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April 25, 2008


Nick Kasoff - The Thug Report

Context or not, Obama is indeed the next McGovern. Democrats should have stuck with Edwards ... or Richardson ... or darn near anyone else who ran besides these two.

Nick Kasoff
The Thug Report

E Buzz Miller, Rev Dr

It's a toss up as to who I would love to beat with a sock full of quarters.

The Good Rev. Dr.
The Communist Rich Boy Ayers
That douche who beat up a girl in a wheelchair.


How do you take, "God Damn America", out of context?

"Chickens coming home to roost."

Keep diggin' boys.


well if all else fails the good Rev can just fall back on the old saw: " its a black thing, you wouldn't understand."

Foo Bar

Sorry to be a pest, but do you have any plans to fix your McCain-Feingold error a few posts back? It got 11 Republican votes in the Senate, not 1.


no you're not


Wright is a fool if he thinks he is helping Barry by doing anything other than, say, embarking on a Good Will Tour in Australia for a few months. Sure, he got to rub the tummies of many a Leftwad but so what? They weren't going to drop Obammy anyhow. But just by showing his mug the vast ocean of the ignorant gets just a little curious. YouTube awaits the truly interested and is pushed to many a citizen who was not. Wright will not go, quietly or otherwise. Reminds me of Bill. Clinton, not Ayers. Ya gotta keep these things in order these days.


Hey foo get your own blog then it can be 100% foolproof accurate. Unread but accurate.

bio mom

I think the good Reverend is just out for himself. He is a showman and loves the limelight. Obama is an afterthought.


Foo- in TM's defense, one could make a case that it was nothing more than a mistype, not much of a stretch that he could have mistyped a 1 for 11. But hey, don't let that interfere with your angst on this matter.

Danube of Thought

It's the perfect soundbite, and it won't go away. And let's hope Bill Moyers, the drunk driver who creted the daisy/atom bomb commercial and rooted out gays from the LBJ administration, has Wright back on a weekly basis.

Maguire, not only should you issue a correction about eleven votes instead of one, but you should abjectly withdraw the whole post altogether, as that crucial differential completely destroys the entire thrust of your argument.

Meantime, for God's sake end this crazy Previous/Next nightmare.

M. Simon


Could you add WTF? to Previous/Next. It would take you to some place totally random. Just to add a bit more enjoyment to the exercise.

Foo Bar

Foo- in TM's defense, one could make a case that it was nothing more than a mistype, not much of a stretch that he could have mistyped a 1 for 11

True. I find myself typing "one" when I meant to type "eleven" all the time.


The craziness is gone!! There is a benevolent God! I won't have to spend the whole day with just a frenetic cat and a houseful of marble restorers!! Hip hip hooray!!


I find myself typing "one" when I meant to type "eleven"

Suprised you can find yourself at all.

A lot of typos are soundalike rather than finger glitches, "there, their, they're" for example so it's not a total stretch for the mind to think eleven and the fingers to type one.


I find myself typing "one" when I meant to type "eleven"

This is entertaining, but I'm feeling twinges of guilt. On one hand I hope Tom will resist the urge to put FOO out of his misery. On the other hand shouldn't someone eventually let FOO in on the joke?


I keep getting the feeling that Wright is bucking for an all expense paid trip to Sumbawa.

Foo Bar

A lot of typos are soundalike rather than finger glitches, "there, their, they're" for example so it's not a total stretch for the mind to think eleven and the fingers to type one.

Right, and the singular "vote" in "one vote" versus the plural "votes" was a typo, too.

Look, it's not the most horrible factual error I've ever seen, but it's certainly worth fixing.

M. Simon

Look, it's not the most horrible factual error I've ever seen, but it's certainly worth fixing.

Easy enough foo bar. Handle it the way I handle daylight savings time. I don't change my clocks. I change my mind.


I change my mind.

Fubird is still hoping for his.

There’s a popular view among Democrats and the media establishment that the reason for the party’s current disarray is that it just happens to have two most extraordinary candidates: talented, attractive, and in their gender and race, excitingly new. But there’s an alternative explanation, which I suspect the voters have grasped rather better than their necromancers in the media. Both are losers.

They get it in London.

Old Dad

Puzzling. The Obama campaign certainly approved the Moyer's whitewash attempt.


Maybe the wheels really coming off the Obama juggernaut.


Maybe your premise is wrong. Maybe Wright is a thin skinned narcissist like his protege and he will not relinquish the spotlight once it was shined on him.


I found this funny, especially Carville and Begalla being dispatched to call out the"Kenyan chicken". ... Carville: "You can't go hide under the New York Times editorialists' skirt every time something happens and expect them to come out and do your fighting for you ..." hehe


"...but it's certainly worth fixing."

"There is a possession and a madness inspired by the Muses, which seizes upon a tender virgin soul, and, stirring it up to rapturous frenzy,..."

Old Dad


Good point. Do you think the Rev. is spoiling for a tussel with his protege?

That would be fun.


No. He just won't consider what his media moments will cost Obama or he doesn't care, but he won't attack him head on.

Danube of Thought

I'd just like to see Moyers take him on as a guest host for the next 26 weeks.


No soap. Radio.

Danube of Thought

Here's the opening of an AP item headlined "Bill Clinton Is SNo Brother" by one Sony Ross, who I'll assume is a sister:

"Imagine, for just a minute, the pain of America's first black president.

"Not Barack Obama - Bill Clinton.

"That's about the only explanation for Clinton's lack of brotherly behavior lately: He's in pain.

"He is a figurative black man watching an actual black man soak in all the love that black voters used to save for him.

"Suddenly, he looks oh so white.

"The former president's love affair with black America hasn't soured to the point that he'll be chased out of his office in Harlem. But black people might revoke Clinton's honorary brother card if, out of his pain, he keeps hating on Obama. He's treating the Illinois senator like an unworthy heir to his racial legacy."

A year ago I wouldn't have dared dreamed of something this delightful.


I think we are seeing the passive aggressive side of The good Reverend. I think he's mad that his protege (how do you spell that?) hung him out to dry and this is his way of showing who's boss - in the best Chicago tradition.


I think it likely that Wright's media tour has been fully orchestrated by/with Team Obama as a public relations ploy whose object is to imply there is distance between the two men... when there isn't any distance at all. Obama "can no more disown Wright than he can disown the black community" and keep his black vote intact. But Wright seeming to distance himself somewhat from Obama loses no black votes and gains some whites. If Wright repeats his rants against widespread, institutionalized white supremacy during his tour, I'll change my opinion of its purpose. Until then, it's theater imo.


I disagree. I don't think O's that stupid. Everytime Wright is on TV no matter what he says, his earlier "sermons" are recalled to O's detriment,Deb.


Wright's talking tour isn't going to produce a whole lot of distance between him and his protege, BO. First, because they want to avoid the press that will ask him tough questions, he's appearing on shows that only the elite pay any attention to. Moyers attracts the latte crowd who have already concluded it's a distraction. Second, Wright's argument kind of boils down to it's a black thing and mainstream America wouldn't understand. However, the few viewers in mainstream America who pay attention to Moyers don't buy that rationale. Anyhow, I hope Wright continues his appearances in the friendly media.


Obama does NOT want to keep Wright in the spotlight. It's megastupid to increase his public visibility in time for the fall book exposes on BLT.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

This is no longer for the political junkies. The April 7th National Enquirer has the dynamic duo on the cover. If Wright manages to make himself into another Britney or Paris, Barack may as well go back to his community organizer gig.


Well, Wright may give Obama the chance to denounce his viewpoints in a forceful fashion through this tour. That might provide the way out of the Wright problem that has eluded Obama.

There's no way Wright did this on Obama's say so. This looks like an ego tour by someone who figures he really didn't say anything wrong -- just inconvenient.


I hope Wright offers a real red meat, racist stem winder at the Detroit NAACP 10,000 attendees dinner next week. It would be very out of character if he doesn't.


"Well, Wright may give Obama the chance to denounce his viewpoints in a forceful fashion through this tour. That might provide the way out of the Wright problem that has eluded Obama."

He'll denounce him forcefully but can no more disown him than his bum-fearing racist granny.

Yeah, appalled, that's the ticket. That'll work with normal folk.


There's no way Wright did this on Obama's say so.

The reason I think it's a joint effort designed to bamboozle America is because I believe Obama and Wright are like father and son. There's real love there imo, willing to put the good of the other above oneself. Wright would happily provide Obama a Sister Souljah moment if Axelrod's poll readings said an unambiguous, patriotic repudiation of G-D America would help bring the Archie Bunkies back into the fold this Fall.


"That might provide the way out of the Wright problem that has eluded Obama."

Wishful thinking..there is no way out of the Wright affair. The only way out was the day the D America tape came out WAS to make a clean break with Wright and all the racist trash this guy is selling from the pulpit, but Obama chose to "denounce the words not the person". Well in this case the person and the words are forever intertwined, and Obama is firmly caught up in the same web.


Deb, that would be too late. The time for Sister Souljah has passed. At this point, it would only make O look worse even to his most ardent supporters.



There's also the possibility that the national United Church of Christ organization has urged the good pastor to explain himself. The UCC, aka Congregational Church, lacks a uniform belief system and historically has had a very diverse group of congregations. As a member of a UCC congregation in NY, I know that Wright has been a very hot potato. The UCC president published a letter that defended Wright, He called the Wright stuff partisan and said that the UCC doesn't need "polite piety." Lot of parishioners -- including myself -- are pissed.



If he denounces the statement, and not the man -- except with a "I wish he didn't say that" kind of way -- it might actually work.


You are talking about a guy who clearly has an ego as large as his church. He is not going to set himself up for humiliation that way.


I don't see how this can remotely be analogized to Sister Souljah. Obama still has to plausibly explain 20 years of a close, personal and voluntary connection. He has to explain being mesmerized by "white folks greed runs a world in need", spoken in his own words.

Obama's mea culpa must be that of his own choices, not of Uncle Jerry's.


Clarice, it's too late for Obama to respond to Wright's previous comments, but Wright is perfectly capable of fresh outrages which Obama could denounce. The Detroit NAACP keynote invitation was only announced recently. That seemed odd to me for such an important event. Why Wright? Why now? We'll soon see.

M. Simon

How about an attempt to mainstream Wright. Make him familiar. Unthreatening.

I think at this point it is the best they can do.


I think the cow already escaped the barn vis-a-vis Rev. Wright, and no denunciation by Barack Obama now would convince anyone other than lefty loonies.

Wright is embarking on his "speaking tour" purely from ego, I think. He got the standing ovations and cheers from the radical Priest and his flock, and still more hurrahs when he did that funeral awhile ago. No, this is a man who fully expects to keep getting cheered on!

Wright, Ayers, Rezco, and let us not forget the ever charming Michelle, have exposed Obama and laid him bare to rational people.

I am reminded of that passage Ann Coulter quoted from Obama's "memoir" about his father - how Obama pretty much says whatever he thinks the person he is talking to needs to hear. He is a phony and a fraud. But, he is the Democrat party's phony fraud.



"How about an attempt to mainstream Wright"

That's my best guess too. Whatever Wright is doing, he's doing with the approval of Team Obama imo.

Danube of Thought

If that dude can become "mainstream" in the next six months we are all doomed.

Foo Bar, here's what I recommend you do with Maguire's inadvertent typo of "eleven" for "one": you put it in the box called "controversial," and move on. It's just a distraction.


Probably keep him awake all night thinking about it.


DOT - A vast majority of the liberal media (which grows more biased every day) truly believes that IT is mainstream. They have very little trouble convincing themselves that they can mainstream Wright on behalf of Obama.

Is it a fairytale? Well, of course! But dang it they believe it and they will continue on their fool's quest.


Deb, I hate to be a pest, but it's 9990 attendees, not 10,000. Could you edit your comment?

JM Hanes


Assuming Tom has actually read every comment in his latest cornucopia of postings, maybe the universally detested Previous & Next was first in line for correction. OTOH, maybe he's just uncharacteristically letting the error stand to annoy you. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to correct the funky little bl in this post either, but then what do I, rhetorically speaking, know? I'm sure he'll step up to the plate in the fulness of time.

Back on topic:

a dentist drill to the brain

Best. Ed. Evah.

JM Hanes

Snake Charmer. Spotlight. Questions?


Time to deal with the other competitor

JM Hanes

You're a fast one, PUK!


Sure, Wright's ego is involved, but also his professed beliefs. If America is the oppressive bloodthirsty conspiracy against blacks he says it is, then the conspiracy could never allow Obama to become President. But Obama nominated and possibly elected would certainly show that conspiracy to be darn feeble if it can't derail one presidential candidate. It shouldn't be hard for the people who've supposedly done things vastly harder, like creating AIDS and secretly distributing inner-city drugs for decades.

So Wright's choices are A) uncharacteristically shut up and have Obama's success disprove Wright's worldview, or B) enjoy the attention and have Obama's failure be "proof" of the conspiracy he rails against.

I just want Wright and Obama to tell us much more about James Cone and Black Liberation Theology, and what specific beliefs they agree or disagree with. And ask Obama about some of his other intellectual influences: Frank Marshall Davis, Frantz Fanon, etc. I want to see the dazzling footwork as he dances through those minefields.



All day they have been playing Wright saying his statements were taken out of context. That's it. That's all MSNBC is putting out there.

Ann Althouse: on the interview

Oh, spare me. The "sound bite" defense outrages me after listening to the long clip. This is eely wriggling off the hook. Own up to what you said!

Ann decimates Moyers and Wright!

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