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April 15, 2008



Rev. Jeremiah "the bullfrog" Wright, could not be reached for comment.


And that finger is troubling. It's long, skinny and always bent, as if to avoid the rudeness of pointing. But he's pointing.

And he points with both hands, usually alternating side to side, with a little bow to the chest in between.


Well in stark contrast to virtually any Democrat I can think of when caught out, he offered an almost immediate and what seemed to be a sincere apology.

I would think this should be compared to saying I am sorry you were too stupid to understand what I meant, and BTW its the truth.


"My poor choice of words is regrettable and was in no way meant to impugn you or your integrity. ..I offer my sincere apology to you and ask for your forgiveness."

No excuses, no deflecting blame or pleading for context. Good apology imo, especially the asking for forgiveness. Team Obama would be wise to graciously accept his appeal.

Soylent Red

This is not a racist "boy".

It's a Southernism, Foghorn Leghorn "boy".

Besides, why would it matter to the oh-so-post-racial Obamessiah?

This whole conversation is, what I consider to be, a distraction.

And Jane...

I agree about that whole weird E.T. finger thing he does. It's freaky.


"And that finger is troubling. It's long, skinny and always bent, as if to avoid the rudeness of pointing. But he's pointing."

One day the kid's skinny finger could be on the button.Hopefully and changefully of course,but on the button.


Solyent may be right, though sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the two when a southern white guy is talking about a southern black guy he does not like. Given the contempt dripping from this audio clip, it's easy to imagine Davis slipped into racial parlannce he likely heard in younger days. Since, Davis uses the term "that man" elsewhere in the clip in question, and is making no kind of racial appeal, I think this is an apology that should be accepted.


As a Southerner, and an Army Officer, I'd bet he's used that term a lot. Like the poster above said, it isn't being used as a racial term. This whole hypersensitivity about what is said about Barak Hussein is getting a little bit ridiculous. It's like running a 50 yard dash with BHO starting on the 30 yard line. Oh, and compared to McCain and Davis?? Yeah, he's a boy.


"He could not make a decision in that simulation that related to a nuclear threat to this country."

I really don't care if they call him the Wizard of Oz, I think the latter part of the quote is much more useful .. and scary.

Soylent Red

One day the kid's skinny finger could be on the button.Hopefully and changefully of course,but on the button.

You say that as if to scare me. But we all know that the Obamessiah would never actually push the button.

That would be the warfare of fear. Obamessiah would wage the warfare of hope.



Wife and I watched "Blazing Saddles" last night. Don't know why I picked it up. No way that movie could be made today, No way. Sad testament.

Danube of Thought

Oh, how very kind of you, Appalled; it's most useful to receive your guidance on such matters. Now that I've been cleared to do so, I will accept the gentleman's apology, and will hope that the Young Man in question does the same.



I listened to the audio clip and I didn't hear one ounce of contempt.


Hey, what happened to "Go Balloons!"

I like the new tag, though.


I'm just happy to see the very honest National Conversation About Race has taken such an important turn.

"It's hard to tell what is more outrageous, Rep. Davis' condescending and personal attack, or his absurd and offensive claim that Barack Obama is not prepared to defend America," Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement.

State Rep. Arnold Simpson, D-Covington, the only African-American in Northern Kentucky's legislative caucus, said he was offended by Davis' remark.

"I'm somewhat shocked knowing Congressman Davis that he would use that phrase realizing the sensitivity historically of the term and to defame Sen. Obama, who is like himself, an individual who has given so much for our country," Simpson said. "I'm somewhat taken aback.

I put in bold the parts I found hilarious.

But yes, Geoff Davis was an idiot for using "boy". I don't know what is in his heart, but he should have known that would sound really awful.



I think the balloons did as bidden.


I listened. It sounded like standard politician stuff to me, but that may in fact be a real indictment of all politicians.

Didn't they used to call Bill Clinton a "Man-Child" ? Oh boy.


This is not a racist "boy". It's a Southernism, Foghorn Leghorn "boy".

I think it was more of a Gilligan "boy." I can just hear the professor saying, "That boy's fingers need to be kept away from buttons."


But think if he had said "you dont want this Bozo with his finger on the button", all the good and sincere folks that dress up as clowns would have been offended. So you really cant win. Lets just agree that we wont say anything bad about Obama until its too late to keep him from driving this country off a cliff.


Would have been much better if he had used "kid", which is probably what he meant.

In the Combat Arms though it is pretty common to use gender specific stuff though, since there aren't many women about. Older NCOs and Officers would often refer to younger men as "son", usually when they were about to give advice or correct something.

But Obama's response is pretty interesting. I would really like to know what Team Obama thinks he has given to the country that equates to all those years of military service. I don't see how four years of community organizing compares to all those years of military service. Other than that Obama has pretty much been on the gravy train.


Ranger, I agree.

Gmax:we wont say anything bad about Obama
Obviously we can't if it is somehow offensive to imply that Obama isn't prepared to defend the country.


Obama is only 3 years younger than Davis, but his lack of actual accomplishments make him seem much younger.


Well if fortyseven is the new thirtyseven and MO has to slap him around a little to take out the trash and clean up after himself--he's a "boy".


I told y'all the other day when someone suggested Obama attend a Charlie Daniels' concert that the song Fire on the Mountain run boy run would be deemed racist. The term boy can't be used around a black male. Of any age.


Wacka Dacka Grrrrrr!!!!!


If living in the US has been such a sacrifice for Obama he could always move to Kenya and live with his father’s relatives.


Rick Moron connects the dots on Rezko and Auchi - well at least he opens some doors.




Your liveblogging of the compassion forum was terrific!


It's Rick MorAn, Jane.


Rick MORAN is the author of the piece on Rezko and Auchi.


ditto, Elliott.


LOL - my apologies to Rick. I'm typo challenged.

Thanks Elliott - I couldn't help myself, that forum was pathetic!


Obama, who is like himself, an individual who has given so much for our country,"

I dunno what's in the air in the bubble these folks are in, but it must be pretty strong stuff.


Yeah, given so much.


Ivy leave colleges.
Hired by ACORN
State Rep.
U.S Senator
Historic mansion, though it's not on a hill, so, I suppose that is a sacrifice.


Don't forget, Pofarmer:

Lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, Best-selling author, resident of foreign lands, AND he turned down a job on Wall Street!


Looks like I'll have to update my style guide for referring to men running for President:

A comparison of the candidate to a chimpanzee child is pretty funny because he looks like a chimp deeply offensive and must be avoided at all times.


Golly, A white politician who just happens to have the same name as the former President of the Confederate States of America, stands up in public and calls the black Democratic candidate for President 'boy'. Nice job dumbshit. If I was trying to invent a character who could do more damage to the Conservative cause in a single soundbite than yours, I would fail. If the Dems and MSM don't ride this gaffe like a freighttrain to election day, they're even stupidier than I thought.


Boy oh Boy. Sure are offended easily.

As a lifelong southerner, I can assure you "boy" gets used in condescending and non-condescending ways. In my fifty's now, if I were to call one of my old white friends up he would likely say "hey boy". I'm also white, so I wouldn't be offended. My teenage sons black friends were never offended by the use of boy. They understood it to be a southern term, one that *could* be used in a negative way. reading what Mr. Davis said, I would say the use of boy was not meant in a negative way. At least he understood it could be misconstrued as such and issued an actual apology.

Terry Gain

"Boy" is insufficiently sensitive. OTOH, "child" is perfectly appropriate.


"The term boy can't be used around a black male. Of any age." They grow up so quickly?

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