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April 26, 2008



Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?

...John McCain is a bad, bad man.


All a bit Julio-Claudian,not to mention very European.


One crisp, Canadian dollar to the person who asks Chelsea at a town hall meeting: "Thong? or Granny Panties?"

Because irony is a bitch.



High Larious link, ParseThis. Among the gems featured are "McCain provokes the Iranians" and "McCain insults the Vietnamese". And after all they've done for us, too.


Hil just added another woman to her campaign stage (via Talk Left):

http://www.talkleft.com/story/2008/4/26/132325/373>Indiana: Former Obama Supporter Stumps for Hillary

Joining Chelsea Clinton and other women leaders to campaign for Hillary Clinton today is Alice Palmer, the former state senator who picked Obama to be her successor back in the mid-90s. When she tried to reclaim her spot, though, Obama got her booted from the ballot.

More blue on blue!


Ranger, Don't you just know she brought over with her every piece of dirt to be had on Obama's political career in Illinois?



We can only hope (and change)! She has been waiting a long time for this pay back though.


I haen't been around much, so I apologize if this has already been posted, but Howard Dean has now changed his tune, saying that the Superdelegates will nominate the "most electable' candidate.



Sounds like the DNC did some recent polling on Obama that scares the cr*p out of them.


I think Hill put the squeeze on him because his prior statement seemed to favor O. This really says nothing but is more neutral,IMO.


What I'd like to know, but won't, for years, probably, is is she window dressing, or is she window?


"Obama that scares the cr*p out of them."

Hellooooooo Ranger. That would be "carp."


Our Euphishemism.

M. Simon


So McCain talks like a sailor when he gets upset?

This is supposed to bother me?

M. Simon

BTW I have been doing some serious recon on Recreate '68. The group that plans to dance with the cops in the streets of Denver.

They are heavily loaded with Obamatons.

"Most electable" may not mean what Dean thinks it does. It could very well mean "least likely to cause trouble".

And now with Alice Palmer on Hillary's side. Does this mean Palmer Raids on Obama? Oh the irony. In Chicago.

Man, you can't make this shit up. It makes Truther Stories almost seem reasonable.


Oh goodie, a new target for my dart board. Just in time because Hillary's photo is getting rather tattered. I dislike her so much it is hard to miss.

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