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April 09, 2008



Yeah, well, in a contest between "stupid" and "evil", the best best is almost always "stupid".

(Hmmm... I think that is appropos of the previous thread, too.)


...well THAT was incoherent... That was supposed to be "best BET" not "best best"


Ah, but "stupid" and "evil" can be positively brilliant!

If there were a contest, who should enter?

First and foremost, I vote for the creator of the concept of "The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"!


Thanks for the laughs TM-that August 2006 pre-Dem wipeout of Repubs in the fall elections is chockful of priceless stupidity:

My favorite so far: Turner mocking me:

" '[Do you folks really want a single issue election when that single issue is the Iraq War?


Bring it on.][My quote]'

That seems to be the theory (from the left, at least). But again, if all that manages is a 52-48 win in a blue-state Dem primary, there appears to be a bit of a reality shift when applying it to real-world elections. We'll see, but so far national security hasn't exactly been a winner for Dems. ("Bring it on," indeed.)"

Posted by: Cecil Turner

The same thing goes for 2008 in spades. And now McSame is he wants to be there for 100 years of peacekeeping (after x years of combat to achieve said nirvana) and the administration still can't define success. See the pathetic answers to Obama's very respectful and realistic question yesterday.

Go on. Mock me again. See you in 2009!


Oh yeah, Lieberman did win. Congrats Connecticut. Hope he's everything you wanted in a Senator!

Appalled Moderate


But so often, evil is stupid...


Well in the movies evil generally gets stupid to do the dirty work.


And from said thread, here's Boris, strategist extraordinaire, mocking someone saying Repubs were running away from it:

" 'running away from it[Iraq]'

Give it up. Iraq is already lost for your side. Declare "failure" and move on.

Nobody's running away, it's a done deal. Over. Finito. Mop up phase.

Building a workable democracy is the only question still open. Go ahead and advocate failure.

Stuff is heating up everywhere else now. Iraq isn't. It won't take long for people to figure out that while your side was wailing and lamenting "we're looooooooooooooozing l o o o o o o o o o o o o o o zing", Rummy quietly took care of business.

Posted by: boris"

Of course Rummy was fired three months later, and Iraq was such a "done deal" the "surge" was necessary.

But that was then. No worries now-things are going just great, right?

Do you people ever revise your opinions in ight of the facts?


Oh it's karma!

Boris-how much longer do we have to "mop up"?


To be clear, I'm quoting Turner and Boris from the August 2006 thread linked by Maguire above. Check out all of TM's threads for an endless supply of wrong analyis, 180 degree off insights, and bold predictions hat went mowhere.

Libby to be found not guilty anyone?



You are indeed a cheerful canary in a coal mine. Those hearings were down right depressing. Progress is "fragile"? Please.

My prediction? The fundamentals are going to result in the historic election of a black man or a white woman. You can quote me.


how much longer do we have to "mop up"?

Japan, Germany, North Korea ... clue?

Also wrote this: "I beg your pardon, nobody promised you a Rose garden."


Correction ... South Korea.


In other news, Abu Ubeida al Masri, the great threat as seen by L.A. Times, just 5 days ago
is dead, supposedly of natural causes.


In other news, Abu Ubeida al Masri, the great threat as seen by L.A. Times, just 5 days ago
is dead, supposedly of natural causes.



I have to say as far as the lefts schoolyard game of stupid derogatory nickname love, McSame is pretty weak. It's just not catchy.

Bill in AZ

"supposedly of natural causes"
Lead poisoning?

Barney Frank

My prediction? The fundamentals are going to result in the historic election of a black man or a white woman. You can quote me.

Then the hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives will all have been worth it, eh?
Is TT Harry Reid's sock puppet?


Gosh, Martin, except that you give no reason to want to know anything about you, one might be curious to learn what principles are worthwhile to you. Nothing is evident from what you say.

Appalled Moderate

MSNBC has him dying of hepatitis. (I presume Hep C.)

Frankly, this kind of death is far better, for propaganda purposes, than death by missile attack. It's so anticlamatic -- and advertises the healthy life you lead when you go back to the 12th century

One waits for Osama to catch the black death or something...


The fundamentals

So that's what they call it in Milwaukee and St. Louis.


I know it's from AFP, but:

RAMADI, Iraq (AFP) — Iraqi police on Wednesday arrested a senior militant and close aide of Al-Qaeda in Iraq chief Abu Ayyub al-Masri in western Iraq's Anbar province, the provincial police chief said.

Major General Tareq al-Youssef said Nazal Sabar al-Jughaify, also known as Abu al-Jarrah, was arrested in the town of Haditha after police ambushed him following a tipoff from local citizens.

Local citizens, Martin, fighting for civilization. I just thought, Martin, you'd like to have a fact to use to adjust your opinion, if you ever decide to change it. Some things, Martin, are worth fighting for. Of course, that is just an opinion.


To be fair, Martin did anticipate the Democrats winning Congress, which they did, which is why today we have...
...well, there's the new minimum wage....


And, thank goodness, because of Dems winning Congress, they have shown that what that say has no bearing on how they plan to operate. Remember, they were going to clean up Congress.


No kidding in 2006 they ran as moderates and not against the Iraq war, Their winning mantra was "The Culture of Corruption".

Gee I wonder how that will work this time? and with the candidates they have set forth there will be no running as moderates either.

Rick Ballard

"Their winning mantra was "The Culture of Corruption"."

William Jefferson
Rod Blagojevich
Eliot Spitzer
Kwame Kilpatrick
David Paterson


Given those names, I can't see how you could say that the Democrats have failed to deliver on their promise to provide a Climate of Corruption.

What more do you want? A Senator peddling his influence to a slumlord in exchange for a favorable real estate deal?


It is bizarre - yeah, really - listening to liberals (progressives, whatever label they've slapped on the bottle) complain about the horrific immorality of pouring water over three terrorists yet blithely advocate abandoning millions of people to the depredations of cutthroat thugs and murderers.

Water boarding? Outrageous! Millions of women and children slaughtered? Yawn.

Makes sense to some people, I guess.

Barney Frank

Water boarding? Outrageous! Millions of women and children slaughtered? Yawn.

Waterboarding=us winning=bad.
Millions of women and children slaughtered=we lost=good.


Oh boy. Link.

The interrogation techniques used against al-Qaeda were approved/reviewed by the top White House people. Cheney, Rice, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Powell.

One question: Who broke this story? Why now?


Can't be true--St. COlin?

Love that clean toga Ashcroft..LOL


Having done in an informal survey of how the prestige press, handles the news, and how the tabloids handle it I'd take the tabloids. The New York Times and the New Yorker, for instance, failed to really consider the context in which these memo's were drafted. (ie:
the need for 'deliberate speed' in the development of
information sources, re the cases of Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Mohammed Al Quahtani)The former ran Abu Ghraib stories for 45 days straight, the latter three monthes worth of stories. Interestingly, they were free to run the images, in a way; that they didn't do for the 9/11 images. Not a few continued errors or unsupportable conclusion (Titan contractor Jim Israel was Jewish; CACI was actually liable for saidconduct) This occurred in the midst of the combined Muqtada Shia and Salafist Wahhabi insurgency. This provided a news peg, that rationalized the butchery of Nicholas Berg in Iraq,and Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia, and contributed in no small measure, as incitement ot murder American troops. They were woefully negligent in the way those images, were broadcast in the West and in the Middle East. In the West, it produced a degree of de-sensitization; it has also proven so inflamatory that prosecutions on higher officials like Col. Steven Jordan has proven problematic. In the Middle East, it fed what they knew was their sense of
agrievement; and allowed the Arab nation's to obscure their own faults; projecting it on Americans and Jews.
That conduct, was unworthy of what the NY Times and the New Yorker claim to be. In other accounts, like
the 'desecrated Koran", "the torture of Detainee 603"
et al; context was left out; the Birmingham AQ manual
that stipulates claims of false injury, the prospect
that Quahtani, who comes from a long line of Wahhabi
Ilkwan extremists, like the Ghamdi & Uteibi clanswhose kinsman like long ago Shinto Kamikazi's cause murder and mayhem in Afghanistan, Iraq et al and his ultimate goal; the decapitation of the US Congress (including
Senator Durbin). The rush to declare the US and Israel
as automatically guilty (re; Jenin) and give the
benefit of the doubt, or even rationalize the acts of Wahhabist, Salafi's Shia militants like Hezbollah et al


Well, one of the questions for Bush is whether he needs to issue a pardon or pardons for those top officials to prevent any future prosecution of them.

I predict he will as he leaves office.

Obviously, that won't stop the left from using foreign courts to try and file suits against them (Rumsfeld's had two suits dismissed, IIR).

Hmm, would be nice to see Olbermann's head literally explode during his "Special Hysteria, er, Commentary" following such an act.

I know, it'd be a small explosion, wise guys.

Soylent Red

citing sources it did not name.

As per usual.

And if I'm White House counsel, or indeed any of the named's counsel, the first words out of my mouth would be:

"Name your sources and prove it."

Soylent Red

Oh, and the second thing out of my mouth would be:



It's about par for the course; is this Brian Ross's work; which uncovered the
facilities for Zubeydah, KSM, Al Nashiri.
Probably in the Oliver Stone film on the
topic; they'll be a deputy director of CIA
Walt Bennington who gives final approval;

<http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/photos/stylus/22342-w_script.pdf> That's right on the fourth page of the screen play, there's already two made up characters. Knowing Stone, he'll probably have the future President meet up with Bay of Pigs planner
and alleged JFK conspirator Tracy Barnes, at the very least meet Porter Goss, back then. We don't know how far he'll go; because fact is not an issue for him.

M. Simon

Get real. The Democrats eliminated the Culture of Corruption and installed a better one of their own.

And a light has been shined on that War Profiteer Murtha.

I predict the Democrats will gain -45 seats in the House.

Do the math.


Good Morning everyone! I can't fo the life of me figure out what's going on here. Too much information for me to catch up.

So... Welcome to the first day of The Masters. The flowers are in bloom, the greens are spectacular, the green jacket awaits, so let the fun begin!


Watch 'Joltin' Joe' Lieberman be McCain's Veep.


One question: Who broke this story? Why now?

Who knows, one of the headlines on the same page is

"Bush's border fence destroys wilderness."

You'd thing the millions of illegals traipsing across wouldn't be doing it any good.

Wow, I almost missed

"No closer to success in Iraq."

Have I mentioned lately how much I despise these people?
Well, actually, I imagine the story is to torpedo Rice as a VP nominee.


I'm still skeptical that Rice is actually angling for VP, since she's never seemed interested before. I almost wonder if the rumors were spread in order to give McCain a "thanks, but no thanks" opportunity to publicly distance himself from the Bush administration.


I don't think that Rice is interested in it at all. I just think the MSM wants to preclude that chance as it would give the R's a woman of color, a "Twofer" to the libs, on the ticket. And we can't have that.

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