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April 18, 2008



From now on we'll just call you Tom Hussein Maguire. That way we can separate the insiders from the chaff.

Have a good weekend.

hit and run

Thanks TM

I can't imagine being embarrassed by my middle name.

But then again "and" isn't as controversial as "Hussein".


H&R - it depends on what the meaning of 'and' is.


Yeah, I saw that early. Bizarre. The "what's in a name?" response was really their only play on that. I'm not sure if these guys understand how this game is played. I don't think there is any electoral advantage, to say the least, for Barry to have this stuff go viral. And is there any way this could harm McCain? Does "Sidney" have some dark association? Maybe in an anti-matter universe; or matter, if WE are anti-matter but anyhow... This could become the age when we refer to our pols by three names, like Jan Michael Vincent. Makes as much sense as anything. If that were to happen we would certainly see Hillary Rodham Clinton proudly again, front row, center. Barry H. Obammy is a somewhat more freighted identity. More freighted than Hillary. Man.


"Clinging to my blog (AND BASEBALL) out of economic frustration since 2002."

Three of the smartest guys in the blogosphere whom I read are baseball nuts (Maguire, Crank & Kirkendall - Houston's Clear Thinkers). What's up with that? (grin)


Something is going on with your website, Tom. In the last 2 days, everytime I come here I get a virus alert! If I leave to follow a link, I get an alert upon returning.


Well, it's not Operation Chaos, but it IS impressive.



On the off chance you haven't already seen it, VDH's website features Craig Bernthal's piece Leaving the New Episcopal Church.


Elliot, many thanks. I hadn't seen it.

Katherine Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, refused the Pope's invitation to an ecumenical prayer service today at St. Joseph's on the upper east side due to A SCHEDULING CONFLICT.

Schori is a former Roman Catholic. Sometimes, I think it was a clever plot on the Vatican's part to send all their Spongian heretics, cafeteria Roman Catholics, and/or other assorted scriptural trouble-makers to the Episcopal/Anglican Church and bring us (Orthodox) back to Rome.

Special greetings to JMH. I've missed your thoughtful comments!

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