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April 25, 2008


Danube of Thought

Those Pecksniffs are so hung up in their heightened sensitivity to everything under the sun that they can no longer decide who to be offended by.


Let's not have any talk about pecksniffs around here lest someone become offended!


Nor should people cast aspersions on how well hung pecksniffs are.


OK Pussy cat lovers,what do you do when your cat decides to perch permanently on your shoulder? I stand up,I walk about,the cat is still there.The cat is purring loudly and contentedly in my left ear.Walk into the kitchen where the cat food is,the cat can take no more shouts banzai and leaps into a plate of food.
Ah she is back,perhaps I can learn to sleep standing up?


Keith Olbernut ....

the Father Coughlin of our time.



Squirt gun.


Speaking of pecksniffs.
Olbermann and Jack Cafferty were sitting in a bar when they noticed that a lady across the bar was choking and turning blue.

Olbermann charged over to the lady. He stood her up, bent her over the table and pulled up her dress.

The mortified lady tried to shriek but the obstruction in her throat wouldn't permit it.

Olbermann pulled down her panties and licked her fanny. She shrieked again. This time the obstruction came out and fell on the table.

Olbermann strutted proudly back to his table where Cafferty commented, "Of course I've heard about the hind lick maneuver, but that's the first time I ever saw it performed.


Can't do that JayC I'm all she's got.She won't go near another human being.


That;s what she wants you to think,PUK..


When I read the name "Keith Olbermann", pecksniff and pussy leaps to my mind too.


what's a pecksniff?

I'm scared to google it


LOL, Windansea,

I will admit I googled it and I even asked my husband who is brilliant. A guy that wears perfume is all I came up with, but D(oT) is always expanding my vocab. That's another reason I love him.

D(oT), like Jane I thought of you when the news came that it was a white shark that killed the coach. I could see you out there teaching young men and women a new thing. Please stay out of the water. We need you!


Speaking of Olby, this is rich:

Olbermann Nostalgic for Days Rush Could Be Hanged

JM Hanes

If I were a Democrat, I wouldn't slight Howard Fineman on the shortlist for sh*tlist either:

Fineman said that, all the delegate math aside, ultimately it was going to take "some adults somewhere in the Democratic party to step in and stop this thing, like a referee in a fight that could go on for thirty rounds.
Sounds to me like F & O could benefit from an adult presence in the room themselves. I don't think the grown-ups have been minding that store for quite awhile now.


Hanging Rush. Inciting riots. Remember that Bud Light commercial where there's only one beer left and two potential consumers play paper, scissors, rock and one of them beans the other in the head with a rock? All this gratuitous violence from Madison Avenue is bleeding into our politics. Rice shortages and $4/gal gasoline is God's judgment for this nonsense. Nonsense! God Damn America!


Tom asks a good question about Williams and Russert hanging with the assclown.

Its got to be for the money because from the ratings its not the fame.

Russert should stick with the nostagic thumbsuckers.


Mr Pecksniff was a character in Dickens novel "Martin Chuzzlewit".


And Martin Chuzzlewit, like all Dickens, is worth reading.

Better yet, buy the book on tape and listen to it read they way it would have been at the time, from the magazine, by candlelight, with the family around the fireplace, as the evening's entertainment.


And you really have to be more understanding of Olbermann. He doesn't know any better. He is in a position of importance but hasn't the wherewithall to recognize what might be important or why.


She belonged to a family with three demonic children,Damia,Damianetta and little Damian.
She took up abode in my garden,I noticed that she slept in the long grass come rain or shine.Once during my late mother's final illness I came back with half a chicken.My mother steadfastly kept ordering meat from the butcher which she could not face eating.To cut a long story short,I left the chicken on my doorstep,in the morning,all that was left was the breast bone.Putting two and chicken together and coming up cat,I started leaving bits out.Never saw her eating it, but it was always gone the next day.
Since winter was approaching,I started to leave the food in the lobby,she would dash in,gobble it down and dash out again.One day she came right in ,looked in every room and moved in.
For three years she would throw a wobbler if something spooked her,she became terrified if I picked up a brush or a ruler.When in this mode she would go outside and refuse to come in,whatever the weather.She still goes out if anyone visits,but seems to have stopped having her feline panic attacks.Still won't go to anyone else though.

Danube of Thought

Thanks much, Ann. We're expecting a three-day Santa Ana over the weekend, and the beaches are gonna be jammed. But everybody is staying out of the water. What a sad thing.

Danube of Thought

I've got "Pecksniffian" as "unctuously hypocritical; pharasaical," and pharasaical, in turn, as "marked by hypocritical, censorious self-righteousness."


sbw, what a grand suggestion about Dickens by candlelight. As soon as my grand daughter is old enough I am going to try that.

PUK, have you tried feliway to reduce her anxieties? I know it's available there--also Bach's rescue remedy. I don't believe in homeopathic remedies but these do work with my cat who seems to abjure any change and lives in a house with constant infusions of workmen, repairmen, and visitors.
Scents and noises seem to influence cats more than we imagine.


Thanks Clarice,
She is fine at the moment.It was weird,she seemed to revert to being a homeless stray,as if she simply forgot she lived here.
Normally she is a "follow you about cat",I have to take elaborate measure to stop her following me.When I com back she walks down the path to a particular light coloured paving stone,lies down and roles over.Likes ritual this cat.


PUK, I think cats have a really interesting internal life we can only guess at. I can see why separation anxiety would be a big thing with her. My cat had a lovely early childhood but she is so used to having me around a lot, she really has a fit when I'm out of sight.Anyway, Bach's remedies were created in England and many vets recommend it, hocus pocus behind homeopathy and all. Even the local rescue agency uses Rescue Remedy to calm down skittish critters they are taking to the shelter.


Some cats that have been semi feral or terrorized as kittens by small children may never get over it completely. The behavior described does not sound unusual given the circumstance.


Clarice,Thanks,I will bear those remedies in mind if she ever throws another wobbler.I'll just have to get used to walking about like Long John Silver,but with a cat on my shoulder.Wonder if she can learn to say "Pieces of Eight".


It is interesting that for the first couple of years she never made any vocal sound,except for the odd cluck or chirp when I let her in.Is she wanted anything,she used to bang on things with her paws.One day she sat on a box in front of me,look me in the eyes and and went "WaaH",surprised both of us .Chattered away ever since.


PUK you are and old sweetie and that cat is a damned good judge of character.


**AN old sweetie**

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