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April 11, 2008



The perception of dangers heightens the memory of such times. Both Hillary and Kerry think they are heroes. They are, with the memories of a typical hero.

bio mom

Great article by Andy McCarthy about Obama posted at National Review Online today (national review.com). Everyone should read it. Let's have our eyes wide open as we select the next President of our country.


With that in mind, it took courage to tow Chelsea.

Not the same courage as stimulated Kerry's acts of heroism, the reckless charge after the rocketeer, the roar down the Bay Hap. These were stimulated by reckless abandon, the bull turning on the pennant, or sheer panic at the shakiness and noisomeness of tripwire violence; Clinton's was more in response to the constant anxiety of parenthood with a somewhat anticipated tortuous curve.

Fabulists, both. Obama, too, who sometimes has no idea what comes out of his mouth. So we watch and wait. Each of 'em had a plan 'til they got hit.




I don't think Obama worked for CIA,but his brother in Kenya was probably on the pay role. He probably got a lot of money and everyone's asking why and award winning government lawyers think everything is okay, so it's okay.

I think everyone forgot Rice got to run Iraq and she had an affair with George.......


Again I say, what?

buford gooch

dj seems to be of the tinfoil hat brigade.


Speaking of Collateral Damage, Instapundit has a link to Scary Larry fearmongering (at least that is what Mrs. Obama would call it) about Rev. Wright having been a Muslim. It seems the public face of the VIPers (Wilson and Scary Larry) are totally in the tank for Hill. It will be fun to see what this does to their overall standing with the Dems by the time this cycle is over.


Bio Mom, Thanks for the tip on the National Review article. Thomas Sowell has also got an article on there that is really worth reading,
if we intend to keep the Presidency in the hands of a pro American.

Barney Frank

as Bill Clinton's credibility shatters

I take it this is some of Tom's subtle irony.

Danube of Thought

I'll say it again: Bill Clinton seems entirely unawared of the existence of such items as the internet and YouTube--he really thinks he can spin out these grotesque lies the same way he did in the 90's, and that no one will catch him on it. She needs to put this guy in a cage, although it's a bit too late for that.

Wilson and Fat Larry have been gunning for jobs in a Hillary administration for many months now. They're getting further and further out on the fringe, and it's great fun to see.



Kim I thought you would be interested in this article and video of Al Gore. The video shows Gore hawking his green companies just like some medicine man of the Old West.

Gore Admits Financial 'Stake' In Advancing Global Warming Hysteria

By Noel Sheppard | April 11, 2008 - 09:38 ET

For years, NewsBusters has reported on Al Gore's financial interests in advancing global warming hysteria around the world.

On March 1, while speaking at the TED Conference in Monterey, California, the Nobel Laureate admitted to having "a stake" in a number of green "investments" that he recommended attendees put money in rather than "sub-prime carbon assets" like "tar sands" and "shale oil." (snip)


Monckton claims Gore can't talk about his company in Great Britain because if would be 'peddling a false prospectus'.


he really thinks he can spin out these grotesque lies the same way he did in the 90'

Only because he's also gotten away with it so far during the 00's, too.

Danube of Thought

I don't think so, MayBee--he's getting caught bigtime nowadays, and it's all over the web and the print media.


Can Billary rebound in 2012 from the lies, missteps, and new revelations of their shady dealings revealed in this campaign? Or do the Clintons believe this is it and intend to Sherman March to Denver, lighting fires and leaving destruction all along the way, hoping to be the last men standing?


I don't think so, MayBee--he's getting caught bigtime nowadays, and it's all over the web and the print media.

True, I should have qualified that more. He was getting a pass until he started using his grotesque lies against another Democrat.
Although perhaps some of those grotesque lies were made on his behalf and not directly by him. (Bush killing Kyoto, Bush inventing the idea that Iraq had WMDs, Bush ignoring Clinton's sage advice about AlQaeda, etc. come to mind)

Rick Ballard

"Can Billary rebound in 2012"

Watch Night of the Living Dead a few times. If she succeeds in ousting Dean after the election then I'd say we can count on "The Return of Red Witch" appearing in 2010.

I doubt that she'll succeed but that won't keep her from pursuing her delusion.


This has certainly been by far the most entertaining election season I can remember.
A year or two ago I thought it had been going on too long, but now? I wish it would never end.


If seen the Jason collection? Friday the 13th XXlll ?

Danube of Thought

This slow, steady evolution of the pair of them into laughingstock losers is one of the great political joys I have ever experienced.

The shrew Eleanor Clift has in interesting take on it all. She says Bill is in a panic, since if Obama is elected Bill will be fully eclipsed and turned into a historical footnote.

And so what will the Clintons do in the Obama v. McCain election campaign? I simply can't wait to see it.


Yes, again it must be credited to Obama. To see Bill complain of a mugging and a fairy tale that is Big O's campaign... to see Lanny Bridgers, just about the lowest of the low-grade thuggish lickspittles engaged by the Clinton's whining about the press ignoring Obama's radicalism... oh man! Richardson dumping dook on Hillary!??! Nearly felt sorry for her there; they MADE that moron. Hilarious! I knew it would happen just not so soon. It's funny now at the collapse. 'Tweren't so much around '98.



I misread your post at first. You typed shrew and I read shrewd. Of course I was immediately questioning your own shrewdness.

Al Gore

Bill Clinton seems entirely unaware of the existence of such items as the internet
*sigh* I tried to tell him, but he never cared about anything I did in office.


Man, I would truly love to hear him tell us about being abducted by aliens; you know, the wierd lights while he was out driving the pick-up truck, the gravity ray sucking him up to the mother ship, the paralysis while the baldheaded ET'ers performed retinal scans and anal probes, and waking up in the swamp gas with a partial suntan on his face; the whole bit. Yep, that's the tale I'd like to hear retold by Billy Clinton. That'd give me a tingle up or down my leg I reckon.

Thomas Collins

Come on, fine folks of Pennsylvania. Give HRC enough of a victory margin so that this show definitely continues to the convention. A 65-35 margin is probably too much to ask, but how about 57-43?


Hillary loses nothing by doing the proverbial Sherman march to Denver. If she wins the nomination, she wins the nomiation. If Obama wins, she needs to do as much damage as she can, to assure an open ticket in 2012 which would have to be her last chance.

Thomas Collins

Did B_O really say this?


Come on, small town Pennsylvania folks. Send B_O and other members of the pseudo-elite in this country a nice ballot box message!

Danube of Thought

I disagree. I think if she loses the nomination, and then Obama loses the election (as he will), she'll be blamed for it in enought quarters that she can abandon all hope of ever being this party's nominee.

If she wins the nomination, no matter how, she will be irrevocably understood by the black voting bloc to have cheated their man out of it, and if that happens she's no longer a national candidate--ever.

All she can do to salvage any hope is to appear to do someting gracious, which is not in her DNA.

Donna V.

Well, we must all pray that Hill does well in PA - because I want the donks at each other's throats for as long as possible.

Right now, the Dems are putting on the best show on the planet. However, I'm afraid that if Hillary does bad in PA and faces reality (admittedly, that would be a new one for her) and throws in the towel before the convention, all the Hillary supporters who swear they will never, ever, ever vote for Obama will have had plenty of time to lick their wounds and kiss and make up. I don't want that. I want them snarling at each other like two cats in a bag. I want Hill's fans extremely embittered.

Because the only thing marring my enjoyment of this primary is the chilling thought of "President Obama" come January 2009.


bio mom, Re: Let's have our eyes wide open.

Hipicat (West African Wolof language): Someone who has his eyes wide open.


I'm concerned about this new Paul Begala, George Soros, David Brock - "Here is a billion dollars to slur McCain" organization, and the complete and utter complicity of the media. It's a storm we will all have to weather over the last several months.


"Bill Clinton seems entirely unaware of the existence of such items as the internet
*sigh* I tried to tell him, but he never cared about anything I did in office."

That is a terrible way to traduce Bill Clinton.Of course he was aware of the internet,it is simply that Hillary exercised parental control.

Barney Frank

Don't worry Jane.
If Ned Lamont is any guide I say let's chip in.


Denzel Washington he ain't. To be bamboozled is indeed an Obamanation.



You folks are WAY out in front of yourselves. She ain't beat yet. If she gets the nomination she wins the election. I'm not even sure McCain can beat Obama.

Your cocksure attitude is at variance with the situation as it exists.

M. Simon

Small Town Pennsylvania


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If you keep a cheat sheet (text file) up of your most commonly used forms (probably around 10 to 20) it is really easy.

M. Simon


Obama has the "black riot lock" not to worry.

Hillary Responds to Penn. remark

McCain's team responds

Man that BO is so prejudiced.

M. Simon



"The origin of the fire was traced to a phone that overheated after it rang for hours without being answered."

Danube of Thought

"If she gets the nomination she wins the election. I'm not even sure McCain can beat Obama."

The stark disappointment facing this clown, and millions more like him, are what makes this so much more fun. They actually think they're gonna win! It's like the Kerry dolts when the first exit polls were coming out. Remember Bob Shrum? "May I be the first to call you Mr. President?" (Eight campaigns, and poor old Bob still hasn't latched onto a Mr. President.)


It was not 3 am, that is when all phone calls get answered.


"You folks are WAY out in front of yourselves. She ain't beat yet. If she gets the nomination she wins the election".

I think they want a Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty ending.Over the falls in a death lock.


I want Hill's fans extremely embittered.

Oh no you don't. We don't need more bitter people turning to religion and guns and prejudice!! We have enough of those already in Pennsylvania. Obama told me so!

Cecil Turner

True, I should have qualified that more. He was getting a pass until he started using his grotesque lies against another Democrat.

Yes, and a media-favored Democrat at that. What this illustrates to me is how the MSM is still capable of perpetuating false memes in spite of repeated debunkings (e.g., "SwiftVet Liars"), and how far they are in the tank for Obama. And the Clintons are so used to being on the favored end of that coverage that they can't adapt to being on the other. Makes me feel a little better about McCain's nomination . . . . because a few media outlets are going to have to exercise at least a little bit of caution (after hyping him in the primary) to avoid damaging the brand.

Elroy Jetson

I see you are jokingly accused of having way too much fun by Mr. Reynolds at the expense of the Democrats. Well I'm with you. I pray that the Pennsylvania primary comes out Hillary 56%, Omama 43%.
Keep hope alive!


The Clintons care about America. Their constant service, with no thought of personal gain, is well documented. Obama and McCain, on the other hand, have enriched themselves for decades at the expense of the national electorate. PA will show once and for all that Hillary Clinton is America's choice for an American President.

Elroy Jetson

Your first sentence made me laugh my head off. Bill cared so much about America he pardoned Marc Rich, the Puerto Rican terrorists, and a former Illinois congressman by the name of Melvin J Reynolds (a child pornography hound, and sexual assault connaisseur). This was after he placed himself in danger of being blackmailed by an enemy of the state by engaging in conduct unbecoming of a Commander in Chief (Monica, remember?).
Always had our best interests in mind, that Billy boy. And don't get me started with Hillary, who stuck with this man.

Cecil Turner

Their constant service, with no thought of personal gain, is well documented.

ROFL. Good one! Yeah, I like to have fun with this too. Hopefully it'll go on 'til summer, because it's vastly amusing. You can't buy straight lines like the ones HRC and BHO provide daily for free.


I vaguely recall the media airing some controversial French TV video of a Palestinian father trying to protect his kid in a war zone from supposedly being shot by Israeli Troops. I remember President Clinton making big hay out of that as a bad thing. Now we are treated to that same Bill Clinton doing his best to justify what a good idea it was of his to voluntarily send his wife and kid into a War Zone, especially because they could have been shot by enemy troops. Anybody have any idea if these 2 episodes, the "Gosh, that's awful" and the "Gosh, it'll be good for you", were close in time to one another?


A Sherman March to Denver is sweet but why stop there: Hillary Clinton - Third Party Candidate

Did that send a thrill up your leg, Chris?

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