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April 11, 2008



FTR TM, you are so prolific lately that it's impossible to keep up. I haven't yet decided if that is a good or bad thing.


Yeah--what are you into the geritol of something?
As for percentages. Yesterday I saw a poll which showed after all the media lies and Dem kettle banging* on the subject, only 29% want to see any changes in out medical delivery system.

(In Eastern Europe if your neighbor was in the field when you stopped in to talk, you picked up his tea kettle and banged on it with a spoon to get his attention. It is the source of the yiddish expression-Hock mer nisht ka-chainik--don't bang on my tea kettle.)


Fake but accurate raises its ugly head again.


"But are they really preventable? Yes. Stories like those of Trina Bachtel and Monique White are common in America, but don’t happen in any other rich country — because every other advanced nation has some form of universal health insurance. We should, too."

This should be entered into the "Bumper Book of Bollocks".We have compulsory state "Insurance" and private insurance,still people die.

Barney Frank

Well, I suppose the terrible stories won't become a thing of the past if people keep making them up.

That line deserves a journalism award of some sort.


Okay, okay, TM. But. Let me respond on Krugman and Clinton's behalf.

A while back, there was this lady Tina Bachtel. Because didn't have insurance she didn't receive regular care and as a result she passed away. I bet you never heard that story.

Long ago, Senator Hillary Clinton thought up a plan to give us all great government medical care. I bet you never heard that story.

Rick Ballard

"still people die"

Mr Uk,

The NHS style guide much prefers "become one with nature" or "return to nature" rather than your rather coarse usage. Remember - the sustainability cycle requires that entrances and departures be eternally balanced. The duty of the NHS is to maintain that delicate natural balance. The recent increase in births must be countered by a slight acceleration in departures, preferably through wholly natural means, but if that's not possible, the NHS will do its duty.

Hillarycare seeks the same end here in the Peoples Republic US.


I hope they remember to encumber carbon on their way out for gosh sakes. GB is part of the enviro friendly EU is it not?


Ya know, as widespread as the problem of people not receiving healthcare is, you would think they would be able to find one instance of it that isn't ginned up. It's starting to look like the hung for bigfoot or the LochNess monster.

Patrick R. Sullivan
And if being a progressive means anything, it means...

Pessimistic bias.


Notice Beckel and some other Hacks for Hillary and a couple for Obama have a nasty and, surprise, mendacious response when called on their fabrications. "Remember how Reagan used to talk about "Welfare Queens"? That was all made up so.... " Again, the insular nature of the Leftoverse leads them astray. Certainly and demonstrably (from criminal convictions) there was widespread, endemic and grand fraud in the system. I recall the old man refering to an NYT story on welfare fraud; that being, of course, a bilious font of Rightwing agitprop. Said article featuring a ponderously large woman who drove, majestically, a garish Lincoln kitted out at taxpayer expense. Do not let obvious lies like these pass... Hannity, I'm lookin' at you! Whether it is your friend, colleague or sainted mother (we'll make a spousal exception) do not let obvious and insulting falsehoods go unchallenged. It's for the planet. Or the children. Or something.


Mr Ballard,
The NHS prefers the more anodyne DNR,so much more comforting when visitors read their elderly relative's chart on the end of the bed.
The Prime Minister's initiative whereby organ donors have to opt out of donating rather than ,er ,donate is such a confidence building measure.Before the kind young man in the white coat was probably checking one's condition.Now he is weighing one up for spare parts.Socialism is such a wonderful thing don't you think?


Oh, and for fans of fabricated health scare stories, the most hideous and egregious is from yesteryear.


It is well to think that political rhetoric, whatever its ills, won't killya.


Back on the other thread we speculated as to whether Ms. Bechtel maybe wasn't so swift and perhaps contributed to her own and her baby's demise by not recognising the signs of preeclampsia in time. This

During her pregnancy in 2007, Bachtel was under the care of River Rose Obstetrics and Gynecology, which is part of the O'Bleness system and across the parking lot from O'Bleness' hospital in Athens.

According to Jane Broecker, an obstetrician at River Rose, Bachtel made 14 visits between Feb. 8 and July 31. "She came regularly for appointments," Broecker said.

In addition, records made available by O'Bleness show that Bachtel visited the hospital seven times in 2007 on an outpatient basis. Six of those visits took place on the same day she had been at River Rose.

tells a quite different story. That sounds like a pretty standard story of prenatal care, done well, which nonetheless was unable to prevent a catastrophe. Because Eccplampsia of Pregnancy (what killed Bechtel and her baby) is a nasty, poorly-understood condition that is quite likely to kill those unlucky enough to get it, no matter how much money they have, no matter how attentive and alert the medical attention they receive. This is despite the fact that an extraordinary amount of money and effort has gone into research to prevent/treat ecclampsia over the last century. My OB once told me that ecclampsia is the number one most spectacular failure of medical research in all of history. We have devoted huge amounts of money and some of the best minds of several generations -- things which have gained us huge advances in understanding, prevention and treatment with every other disease -- but we are basically just as mystified by this thing as we were in 1900.

Other disease and conditions you can believe that money matters. Not this one. It was a particularly poor choice for an example, and Krugman is just prattling along...


Targets acquired and taken. Reality is shootings at schools and car accidents and shower accidents. I guess that happens a lot in the US, so buy some more comments and mount!!!

Rice is the perfect VP, whether it's McCain or Obama! Obama is the Messiah of international relations and trade!!! Powell is the best!!! Krugman is right! You never know where the snipers are!!! War is bad and the occupational forces of the imperialist dogs should go home now! The secret launch sites are in Cuba and we should blockade and invade!!! New Orleans was a conspiracy between the residents and foreigners manipulating the weather(sorry).

That guy is a jerk and stupid and mentally retarded or something.


Ana Marie Cox in wired on the Great ans Powerful Kos:

At what's arguably the top of his game, Moulitsas says he's "going offline" next year, taking his obvious knack for building online communities and applying it to that other great American pastime: sports. And once he gets his network of sports blogs ramped up, he'll turn to building communities in the real world, a chain of giant meeting places "replicating megachurches for the left" – complete with cafés and child care. Moulitsas has shown he can harness people's enthusiasm, but he says he doesn't want a leadership role in these "democracy centers"...

While working on the mechanics of the sports blogs, he plans to embark next year on building real-world destinations for progressives and liberals throughout the Midwest, "cultural outposts" designed to attract thousands of like-minded liberals. "Each one of these would have a vast left-wing conspiracy component," he says, like leadership training or discussions on progressive issues.

Didn't we used to call these things Sanatoriums?


Wow, already today we've had Bill retelling Hillary's Bosnia lie with a flourish, now Krugman reinvents her Health Care Fable with statistical snark. Don't these things come in 3's, like lightning or airplane crashes? So what's next? My money's on Carville doing a soliliquy on her trying to join the Marine's, but bigger odd's are on Begala telling us she was named after Edmund Hillary's father, Otis. Care to bet?


Carville isn't evil and killed a bunch of people!!!! Booing Congresswomen is wrong!!! The troop rotations are too long!!!! Fox news is a right wing conspiracy against democrats and should be shut down!!! Obama is a grass roots organizer on a global level, just like PC volunteers!!! It's your mommy and teacher who gave Obama money(yes, you can have the pony!!) Tax money is there for jobs!!! The Daily Show and that other guy are right, it's okay about the ruined society!!!! I fired Penn!!!! McCain hates civil rights!!! Bush approval is the lowest in history because he's rich!!!! Street money is good, unless it's bad!!!

Terms and conditions apply. That guy is like the news, he's always changing!!! This is really chat!!! He sleeps in a separate bed from his wife!!! He's 'slow' and fat!!!


Didn't we used to call these things Sanatoriums?

Well Gmax did you have a premonition or something? Looks like at least one has escaped.


Didn't we used to call these things Sanatoriums?

I thought they were called communes.

David Walser

Didn't we just see a report that over half of British hospitals and clinics had had to turn away at least one pregnant woman during the last year? If so, even if we were to grant Krugman's version of the facts, how could nationalizing our health care make sure that 100% of pregnant women receive care when the British system fails to live up to that standard?


Communes I like that too


re education camp implies that some learning was imparted previously so that wont quite fit with this crowd, how about virtually reality centers?

Barney Frank

Setting aside the sanitoria for a bit;
what kind of sports blog would a pencil necked geek like Kos promote?
Badminton? Male cheerleading?


" ...how about virtually reality centers?"

LOL .... but that would imply a link to reality.

How about Fantasyland?


I don't know Barney, curling perhaps?

Not that there is anything wrong with that...


Synchronized twirling.


Men's synchronized swimming?

hit and run

I don't know Barney, curling perhaps?

Not that there is anything wrong with that...

Hell no there's nothing wrong with that.

Jane is a curler.


Harumph! No curling bashing! Or I will challenge you to a 4 day bonspiel!

hit and run

How much mud is involved in a bonspiel?


Opps! What can I say I have a God given gift. I knew I should have kept my mouth shut.


More mud and more beer than you can imagine Hit!

Royf, don't keep your mouth shut, I love an opening to talk about curling because it makes people groan.

Barney Frank

Well, curling is just frozen bowling for Nordic types in the permafrost so I couldn't imagine a sport less congenial to a pantywaist like Kos.


What do they call the guymnastics sport where they jump around will carrying those streamers? That is so Kos. Metrosexual in spades.


What do they call the guymnastics sport where they jump around will carrying those streamers?

Rhythmic gymnastics.

Don't ask me how I remember that.

Some neurons somewhere held on to that bit of useless information just for this occasion.

Elroy Jetson

And if being a progressive means anything....
Join the crowd, Paul. We can't figure out what being a progressive means either!


Don't these things come in 3's, like lightning or airplane crashes? Posted by: Daddy | April 11, 2008 at 03:00 PM Fox said today that Begala really showed his butt about Penn. Number 3? Hmmmmmm. A four day bonspiel with a JOM hottie? With mud and beer, too? Where's the signup sheet?

Mike S

"... and the thousands of other Americans who die each year from lack of insurance "

A lot of people try to manufacture language for an issue that is favorable to their position (pro-life vs. pro-choice.)But no one has ever died from a condition known as lack of insurance. People die due to actual illnesses or injuries.

As a separate condition, Lack-of-insurance actually has an extremely high rate of survivorship.


As a separate condition, Lack-of-insurance actually has an extremely high rate of survivorship.


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