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April 22, 2008


Minor Ripper

Genius Bob Novak also predicted Fred Thompson would be the Republican nominee.



Sam Nunn has been out of the bigs for years and, unlike Newt, has not made himself into a public intellectual independent of his former elected status. I would like to think that he would decline such an honor but who knows? I haven't heard any public statements from him for a long time but could he be more in the Zell Miller mold than an Obamiac? Jeez, I sure hope so but he's not really varsity anymore in any event.


Remember when one of the Democrat electors broke with his pledge and cast his vote for Bentsen for President and not Dukakis? Nunn might get more than one vote, as he would be the only adult and only qualified member of the ticket.


Dems downticket recite the same ill-considered, unreasonable claptrap as Obama. Could you hold your nose and vote for Pelosi or Reid? Why should voters support nincompoops downticket if they can't support those at the top?


What's been rattling around in the back of my head is that Nunn is probably still a member of Augusta National. I don't think Obama could pick him until Hillary is out of the race—think what she could make of "the boys' club" angle—which may be later than he'd like to announce his selection.


You are right Elliott. Now that's an interesting development.



I think that USA Today list, like the NYT article is from 2002 so it's conceivable Nunn's no longer a member. The only resignation I remember, though, is John Snow.

I've been wondering about the possibility of Obama offering Hillary the vice-presidency just so she'll stop her own campaign. He'd have to make the overtures very carefully to avoid it backfiring.


She won't take it.


Imagine if the voters were told the truth about Iraq and the economy.

Polls right now reflect the attitudes of people who have gotten nothing but Dem talking points for 3 and 1/2 years. Voters "knew" we were in rescession when we were in the midst of record-setting economic growth. They presently "know" that Iraq is a complete disaster.

What happens when the truth comes out? What happens when they learn that AQ is toast, the Iraqis have a democracy, and the Iraqi army is making great strides toward defending the country from Iranian fighters?

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