gas when there.

Rick Ballard
Analysts have cited many factors for the rises, including rising fuel and fertiliser expenses, as well as climate change. But while drought is one factor, another is the switch from food to biofuel production in large areas of the world, in particular to fulfil the US energy demands.

That's from the Grauniad, which is generally very supportive of the "let's move back to the caves as Gaia intended" movement.

Hoarding is probably exacerbating the problem slightly but it doesn't take much of a drop in yield to eliminate surpluses. A slight shortening of the growing season coupled with colling temperatures will do the trick in no time at all.


Ethanol may well be doomed. The greenies are recognizing that it is harmful to the environment. A coalition of left and right, opposing its environmental damage and opposing its tax subsidies will wither it fairly quickly. Not a moment too soon. This delusion, and market perversion, is killing people.


Heh, and I didn't even know about Paul Krugman's piece slamming biofuels. Now I'll have to try to find it.


Oh, yes, 'Grains gone Wild', through RCP.


Well, of course, the idiot blames the invasion of Iraq and anthropogenic global warming for the problem. Wrong on both counts, but still an interesting read. I've not bothered much to read Krugman, but those two particular slants powerfully demonstrate, to me at least, how his ideology warps his mind. Pitiful, really. No wonder cognitive dissonance approaches epidemic proportions on the left.

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