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April 04, 2008



And if take the whole post-tax wad and let Hillary take another shot at the cattle futures market, they would end up worth over 7.5 billion dollars.

Sean Hackbarth

9.5% to charity? Give them credit. They almost tithed.


Anyone know what the charities are? Just last week we had a report that Sen Obama claimed a $13,000 donation to the Congressional Black Caucus in 2006. My guess would be that a lot of the Clinton's go to Media Matters, etc.


Bill Clinton seems to have a very thirsty nose, a grog blossom like this wasn't cheap.


Also, per Dick Morris, about $15 m IIRC fromInfo something--a group that sells lists of the elederly demented to rip off artists.


How does this compare to the McCains' return. I think she has beer money, which is usually quite lucrative but I assume it isn't $109 mil. over 8 years. What does he tithe?

Sean Hackbarth

dmh, I think a few social conservatives would like to know how much and to whom McCain has donated to as well.


The charity was a write off.

Bill Richardson admits he's a superspy like his pals Plame(Dad) and Joe(Dad) . He's got that same beard, maybe an airline will crash?



Roll Call estimated McCain's net worth at $44 million, most of it from his wife.

Just as military service suddenly should have no bearing on a candidate's suitability, expect a Senator who married into a rich family become an unprecedented scandal this year.


I think she has beer money

I understand that is what Hit & Run's friends said about his future wife.


Military Service is the same as anything else. If you check, his dad was a tax leach too. All the people running are tax leaches. McCain got tortured cause his dad was a tax leach, so he gets more. Kerry is a tax leach too. These guys go off a government job, military, into another government job, Congress, and never leave. They won't allow others to serve. Obama's foreign policy advisor has been a tax leach for 40+ years in congress. If term limits were 4 years, that would be 10 people serving. How many young people do you think will get to serve in Congress?

Clinton and his wife are super tax leaches. He gets out and goes overseas for bribes. Most countries weren't really interested in paying him to talk, but, if they pay him off for the White House; they're seen as reliable for work done for them in the White House.

I heard the charity was his.


How many young people do you think will get to serve in Congress?

I never know if these posts are for real or not. They do have term limits. If we decide to vote them out of office.

hit and run

The AP article said of the McCains:

As heiress to her father's stake in Hensley & Co. of Phoenix, Cindy McCain is an executive whose worth may exceed $100 million.

Of course, John signed a prenup...


I don't know how Castro stayed in power.

Danube of Thought

I suppose this dunce intended to talk about tax "leeches," but what does it matter? (Nothing quite like going to war and getting tortured for five years as a handy way to leech the taxpayer. And the real scandal is, anyone can do it.)

Are contributions to presidential libraries considered charitable contributions?


Mr. thought i spell gooder when there is dollar money. it's okay Amaricans tortur foreigners and their own.

libraries ar for your bums.


So, I've got two eight-figure returns sitting on my desk. One is at .5% charity; the other at 9%. But the one at .5 is paying a good million more in taxes.

And either of the two is paying more in taxes than I've paid to date.

There's something wrong about carping about people subsidizing our lifestyles, only just not as much as we'd like.

More power to the Clintons. I, personally, wish them the opportunity to double their earnings by abandoning their noble urge towards public service.

Oh, and I'm usually on board with helping the unfortunate and all, but I wish Bush would consider the hardship to the rest of us when he unilaterally extends tax season until May 19th. I know we had two people in the office with muddy basements. The water didn't reach our offices on the 14th floor, though.

On the upside, the first two above can earn another month's interest on the 5 million that they'd otherwise pay next week.* We can use all the stimulus we can get in these parlous times.

* Don't try shorting your withholdings like this at home. We're trained professionals operating in a controlled environment.

The Service has been known to get cranky if ordinary working stiffs underprepay their taxes by seven figures.


Tom, this stuff turns my stomach.

When New York's (elite) publishing community wanted Hillary to be their Senator, they fronted her $6-mill. for an unwritten book. She then returned that money, capitalized many times over, back to her masters by donating to her benefactors' "preferred" tax-emempt groups, and by buying airtime at their "preferred" media outlets.

Then, when her book is finally published, she gets to pocket the proceeds for the book (despite the fact that all signs suggest she did not write it), and she gets to capitalize on the book's "message" as she wields it like a campaign and fund-raising tool - all while enjoying the "power to legislate" in New York State's Senate.

And we've only scratched the surface: Next, as her party's opposite, the GOP, stirs to secure the Middle East from Iran's machinations (ie. 2003's Operation Iraqi Freedom), the same 527's and media org's that her monied friends set up to launder her book proceeds and to buy her an NY Senate seat, became clearing houses for non-native, foreign provacateurs (like George Soros), dead-set on buying opposition to Saddam's removal from power.

I could go on...but thinking about how much money these big-wigs make each day by obstructing America's legislated, national and international goals is making me sick. to my stomach.

Can we question their patriotism yet?



[OT, but not really] Loved this notion on Volokh Conspiracy by Charles Lane, guest-blogging about attorney J. R. Beckwith, "Though he disdained politics and the 'tricksters' who used it 'for themselves and their emoluments'..."

I immediately thought of this thread and Bill/Hill as tricksters who use politics "for themselves and their emoluments."

When will the Democrats let the veil fall? [/OT]

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