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April 25, 2008



Jonah Goldberg could probably find some incipient fascism in there. Maybe Jonah and Bill Ayers could do a bloggingheads debate.


Have either of those knuckleheads proposed any of these big initiatives during their years in the Senate?

JM Hanes

Today your correspondent on the ground in NC committed herself to compiling a list of Obama's stand on the issues, gleaned exclusively from the advertisements he has personally endorsed on the tube. Perhaps it will be of some use to those looking to calculate what he will cost us. Here's where we are as of 12:45 AM, April 26:

Obama will get rid of lobbyists.
Obama won't let any more factories to move to China.
Obama won't take money from oil companies.
Obama will impose windfall profit penalties on Exxon.
Obama will invest $150 Billion in alternative energy.
Obama will create 5 million jobs and free us from foreign oil.

We will update our report as new promises break, hopefully.


Any windfall profits penalty on alternative energy, some of which comes directly from wind?


Thank you, JMH. Obama continues to show the fine-edged appreciation of the constitution that one expects from a constitutional law professor, doesn't he? Add to that his keen understanding of economics and----well, the mind boggles.

JM Hanes

bgates: That would depend, I assume, on whether or not the wind falls off.

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