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April 27, 2008



Well besides the fact that the El Shifah plant was a partnership between the two
Saudi-Hadramauti family businesses;(Mahfouz
& AlAmoudi; who have been tied to funding
AQ through the Golden Chain netwrk. What about the hundreds of people who went to work in and around the embassies of Nairobi and Dar a Salaam; and never returned that
day. Interestingly, that piece of work, was
partly due to Fitzie's mishandling of Ali Salameh, after the 1st WTC trial.

Danube of Thought

Come, let us watch the wheels fall off together.

Charlie (Colorado)

Ah, hell, Tom. In the NAACP sermon today, he didn't even manage to get his facts right on what music is in 6/8 time.


Moving from a moral question to a technical one, I'm curious if Obama's association with a known terrorist would disqualify him from getting a security clearance. Imagine a wannabe commander-in-chief who would get a rejection notice if applying for an entry level government job. Not sure if this issue has been raised.

Soylent Red

disqualify him from getting a security clearance

If he were anyone but a Senator, such a relationship would likely preclude him from getting one, or maintaining one. Well at least one at the level he currently holds or would hold as POTUS anyway.

But then so would any of a number of highly suspect activities we see every day from Senators, like...

Criminal records

Alcohol problems

Financial problems

Known history of leaking classified information

Certainty is evil

But clearly Wright is talking about people who were killed that day.

Why is that clear? There is a comma, not a semi-colon.

Cecil Turner

Unless he was suggesting they were leaving on vacation or some such, the "they would never get back home" bit does seem to imply killed that day.


Funny thing about Democrat politics is that its not the LIE that gets you, its the lie that your friends are too busy to look up themselves that gets you.

Paul Zrimsek

Never distrust anyone over 60!


surely he anticipated an Ayers question

When you're so immersed in lefty-land, (nobody I know voted for Nixon), you can have no idea what people who aren't as far left as you think.
He's probably still surprised that anybody got upset about his "bitter" comments.

Dennis D

The Aspirin factory was a tie between Al Qaida and Iraqi Intelligence.

Tom Maguire

I moved the Wright bit to a new thread; sorry for the Obamaesque indecision and confusion.


TM, could you move the comments pertaining to that thread too? As it stands they are just a distraction from the real issues.


Good news: like police informers in those old TV cop shows, Obama will "conveniently remember" everything and anything...as long as you grease his palm first with silver.

"Annenberg Challenge? Don't quite remember what that was all about. Bill Ayers? Am I supposed to know him? Not sure...I think I might have met him once at a party. My mind's going hazy, y'know, with all these 'distractions' coming my way...."


"Ayers brings a highly progressive approach to education..."

Progressive? I take it you've read Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism?

M. Simon

To even bring this subject up is on its face racist.

Leave Barack ALONE.

Preferably stranded in a snow storm in the mountains of Colorado. Did I mention Recreate '68? They are going to be in Colorado too.


Can you please stop with the silliness of Ayers, and even Wright to a lesser ectent? How can conservatives get back to our roots of standing on principles, when we slander by association at everychance we get. We should stop talking of the speck in their eye, and start addressing the log in our own! Get back to the Issues already.

Billy Beck

Principles are the issue. Wake up.


Mr. Obama reminds me of a child that you have to almost pull the truth out of him. I always said to my children that the punishment will more severe if you lie. We'll see if the American people really, really believe in the old American standards for judging character. After President Clinton, I somehow doubt it

Denny, Alaska

I'm sure Sen. Obama (D-Steve Urkel) will forthwith issue a strong statement condemning Mr. Ayers. Sen. Obama is, after all, a man of hope and change who's promised all that he will no longer do things as they have been done in Washington.

He'll issue such a statement soon.

Won't he?

Bill Teller

The way for Obama to shut Wright up is to get him run wth him as his vice president canidate,that would fix several problems.


Let's start a movement, Wright for Vice.


Since nonprofit board members have to be elected and reelected by other board members, did Obama vote to have Ayers on the relatively small Woods’ board knowing Ayers’ terrorist background and his unrepentant stance on his terrorist background? And since Obama was on the board before Ayers and knew Ayers previously, was it Obama who nominated or recommended Ayres for the board?

While Ayers may not have directly killed anyone, he says he was involved in bombings. Thus, he likely knew of and helped with the bomb making or at least probably conspired with the bomb makers at the townhouse in NY that blew up killing three people, including his girlfriend. Wouldn’t that make him criminally libel for manslaughter or murder? Is there any statue of limitations on this kind of crime?

At the time of 9/11, Obama’s guru, the Reverend Wright, blames America. Obama’s terrorist friend, Ayers, says his bombs weren’t big enough, maybe implying he felt outdone by Osama. Obama intentionally chooses not to ware an American flag lapel pin, which at the time was meant to show support and respect for America under attack and the thousands murdered on 9/11.

Yes, it’s true. Obama would be a different kind of American President.


From what I glean from the web, Ayers' educational ideas are social justice ideas for the purpose of overthrowing our capitalist system. He's been a Marxist/Communist since his twenties with no change in his basic values and purposes. This ought to be aired for what it is as he and Obama are a direct threat to the basic values of our system of government.


An editorial in today's WashPost gives Obama the nod over McCain for paying more attention to educational reform, noting that his "background as a community organizer and state legislator includes work with neighborhoods on school issues." The editorialist does not inform his readers that Obama's involvement was as chairman of a project midwifed by William Ayers. Nor does he acknowledge that a published post-mortem by Annenberg researchers concludes that the project had no measurable effect on educational outcomes.


Obama is a socialist. What has happened that in America people think that socialism is a good thing?

How anyone can ignore the repeated concerns and issues with the radicals he is freinds and associated with is absolutely amazing to me.

This association with radicals is a sign of a flawed character in his ability to use good judgement and most certainly should disqualify you as a serious candidate for president.

He either KNEW or should have known about Ayers and he had LONG TERM involvment with Ayers. Eventually the depth of his association with Ayers WILL come out....

Thomas Paine-1775

The price of ignoring history is still re-
peating it...

Life is alleged to have a greater value in Western democracies, yet urban terrorists
seem to be absorbed into the political fabric of our permissive society and their crimes forgiven.

Perhaps Ayers and his socialist ilk would receive a more solid Marxist welcome advising President Putin.(One would be inclined to be forgiving if Ayers and Dohrn
ended up as first hand Gulag observers.)

One also can only ponder the potential unappointed advisors to Obama should that
possible eventuality become political fact.

On the other hand, civil rights seem not in Obama/Ayers view to extend to the Amendments or the Bill of Rights. Particularly the 2nd Amendment-which is strange considering Ayers propensity to the use of explosives...
As a combat veteran, this all seems a
puzzlement...but the stakes in our changing society remain inordinately high.

But even Socrates was an infantryman...
Ayres missed his calling for violence at Tet or Tora Bora...and Bernadette could have been a nurse with Che in Bolivia..

Socialism should be made of sterner stuff...


$110 Million Dollar Foundation - supposed to improve public schools in Chicago... right so far? Given the recent challenge about his experience, he touted his campaign budget, not the Foundation budget.

Grants given to encourage celebration of "Juneteenth" according to Stanley Kurtz in a preliminary look at what went on ((Podcast with Milt Rosenberg) - but programs to improve algebra skills did not get funding. Why? Did Obama vote against giving money to celebrate "Juneteenth?" Why or why not? Was Ayres instrumental in that vote? Yes or no?

Does Obama approve of the practice of using huge Foundations to funnel money to activist causes? Yes or no?

Those are just some of the questions that need to be asked.

I'd add that a President has to stand against those who would bomb our Country, our governmental buildings and kill our people.

That means he would have to arrest, prosecute, jail, and maybe KILL someone like Ayres. Not go to his barbeques.

That's the problem.

Ronald Reagan

Don't make me come back from the dead to straighten you fools out. The Republican party is going to lose this election-you've forgotten what you're about and have instead turned into some kind of weird neo-Nazi Klan group with out of touch ideas and values.

Ann Marie

Evdently you did not, at your convenience, check out ALL the information. If you did, you would know that Chicago Annenberg Challenge was started with a $49 million grant from the Annenberg Foundation, which was established by the publisher, Walter Annenberg, a prominent Republican. His widow, Lenore, is a contributor to the McCain campaign as is also one of the Board members who was in the Nixon administration, and was supported by a Republican governer! Can you imagine a nasty "radical education foundation" paid for and supported by Republicans! Perhaps, Obama should investigate the contributions received by McCain from Lenore Annenberg. Next time, before you make any accusations, go to FactCheck.com. You can access all the information there. LIERS!


Ann Marie-

Take your sorry act back to the Axelturfer boilerroom. The Annenburg grant, which was a national program of $500 million, required local matching funds-the folks at Annenburg didn't veto any of the CAC or Collaborative's (Ayers' vehical) spending once the grant was made. Hell the CAC funded Klonsky's graduate degree and his and Ayers' side project called the Small Schools Workshop to the tune of 1 million dollars so they could termite into other school districts around the country. Face it, Ayers is scum and Obama worked with him hand-in-glove to loot the CAC for Obama's political career and ruined the lives of children and families along the way. Ayers has been teaching the next generation of teachers in this country to hate this country, while leaving out critical thinking, math, history. A look at crime rates, graduation rates, and poverty in the cities (or Obama's own backyard) which have adopted Ayers and Obama's special brand of teaching "social justice" and the repayment of "educational debt" would prove how truly destructive Obama and his educational policy ally Ayers have been.


Please do not hesitate to have Hellgate London Palladium . It is funny.

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