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April 21, 2008



Actually if you listen very carefully, Rendell is not praising Farrakhan, but the local Nation of Islam leader, Rodney Muhammad. Farrakhan is clapping as the praise is being delivered.

Danube of Thought

I'm glad it's the Democrats who have to sort this crap out.


Me, too - DOT - me, too!

Too much carp to wade through.


I think Sullivan should be completely ignored until he stops calling himself a conservative.


ben - why would doing that make reading him worthwhile?


Sullivan has indeed lost his bloody mind. He sees, or pretends to see, racism in almost every action of someone who is on the other side of an issue.

Just this weekend he put up a long post "responding" to an article in the latest edition of The New Republic by Leon Wieseltier, one of the magazines longest serving editors. Leon at one point makes what I interpreted to be no more than a snarky comment about how Sullivan is so obviously "enamored" of Obama, writing: "Nice little blog you have there, Obama boy." Sullivan goes off on a rant about use of the term "boy," wrapping himself in a cloak of martydom along with Obama, arguing that this use of the word was clearly intended as a derogatory put down of both African Americans and gays.

If Sullivan has any friends left, they ought to consider an intervention.


The Wieseltier piece mentioned above that so exercised Sullivan is here: Link.

The critical point is that Wieseltier accuses (correctly IMO) Sullivan of "Jew baiting" for this remark by AS in response to criticism of Obama by Kristol.

A non-Christian manipulator of Christianity [that's Sullivan's smear or Kristol] is calling a Christian [Obama] a liar about his faith.

Nasty line by Sullivan. Uncalled for.


Nasty line by Sullivan. Uncalled for.

I think it's just wonderful how Obama has unified the country, and he's not even President yet.

Lou Shumaker

Just think, if he's elected, we'll have four more years of this. It'll make the Clinton years look peaceful and balmy.


Why does anyone still read Sullivan?


There's Adrian Sullivan magician. Everyone forgot vapors was bad. Like you got the vapors and died.

Obama is a luciferian? Cyphers, numbers. There is a movie and the guys name is Louis Cyphre(like lucy fir). No one had Bonet, but they might of got boned.

I'm betting obama is.


Good morning, Jane. It's not Patriot's day, but there is a primary of great import.

Pennsylvania prediction time (and no, I'm not proposing another double or nothing):

Dems: Clinton 54.82, Obama 43.75

Reps: McCain 92.48, Paul 4.31


Richard Quest of CNN now having a bit of free time, hopefully Andrew Sullivan will be able to rope him in for a valuable discussion on how mainstream Brits view American politics.


The more primitive a society, the more likely it was to adhere to the belief that a recoverable image captured the soul. Those superstitious folk also feared its effect.

Dennis D

Just goes to prove that BOTH Dem candidates are love Farrahkan just as the last debate showed BOTH loves the Weather Underground. Yes Bill Clinton pardoned them,


This may be something Tom can use in future posts ...

Ed Rendell's preferred way of eating hot dogs while he's campaigning and in a hurry is to take a bite of hot dog and then squeeze a relish packet to empty its contents into his mouth ... chew, swallow, repeat.

Ed's like a shark ... a perfect eating machine.

... contrast that with John Edwards, John Kerry, and Barack Obama's dining styles.


bio mom

I think Obama is a little boy. But to bow to political correctness from now on I will refer to him as a "lad" instead. The lad is too young to be the President.

M. Simon

bio mom,

Avoid "lad". It is a Navy term. Wouldn't want to give the kid any props.


Laddies and lassies,
preceded navies.

M. Simon

Maybe so Kim. Still I'm thinking current usage.


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