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April 03, 2008



This recap of the 1992 nomination race doesn't even mention Gov. Casey being a contender. I think he ended up with only 10 delegates. Why did Casey believe he was due a speaking spot? Was he the only contender refused a spot?


If Casey couldn't endorse Clinton then because of his pro-life view, how is it that Casey is campaigning for Obama whose view on abortion seems far more extreme than the view Bill Clinton espoused?


Times change Clarice....(he thought no one would notice?)

Barney Frank

Times change Clarice

So do Caseys.
Bob Casey Sr. was denied a spot at the convention in '92.
Bob Casey Jr. is endorsing Obama in '08.
Sr. died several years ago.


Thanks, Barney..

Now I get it.


Paul Begala who, with James Carville, became geniuses by working with Gov. Casey in Pennsylvania to help elect Wofford Harris to the Senate in 1991.

Wow, I never thought of Begala and Carville as having existed, with actual jobs, before the Clinton campaign in 1992. I always sort of thought of them as having popped into existence at Clinton's side, fully grown, like Athena sprung from the head of Zeus.

Rick Ballard

Bob Casey Sr. had a visceral (and absolutely legitimate) dislike of Bubba.

Bob Casey Jr. has a deep dislike of Red Witch.

Obviously, the Caseys have always been very astute Democrat politicians. Could it be that Junior is angling for a speaking spot at this year's convention.


Father resolute in his beliefs, son not so much? It fits with my brother in law and Bucks County resident view of Junior as an empty suit trading on his father career and name.

Cecil Turner
Was Casey denied a speaking spot because of his pro-life views, or his failure to endorse Clinton? It's a trick question - he was not inclined to endorse Clinton, in part because of the abortion question.
Yeah, I think that sums it up. On the specific question, my inclination is to read Sommerby (whom I normally find quite level-headed) and chase down his cites. Media Matters for America, citing Paul Begala's unsubstantiated firsthand knowledge? Coming from the guy who shepherded Clinton through the Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky denials, I'd say that the betting man's position is to assume anything coming out of his mouth is a lie. (And if it happened behind closed doors--so he thinks he can get away with it--it becomes an odds-on bet.) The somewhat legitimate assertion that Casey had no real claim to a speaking spot is weakened by Begala's admission (against interest) that it was considered. None are convincing. Further, Sommerby's pretense that pointing up Bill Clinton's commitment to political expediency is merely a talking point ("So familiar—so perfectly memorized!") is rather ridiculous. Of course he was (which a casual review of the Flowers and Lewinsky episodes--among many others--ought to establish beyond any real doubt).

In short, there's not enough here to call Casey a liar (especially after he's dead), nor to deride someone for claiming his version is fact (though a "disputed" disclaimer was probably in order). Claiming proof it was a "myth" is substantially overstating the case in the opposite direction (as is MMA's wont). But even so, the bottom line is that it doesn't matter. The point of Casey's claim was to highlight the Dem intolerance for pro-lifers . . . which I doubt is in serious dispute. Was Casey treated poorly by the Democratic elite because he was pro-life? Well, yeah. And apparently his son has learned the lesson. Not sure if the Democrats' leading lights want to claim they're equal opportunity on the subject . . . but if so, that ain't gonna wash.

Rick Ballard

Red Witch could put this to bed in a heartbeat by just providing the list of Democrat pro-life supporters within her inner (or outer) circle.

Or maybe just a list of pro-life Dems that she has met with recently.

Or maybe a name of a pro-life Dem that she's heard of from an acquaintance.

Or maybe Somersby is as full of carp as a Christmas goose?


Geez, I have to go with Atrios/Begala here.

It seems to me that whether it was abortion or any other controversial policy, Casey would be denied a speaking slot simply because the Clinton Campaign didn't want any disruption. Didn't matter substantively what it was about; it was all a public relations matter.

Abortion, affirmative action, taxes, defense spending, gay rights. Whatever. If Casey was going to give an address that was at odds with what the Clinton policy was, it was going to be, well, aborted.

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